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!F Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  i  Collection: Paul A. Volcker Papers Call Number: MC279  Box 9  Preferred Citation: White House Correspondence: 1980 Log, 1980; Paul A. Volcker Papers, Box 9; Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library Find it online: and The digitization ofthis collection was made possible by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. From the collections of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton, NJ These documents can only be used for educational and research purposes ("fair use") as per United States copyright law. By accessing this file, all users agree that their use falls within fair use as defined by the copyright law of the United States. They further agree to request permission of the Princeton University Library (and pay any fees, if applicable) if they plan to publish, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate this material. This includes all forms of electronic distribution. Copyright The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or other reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or other reproduction for purposes not permitted as fair use under the copyright law of the United States, that user may be liable for copyright infringement. Policy on Digitized Collections Digitized collections are made accessible for research purposes. Princeton University has indicated what it knows about the copyrights and rights of privacy, publicity or trademark in its finding aids. However, due to the nature of archival collections, it is not always possible to identify this information. Princeton University is eager to hear from any rights owners, so that it may provide accurate information. When a rights issue needs to be addressed, upon request Princeton University will remove the material from public view while it reviews the claim. Inquiries about this material can be directed to: Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library 65 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08540 609-258-6345 609-258-3385 (fax) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  WHITE HOUSE LETTERS FOR 1980.  NO.  DATE RECD  1/7  7 400(  1/8  DATE INC.  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  1/4  CARTER, Jimmy -- presidential recognition program  1/4 _  WH-3  Wi t i-/  1/10  1/9  1/16  1/13  WH-6  1/16  1/15  STAATS, Elmer B., Comptroller General-debt collection  WH-  1/17  1/14  GRANQUIST, Wayne G., OMB -- Study of Decentralization of Federal Governmental Functions  1/21.  \i WH-9  1/22  1/18  NI WHL7Of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1/28  1/21  Denkler  McDONALD, Al and WATSON, Jack -- re Carter's PAV decisions in response to the Soviet inTruman v,slipn of Afghanistan  1/8  1/22  OUT  GRANQUIST, Wayne G., Associate Director for Sigel Management and Regulatory Policy--Congrollinc vartee paperwork burdens on the public  1/10  WH-8  REFERRED TO  a  VALDEZ, Abelardo L., Chief of Protocal, 1 k// Allison " 4 State Dept. -- Submission to Department of State of Olaid gn C.ifta Reported fn Pmploying Agencies in calendar Year / CARTER, Jimmy -- Urban Policy Den e je.....00'.* / / 4 456 E. McEntee  Denkler  . CARTER, Jimmy -- Energy Conservation in Denk Federal Government Programs and Operations  0401.0 0  ellaiteii'air  CAMPBELL, Alan K, Director, Office of Denicler, , A Personnel Management -- Faculty Fellows 1,4r 14)1/AwIl Program CAMPBELL, Alan K., Director, Office of Personnel Management -- Federal Workforce Productivity Improvement  Den:M  //41 / 44, _ All/A  DATE REC'D  NO.  ‘ WIH / /f  1/28  WH ti117 (  1/28  I/  1/29  W -  1/30  WH-  1/31  DATE INC.  1/11  1/23  1/23  1/24  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT DULLEA, James F., Office of Personnel Management -- executive development for the Senior Executive Service  Denkler  CARTER, Hugh A. -- The President's Executive Exchange Program  CARTER, Jimmy -- Month of March as Red Cross Month  Denkler Imo  D  k  Jack & MILLER, Arnie -- Summer  Denkle  Jobs 1/31  1/30  W1 \17  2/5  2/1  Ve /  2/5  2/1  ,  I ,  WATSON,.  