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Fiscal A g en t o f the U nited States
r Circular No. 3 8 9 8 ~
L September 23, 1952 J


To all Banks in the Second Federal Reserve D istrict:

The Treasury Department has requested us to bring to your attention the existence of
certain counterfeit checks in punch card form which purport to be checks drawn on the Treas­
urer o f the United States by Paul D. Banning, Chief Disbursing Officer, Treasury Department,
payable through any Federal Reserve Bank. The object fo r which such checks purport to be
drawn is “ Special Dividend— National Service Life Insurance— Veterans Administration,”
and the symbol number appearing in the lower right-hand corner is 321.
The counterfeit varies from a genuine Treasury check in many of its details. The most
apparent variations, according to information furnished by the Treasury Department, are
the following:
Surface tint
The color o f the surface tint on the face and reverse is olive green whereas the genuine color is blue
green. The difference in color is not so great that it would be recognized readily when the counter­
feit is considered alone, but when a counterfeit is com pared with a genuine check the difference is
Surface design on face
The quality o f the printing in the surface design is poor. The word ‘ ‘ Treasury ’ ’ in the perimeters
o f the interlocking circles and the monogram “ U S ” within the space form ed by each set o f three
circles are barely legible.
Treasury seal
The closely spaced lines surrounding the shield in the seal are broken, but these lines are continu­
ous in the genuine. The printed impression o f the counterfeit seal is heavier in one area and lighter
in another, whereas in the genuine the printing is uniform .
Printing on ch eck form
A ll printing on the counterfeit reproduces the letter form s o f the genuine but with less sharpness.
This is apparent upon direct comparison with a genuine check.
Serial num ber
The serial number, which was not printed as part o f the check form , lacks commas and is smaller
and o f a different style o f type from the genuine.
Facsim ile signature
The matter in the border surrounding the facsim ile signature is not sharply defined. The star in
the lower right-hand corner o f the border is appreciably larger than the star in the same position in
the genuine border.

An A ct of Congress provides that counterfeit Treasury checks shall be forfeited to the
United States. The Treasury Department has requested us, therefore, to issue instructions
that any counterfeit which you may detect be sent to our Government Check Department with­
out entry. W e are required to forw ard the counterfeit to the Treasurer of the United States;
we will furnish you with a photostatic copy for your use, however.
Additional copies o f this circular will be furnished upon request.

A ll a n S prou l,


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102