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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Collection: Paul A. Volcker Papers Call Number: MC279  Box 9  Preferred Citation: White House Correspondence: 1982 Log, 1982; Paul A. Volcker Papers, Box 9; Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library Find it online: and The digitization ofthis collection was made possible by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. From the collections of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton, NJ These documents can only be used for educational and research purposes ("fair use") as per United States copyright law. By accessing this file, all users agree that their use falls within fair use as defined by the copyright law of the United States. 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Policy on Digitized Collections Digitized collections are made accessible for research purposes. Princeton University has indicated what it knows about the copyrights and rights of privacy, publicity or trademark in its finding aids. However, due to the nature of archival collections, it is not always possible to identify this information. Princeton University is eager to hear from any rights owners, so that it may provide accurate information. When a rights issue needs to be addressed, upon request Princeton University will remove the material from public view while it reviews the claim. Inquiries about this material can be directed to: Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library 65 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08540 609-258-6345 609-258-3385 (fax) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DATE REC'D  NO.  WV  1/13  1/5  WH-2  11/f 1/26 WH-3 .., ,  )07  DATE INC.  1/11  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT HARPER, Edwin .I.uty Director, OMB-Annual Reports of Federal Pension Plans Required by Public Law 95-595  REFERRED TO  OUT  S alvaggio dt le:/ ... i 101)6A rph Hart  1/8  KNAUER, Virginia H., Special Assistant to the President -- National Consumers Week  1/21  Federal Procurement Salvaggio SOWLE, Donald Policy, OMB -- Proposed Policy Letter on Public Participati ment of Federal Procurement Policies and Regulations  "AL n Dev lo -  S alvaggio 1 / WH 1/26SOWLE,Donald E., Administrator, OMB-Management, Control Over the Acquison, Management, and and Other, Similar Related, but Non-consulting, Servic _ 1/18  SOWLE, Donald E., Admin., Procurement Policy, Denkler OMB -- Procurement of Architect-Engineer Services  2/8  BOWSHER, Charles A., Comp. General of the US -- Awards for Disclosures of Fraud, waqt. and micm.-JnIlupmpnt  I11416. d*  , WV  WH-7  Idr WH-8  2/12  2/16KNAUER, Virginia H. - International Year of Disabled Persons  Y  \\s- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  34z,  Denkler  Ail4  Denkler  2/22  REAGAN, Ronald -- Foreign Travel by US Officials  2/24  2/20  . SOWLE, Donald E., Ad min., Office of Federa: Denkler r Procurement Policy, OMB--Indemnification of Government o S f Catastrophic Accidents Resulting from Activitie s Under Governme nt V.ntracts -- Request for Comments Als Denkle HARPER, Edwin, Deputy Director, OMB-.#1 Proposal for a Uniform Federal Procurement System / •  N ' WH-10  /40 1 ,4646.165) 4 044  2/23  Nif WH-•  Denkler  2/26  2/12  NO.  WH-11  DATE REC'D  3/9  DATE INC.  3/2  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT REAGAN, Ronald -- March Red Cross Month  REFERRED TO  OUT  Denkler  V / WHi1 0 /  WH-1  WH-14  3/9  3/15  3/17  3/8  3/10  WH-  WH-1  3/30  4/2  AO?  Hart KNAUER, Virginia -- US Office of Consumer Affairs sponsoring an exposition on Mall "You and th= ,s Fed to con ribute Special Consumer Affair" on April 26; wan-  3/8  Denkler Office of Federal Procurement Policy, OMB-a, Establishment of Procurement Data Reporting , Requirements to Comply with Puhlic Law 96-39  3/23  DeMUTH, Christopher, Admin. for Info. and Sigel Regulatory Affairs, OMB--encl. booklet "Information  %le  3/29  #_  STEINBERG, Hal, OMB--OMB Guidelines for the Denkler Evaluation and Improvement of Internal Cohtrol Systems in the Federal Government  THE E BUDGET REVIEW BOARD -- Congressional Inquiries about Spending INcreases  Orrit: A  c ion Budg  ,  igo  Denkler i  4/6  Chairman, Property Review HARPER, Edwin Board, WH--Federal Real Property Lei  AtAdt:4  Wt/ WH-1  4/12  3/30  Denkler SOWLE, Donald E., Admin., Federal Procurement Policy, OMB--Procurement of Architect-Engineer Services  WH-19  4/12  4/2  SOWLE, Donald E., Admin. Federal Procurement-- Denk Assistance to Small Business  WHY  4/15  4/12  STOCKMAN, David A., OMB--Staffing Reductions Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  5  Denkler  Denkler  14 IV  e ,  AO  NO.  