WI\176  10  CURRIE, James D., Acting Administrator, 0M13-- Garwo d Agency Coo .ination wi h the P.L. 95-507, Section 211, Subcontracting t Center Dep ,-senta ive lSmall Buimpc..q Aciminicfrtin n Resident Pocurement  1/30  /  Ot.T  Hart PETERSON, Esther -- White House Workshop on the Consumer's Executive Order, FPb 6 at RFIAl North Auditorium enkler CARTER, Jimmy -- Required Reduction in Usage of Federal Motor Vehicles  drAPVIXOF .  f  CARTER, Jimmy -- Federal Facility Ridesharing Program  D  kl  4,  WHO,  2/13  2/8  CAMPBELL, Alan K., Director, Personnel Management -- Hiring of Retired Federal Employees (Reemployed Annuitants)  Denkler  WH-20  2/13  1/7  SU GARMAN, Jule M., Deputy Director, Personnel Management -- Letter from National Urban Fellows Program  Denkler  // Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ' r V  /  . , .  DATE RECD  NO. WH-  2/15  WH-2  2/25  1/ 1 / WHi42) 0e  3/11  3/10  DATE INC.  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  REFERRED TO  OUT  RUBENSTEIN, David -- encl, a number of Denkler booklets describing the President's accomplishments in the indi areas 2/20  3/7  3/6  PETERSON, Esther, Chairperson, Consumer Affairs Council -- Consumer Affairs Council  PAV attlilv  PETERSON, Esther, Special Assistand to the Hart President for Consumer Affairs -- exhibition booth at the Resource Exposition, Cannon Caucus Room THE ADMINISTRATOR, GSA -- GSA Furniture Denkler Reform Plan  t  W7) WH-25  3/12  3/8  3/14  3/12  V ( Ijr.  3/17  W1-1/  / wI H7  -30  WH  kif Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DORSEY, Frederick D., Director, Office of Denkler Policy Implementation, EE0Commission--encl. draft of proposed gflidplines on saxual harassment and the implementing rpnagemen want comments -- Director,. due 3/26 ' CAMPBELL, Alan K., Office of Pers- Denkler , onel Management -- The Hatch Act Denkler  n  3/13  McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB and CAMPBELL, Alan K. -- Plain English in Government Communications  3/19  3/11  3/25  3/20  HARTMAN, Ralph M., Director, Office of Workers' Denkler Compensation Programs -- OWCP Uniform Billing Procedure mv SUGARMAN, Jule M., Deputy Director, Personnel Denkler it Management -- Executive Development for Executives of Hispanic Ancestry . 01D  3/17  WV  3/14  DORSEY, Frederick D., Director, Office of Denklerqj444/ 0 / Policy Implementation-- Proposed Amendment to EEOC ui, Discrimination -- Sexual Harassment  4,  pr-  /  -  ter directiva  DATE REC'D  NO.  WHy  WH-37  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  OUT  3/25  3/24  Denkler CARTER, Jimmy -- Presidential Proclamation designating the seven day period beginning May 7 as Asan/Pacifi American Heritage Week  3/27  3/25  WATSON, Jack -- The President's Executive Exchange Program  PAV /////(  4/2  3/28  Hart PETERSON, Esther, Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs -- deep concern re pro4posed c a /96 rivolving chargP, ar-c'ounts  4/10  4/8  PAV PETERSEN, Esther, Spec. Asst. to the Pres. re possible mtg with reps of beef, pork & grain groups  4/14  WH-36  DATE INC.  4/11  GRANQUIST, Wayne G., Assoc. Director for Management and Regulatory Policy, OMB -Tmproving Government Regulations  Denkler  Denkler  4/14  4/10  McINTYRE, James T., OMB -- Interagency Travel Management Improvement Program  4/14  4/4  RUBENSTEIN, David, -- March 1980 Summary Report  PAV  SUGARMAN, Jule M., Deputy Director, Personnel Management -- FPM Bulletin 315-19  Denkler  CARTER , Jimmy -- procurement sanctions  Denkler  WH-3:  4/16  WH-39  4/16  4/8  4/11  Atit/  / 14 / ( WHiy  4/21 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  4/18  Denkler WHITE, John P., Deputy Director, OMB-Reporting Requirements for Federal Government Pension Plans  A/A-  DATE RECD  DATE INC.  