Series in FRASER are used to group related titles. For example, there are series for the Budget of the United States Government, Federal Reserve Statistical Releases, and Publications of the National Monetary Commission. These series help the user identify related documents. The individual resources within Publications of the National Monetary Commission have unique titles, but collectively they represent the result of an investigation of banking practices.

In addition to listing related titles in one place, the contents of a series can be searched, just like periodicals and archival collections. Let’s take a step-by-step look at a search example.

Scenario: Fed officials are frequently invited to speak at graduation or commencement ceremonies. What do they have to say to the next generation? Here’s how you can find FRASER’s documents related to this topic.

  • Navigate to the FRASER series Statements and Speeches of Federal Reserve Officials. On this page, you will see a list of the FRASER titles that are part of this series.
  • In the middle of the page is a search bar that reads “Search this series…” Type “graduation OR commencement” and click the Search button as shown in the screenshot.



  • Search results are sorted by relevance by default and can also be sorted by date, title, or author.



In this example, the search term “graduation OR commencement” was used. This search box, as well as the main FRASER site search, uses standard Google search operators. Here are some examples of operators[i]:


The minus sign excludes results containing a particular word.

Example: bulletin -labor

“ ” Using quotation marks around a word or phrase retrieves only results containing that word or phrase exactly as typed.

Example: “pushing on a string”

.. Separate numbers by two periods without spaces to see results that contain numbers in a range.

Example: counterfeit $5..$50

OR Google searches use the Boolean AND operator by default, which means that all terms (or known synonyms) must be on a page for it to be retrieved as a result. Use OR to broaden your search by allowing results to be retrieved containing only one of several terms.

Example: federal funds rate bernanke OR greenspan

[i] Adapted from Google’s “Search operators” at

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