Ogburn, William F., 1886-1959

American sociologist

William Fielding Ogburn was an American sociologist, statistician, and an educator. He was a professor of sociology at Columbia from 1919 until 1927, when he became chair of the Sociology Department at the University of Chicago. Ogburn was also known for his idea of "culture lag" in society's adjustment to technological and other changes. He played a pivotal role in producing the groundbreaking Recent Social Trends during his research directorship of President Herbert Hoover's Committee on Social Trends from 1930 to 1933. He was one of the most prolific sociologists of his time, with 175 articles under his name. (Source: Wikipedia)

June 29, 1886
April 27, 1959
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  • Ogburn, William Fielding
  • Ogburn, W.F., 1886-1959
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