WH-41  4/21  4/16  CARTER, Jimmy -- National Volunteer Week  WH-4  4/21  4/15  WONG, Anna, Chairperson, Asian and Pacific Denkler American Federal Employee Council-- May 7-14 designated as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week  WH-4  4/23  WH-4  WH  NO.  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  REFERRED TO  CUT  Denkler  A/  4/16  PETERSON, Esther, Special Assistant to the I Hart President for Consumer Affairs -- encl. rtport "The Major Consu er Developments in the United States 1978-l79"  5/5  5/1  CARTER, Jimmy -- Youth employment  Denkleb/C/.  5/7  5/2  McDONALD, Al & HUTCHESON, Rick -Presidential Paperflow  PAV  4/29  WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, Federal Procurement Policy Office, OMB -- OFPP Policy Letters PETERSON, Esther -- Consumer's Executive Order (12160)  Denkler  WH1 7  5/8  WV  5/8  5/7  PAV & Hart  / / A.741  ....‘  •  30  WH-40  5/15  4/30  WATSON, Jack & WEDDINGTON, Sarah -- Equal Rights Amendment  Denkler  V WH-49 , WEV  5/20  5/22 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  5/12  5/15  Denkler McINTYRE, James T., CAMPBELL, Alan, and NORTON, Elearnor H. -- Limitation on hiring and affirmative action Denkler WILLIAMS, Karen Hastie, Administrator, Procurement Policy, OMB -- Goal Setting for Women-Owned Businesses  4 /  A.  NO. REC DATE 'D WH-$  DATE INC. 5/21  5/23  V WH-52'  WH \-7  6/9  6/3  6/9  6/4  6/9  6/5  WI/ Wt5//f  6/12  6/16  ) Willf;;0  WH-57  6/13  6/16  6/25  6/30  WH-59  WH-60  6/30  7/8 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  GRANQUIST, Wayne G., OMB -- Proposed Policy on Improved Management and Dissemination of Federal Information  Denkler  OUT  NORTON, Eleanor Holmes, Chair, EE0C--Request for Comment on Proposed EEOC Management Directive; due June 27, 1980  Denkler  14) 1A7 / ./2. -  Denkler  WILLIAMS, Karen H., Admin., Procurement Policy, OMB -- Uniform Procurement System  re...  ex.  Denkler CATER, Jimmy -- Bergland, Chairman of Cornbined Federal Campaign; wants PAV to be Awe 0 Chairman of the Fed's campaign and top assistant as his Vice Chairtan CARTER, Jimmy -- Exec. Order 12044 "Improving Government Regulations"; designate a contact person  APA0141441""  .  • • • / 0 ,,,,„0., •  Hart  PETERSON, Esther -- encl. final Federal consumer programs developed under Executive Order 12160  6/25  McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB -- Controlling Year-End Buying  6/12  STAATS, Elmer B., CofC -- audit of unvouchered Expenditures  7/3  •  Denk HINCHMAN, James F., OMB -- Survey on Federal Funds Distributed to Public TelecommunicatLons Entities - FY 197,9  6/24 ,  WH-58  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  REFERRED, TO  /  Denkler  Denkler  PAV PETERSON, Esther -- interagency task force that studied thrift institutions didn't notify Ann Marie Bray of their -re ommenciatinns  0  NO.  WH-61  DATE REC'D 7/9  DATE INC. 7/7  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  REFERRED TO  WEXLER, Anne and McDONALD, Al -- Energy Program  WH-62  7/9  7/2  Denkler McINTYRE, James T. -- Management control of Consulting Service Contracts and Improvement of Agency Procurement Practices  WH-63  7/14  7/11  NORTON, Eleanor Holmes -- Interim Affirmative Action Accomplishment Reports MD 705 and MD 706  WH-64  7/15  7/17  WH-65  WH-66  WH-67  7/22  8/1  7/14  Hart  7/18  SHEKETOFF, Emily -- Interagency Meetings on Women's Initiatives  Denkler  7/23  CARTER, Jimmy re memo--Energy Efficiency in Federal Transportation Activities  8/1  7/28  WH-69  8/1  7/29  8/5 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  EIZENSTAT, Stuart --Nation's policy toward Denkler the territories of Guam, the Virgin Island, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands PETERSON, Esther -- Executive Order 12160  7/14  WH-68  WH-70  Denkler  7/31  Denkler  MC INTYRE, James T. - Office of the President re Agency Implementation of the Recommendations of the Cnmmissinn an Fp_dpral Paperwork MCINTYRE, james T.Office of Management & Denkler Budget re Preparation & Submission of Annual Legislative Proyldmb Allison McINTYRE, James T., OMB -- Government in the Sunshine Act  OUT  NO.  