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Certificates of Indebtedness

[~ Circular No. 328 ~|
\_December 15, 1920 J

Subscription Books Closed
United States of America Treasury Certificates of Indebtedness
Dated and bearing interest from December 15, 1920
Series T J 2 ā€” 1 9 2 1 , 5% Per Cent. Due J u n e 15, 1921
Series T D ā€” 1 9 2 1 , 6 P e r Cent. Due December 15, 1921
To all Banks, Trust Companies, Savings Banks, Bankers, Investment Dealers
and Principal Corporations in the Second Federal Reserve District:
Subscriptions to the combined offering of the two issues of 5% and 6 per cent.
Treasury certificates of indebtedness known respectively as Series T J 2 ā€” 1 9 2 1 and
T Dā€”1921 closed a t the close of business today, Wednesday, December 15,1920, the date
of issue, according to an announcement by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Preliminary reports received by the Treasury Department from the twelve Federal
Reserve Banks indicate that the offering which was for $500,000,000, or thereabouts, has
been largely oversubscribed.
No further subscriptions, therefore, can be received.

Very truly yours,
J. H .


Acting Governor

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102