DATE REC'D  4/29  5/17  5/26  WH-24  WH-25  WH-26  6/7  6/9  7/13  DATE INC.  4/26  5/11  5/24  6/4  6/2  7/8  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB -Improner Uses of Federal Funds STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--revised Guidelines on conductifig computerized matching programs WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy Director, OMB -designate a procurement executive KNAUER, Virginia H. Special Assit e t to Pres., White House -- universal standard proposal for interest rates HARPER, Edwin L., Director, OMB--Transfers of Excess Federal Property STOCKMAN, David A., OMB -- Appointment of Procurement Executives  WH-27  7/21  7/15  SOWLE, Donald E., OMB -- Implementation of E.O. 12352, Procurement Reforms  WH-28  7/26  7/22  CLARK, William P., -- Emergency Mobilizati Preparedness  WH-2q Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  8/10  8/16  8/6  8/11  SOWLE, Donald E., OMB -- Ways to prevent wasteful year-end spending in procurement  Denkl  DENKLER  DENKLER  „LIENKLER Denkler  A Denkler  DENKLER  Administrator, Federal Denkler SOWLE, Donald Procurement Policy, OMB -- Update on Imp lementation o 12352, "Federal Procurement Reforms"  •  OUT  A  , NO.  DATE REC'D  / WHy  WH-32  8/23  8/31  DATE INC.  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  8/20  STOCKMAN, David A., Director, OMB--Administration Policy on Appropriations Bills Passed by the House  8/27  REAGAN, Ronald -- 1983 Combined Federal Campaign  N.  OUT  Den le  A-4  Denkler  Willj.A"..all'sw.s  , WH-33  WH-3  9/15  9/23  9/11  9/22  CLARK, William P., WH, -- classified briefing on Soviet military threat and U.S. response meeting  DENKLER  REAGAN, Ronald -- commitment to help strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities  tP17:ZiriL.e  Denkler I -  WH-  10/12  WH-V 10/12  10/7  WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy Director, OMB-New Requirements on Audit Followup  10/8  BOWSHER, Charles A., Comp. General of US, Denkler and WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy Director, OMB-/ Intaraal Oantro.1 Sqg-tems.  40Lfrxxl  wve WH-39  10/26  10/29  10/15  10/8  -  rz. .a.;t _tf. .,1 e4t,t-40_  liu.e,tz-A-  /3.-ei-bleie)  1.4—...,CLCCIA.0  7 Director,  7  V/7 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  11/1  10/25  0 ; 1rP1 /10 I •  o  OMB-Denkler WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy ilt" nominations for the Joint Financial Management Impro /13/17.3 program--Donald L. Scantlebury Memorial Awards; due January 7, 1983 188Denkler WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy director, OMB-Review of Federal Publications -- Reform  i 44  I/ WH-40  1  De;?  WRIGHT, Joseph R., OMB -- Use of Government Training and Conference Facilities - .  A  iAlAsle  • NO.  DATE REC'D  DATE INC.  REFERRE TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  -  \ WH: -4)./ 11/2  11/8  WH-4  10/7  11/4  I 11/12  WH-43  11/4  rp  Denkle WRIGHT, Joseph R., Deputy Director, OMB-Managing Federal Programs -- A Now Priority  /11/  Winti  REAGAN, Ronald -- Procedures Governing Responses to Congressional Requests for ---1-n-gtion DEMUTH, Christopher, .0MB -- Unified Agenda of Federal Regulations  Denkle // /5  WV  WH-4  12/1  12/6  11/29  12/3  Garwood KNAUER, Virginia H., Spec. Assistant to the President-- Congressional Liaison Handbook update MEESE, EDWIN; BAKER, James A.; & STOCKMAN, David A. -- 1984 Budget Appeal Procedures  tiji/#4-  At(// n 4i4  PAV 4' 1 0(6) 1 4  WH )///12/8  11/5  STOCKMAN, David A. -- Progress Report on Implementation of Executive Order 12352 on Federal Procurement Reforms  12/9  REAGAN, Ronald -- Occupational Safety and Health Program for the Federal Sector  47 2/13 WH-4 Ni?////  Denklere1/0046)0074A/  Denkler  d4iefelo/ •  WH-4  H 1 W7 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  12/17  12/20  12/17  12/15  WRIGHT, Joseph R., OMB--Agency Operations in the Absence of Appropriations CHERNE, Leo, Vice Chairman, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board-international financial problem issue  Den  -  er  Siegman  i i ,, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  /6J/7i-- v  Airo A  e/i7  • ow-e  S  ,e9x.  z/‘0. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  rtiZe  Al 7---/c)
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