WH-71  DATE REC'D  DATE INC.  8/6  7/30  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB -Extension of Executive Order 12044  OUT  De,nkl-e-N. tOr.41'"1 Denkler Hart  WH-72  8/7  7/25  PETERSON, Esther -- Carter proclaimed the week of October 5 as National Consumer Education Week  WH-73  8/12  8/11  SPETH, Gus, Chairman, Council on Environmental Denkler Quality, Exec. Office of the President-- Prime and Unique Agricultural Lands and the National Environmental Policy Act  WH-74  8/14  7/2  WILLIAMS, Karen Hastie, Adm. OMB re: Federal Procurement Policy re Energy Cons.  W -  8/21  8/15  H-75  8/29  8/26  9/18  9/15  1 WH-7d  WH-77  WH-78  WH-791 -H-80  9/19  Denkler  ELIS RG, DONALD, US Dep-14.,of Labor re De r co pensation & medica1-"renefits paid under the Federal Employees Cnmpensation Act McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB -- encl. Denkler copy of the final report re cash management policies and procedures throughout the government SCURRY, NATHANIEL, Exec. Off. of the President Mgmt. & Budget re Civil Rights Unit Denkler  9.17  WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy -- Uniform Procurement System  Denkler  9/26  9/19  McIntyre, James T., Director, OMB -- Controlling Federal Travel and Transportation  Denkler  9/30  9/26  10/1 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  9/30  BRUMBY, Paul, Director, in Dept. of Energy-development of "keeping warm" flyer  Denkler  McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB--Agency Denkler Operations in the Absence of Appropriations  NO.  DATE REC 'ID  WH-81  10/3  WH-82  10/3  DATE INC.  REFERRED TO  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  10/1  CARTER, Jimmy-- Guidelines Concerning Official Dealings with Members of the President's Family  Denkler  CARTER, Jimmy -- Executive Order 12232 Denkler Historically Black Colleges and Universities  10/2  .  WH-83  10/9  10/8  CARTER, Jimmy -- National Commission on Neighborhoods  Denkler  WH-84  10/15  10/9  WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, Federal Procurement Policy, OMB -- Directory of Federal Contract Audit Offices - July 1980  Denkler  10/20  EIDENBERG, Eugene, White House, President's Executive Exchange Program  Denkler  Denkler  WH-85  10/21  WH-86  10/27  10/22  McINTYRE, James T., Director, OMB -- Requirements to File Internal Revenue Service Information Returns  WH-87  10/29  10/28  Denkler WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, Federal Procurement Policy, OMB -- Uniform Procurement sygtpm _  WH-88  11/4  10/30  GRANQUIST, Wayne & PETKAS I Peter -- Coordination Denkler of the Publication of the semiannual Agendas of RNgulations and the Calendar of Federal Regulations  WH-89  11/6  11/4  Denkler WATSON, Jack & McDONALD, Al -- as of 11/3 all Schedule C and SES non-career vacancies have b-c, n fl--ozep Denkler WILLIAMS, Karen H., Admin., OMB -- Report on Major OFPP Activities  ,  WH-90  11/6 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  11/3  OUT  .  NO.  DATE BEG'D  DATE INC.  ADDRESSEE AND SUBJECT  REFERRED TO  WH-91  WATSON, Jack -- An Orderly Transition of the Presidency  Denkler  WH-92  CARTER, Jimmy -- CFC  Denkler  WH-93  WATSON, Jack -- transition teams  Denkler  WILLIAMS, Karen H., Administrator, OMB-Timely Payment of Contractor's Invoices  Denkler  11/7  WH-94  WH-95  WH-96  12/2  WH-97  WH-98  WATSON, Jack -- President's Farewell Address PAV and State of the Union Message -- comments by Dec. 5  11/28  1/21  11/28  WATSON, Jack -- Executive Outplacement Program for Presidential Appointees  12/10  WATSON, Jack -- Resignation Policy  1/19  CARTER, Jimmy -- how Government can help small business men and women  ,14911  1/E3 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  imm1454116  Denkler  PAV  PAV cc:  Denkler , Daniel Lawrenc  OUT
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