Author: Hostetler, L. Merle

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75 Years of American Finance

75 Years of American Finance

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A graphic presentation of American financial history from 1861 through 1938. It was published as a continuous timeline over 85 feet long.

Summary of files: The index provides a guide to the chart by subject and by year, and gives an overview of the breadth of information in the timeline. The complete publication is a pdf containing pages of individual years to allow you to print a particular year or range of years. The topics of interest were provided by the author, possibly as a teaching aid. Finally, the graphic presentation provides the ability to scroll through the document with three years continually displayed and enables you to jump to specific years.


Hostetler, L. Merle, ([year]), 75 Years of American Finance, [issue title/date], accessed Apr 23, 2014 from FRASER,



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