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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Collection: Paul A. Volcker Papers Call Number: MC279  Box 13  Preferred Citation: New York and BIS, 1982 November 5; Paul A. Volcker Papers, Box 13; Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library Find it online: and The digitization ofthis collection was made possible by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. From the collections of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript P1 iii Princeton, NJ These documents can only be used for educational and research purposes ("fair use") as per United States copyright law. By accessing this file, all users agree that their use falls within fair use as defined by the copyright law of the United States. 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Mudd Manuscript Library 65 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08540 609-258-6345 609-258-3385 (fax) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Itinerary - Chairman Volcker  Friday, November 5, 1982 2:00 PM 3:00  Depart National on Eastern Shuttle Arrive New York  New York Fed will meet you at LaGuardia 4:00  Meeting with Lou Harris and group, New York Fed, 9th floor Conference Room  6:30  Cocktails & Dinner - Japan Society, 333 East 47th Street (212) 832-1155 (Mr. Lewis Preston will arrive @ 6:15 he will preside at the meeting and would like a few minutes with you Mr. & Mrs. Volcker beforehand.)  Saturday, November 6  7:45 PM  Mrs. Volcker to Solomons' Apartment for dinner  8:40 PM  Mr. Volcker departs Kennedy on SA #101 (car @ 6:45PM)  Sunday, November 7 10:50 AM  Arrive Zurich, Switzerland  BIS car to Basle Reservation at Hilton Hotel (Phone: 061-22-66-22) 8:00 PM  Dinner - President Leutwiler, Executive Dining Room, BIS  Monday, November 8 BIS Meeting Tuesday, November 9  5:00  Depart Basle (with Governor Pohl) Arrive Cologne-Bonn Airport Bundesbank car to pick you up Finance Minister Gerhard Stoltenberg @ Foreign Ministry  5:45 ?  Embassy car will pick you up at the Foreign Ministry  2:30 PM 3:45 .••=mmor Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Stay with Ambassador and Mrs. Burns @ Embassy, (phone: 011-49-228-339-3390)  a. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  -2  Wednesday, November 10  8:35 8:55 10:30 9:25  AM AM AM AM  Embassy car to airport Depart Cologne-Bonn on LH #56 Arrive London, England Depart London on BA #193 Arrive New York (Kennedy) You have been cleared through Customs NY Fed car will meet you and drive you to LaGuardia  10:00 ? 11:00  Depart LaGuardia on Eastern Shuttle Arrive National Airport Talk to American Iron & Steel ??  3:00  John Lawrence & Bill Eaton  4:00  John Whitehead  5:00  Bill Butcher  Mr. Volcker: If you should need this, all you have to do is sign it. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  catherine  FISCAL DATA (A 7,proarielion. a ulAer  BILL CHARGES TO DEPT. OR AGENCY  vation.Or.)  BUREAU OR OFFICE (Street cuidreaa)  Place and Date of Issue (City)  (State or country)  (ZIP code)  ISSUING GOVERNMENT OFFICER (Signature and Office) TRAVELER (7'ype or print)  — Others DEPENDENT TRAVEL—CHILDREN (Ages) (No.) []SPOUSE  SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS  Paul A. Volcker CARRIER OR AGENT TENDERED TO  —1_  STOPOVER FROM FOR CARRIER USE ONLY Agent's ValuejAuditor's Value AUTH. Form and Ticket No. TO  CITIES  CARRIER AND CLASS OF SERVICE (First class, coach, charter, etc.)  EXCESS BAGGAGE AUIRIZED Weight Pieces  TO TO  II  TO  TOTAL Do NOT fold, spindle or mutilate Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  (Continue services required on reverse)  U.S. GOVERNMENT TRANSPORTATION REQUEST NONTRANSFERABLE---PENALTT FOR FRAUDULENT OR PRIVATE USE  STANDARD FORM 1169 lanuary 1974 5 GAO 2 1169-124  FOR CARRIER USE ONLY (See condition  4.)  CONDITIONS I. The United States Government will not be responsible for any charges in excess of those applicable for transportation and/or accommodations of the type, class or character specified in this request. If services costing mcre than those authorized in this request are furnished, the additional cost must be paid by the traveler at the time such services are obtained and not be billed aga.nst the Government. When circumstances require the furnishing of a service of a different type or lesser value than that specified in this request, the traveler shall record in the spur. on the right the a....dual service furnished and the reason for the changer.d shall sign the statement. 2. The issuing officer, by his signature on the face hereof, certifies that the requested transportation is for official business. 3. Carriers shall not honor requests showing erasures or alterations not validated by initials of the issuing officer. date on which travel commenced, if known. rim;nation clause contained in section 202 of Executive Order Iatl . amended by Executive Order 11375, relative to equal employ ment opportunity for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, ssx, or national origin, and the implementing rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Labor are incorporated herein.  Date travel commenced CONTINUATION OF SERVICES REQUIRED  I I  II  INSTRUCTIONS  1. Malley must not be furnished in exchange for transportation requests nor may transportation requests be passed through banks for collection. 2. 5 GAO 2 issued by the Comptroller General of the United States contains •-• , AI hilliog insta,ctions (copies obtainable from the Superintendent of I c,nts, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402). 11 charges are payable in foreign funds, designate currency in the 'cial Accommodations and Requirements" block. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  SERVICE FURNISHED IF: OTHER THAN REQUESTED  BILL CHARGES TO DEPT. OR AGENCY BUREAU OR OFFICE (Street address)  46,869,21(  FISCAL DATA (A P9rdoprietion. •Iallorrissti•w.ste  ecieral Reserve System D C.. 20-551 (State or country) (City)  Place and Date of Issue (ZIP code)  ISSUING GOVERNMENT OFFICER (Signature and Offisce) TRAVELER (Type or print)  Others DEPENDENT TRAVEL—CHILDREN (.4 gee) (No.) riSPOUSE  SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS AND REQUIREMENT'  ;Fi ifrNT STOP TRA SP R ATION AMOUN (Traveler MUST ascer- OVER FROM tain coat of transportation and accommodations, AUTH. if applicable, and record here) TO  CITIES  CARRIER AND CLASS OF SERVICE (First class, coach, charter. etc.)  BAGGAGE I EXCESS AUT1ORIZED Weigh  Pieces  TO TO TO TO Ticket agent WILL NOT accept this copy in lieu of original request, Do NOT fold, spindle or mutilate Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  (Continue services required on reverse)  U.S. GOVERNMENT TRANSPORTATION REQUEST MEMORANDUM COPY  STANDARD FORA 169e January 1974 5 0A0 2 I 1169-224  A  1  INSTRUCTIONS TO TRAVELER • This memorandum copy shall be forwarded in accordance with administrative instructions  7  CONTINUATION OF SERVICES REQUIRED  7, Inasmuch as the memorandum copy of the transportation request serves as a very important administrative record, care must be exercised that such copy is legible and corn plete in all respects when forwarded  I I  Record in the space on the right the actual service furnished when same is of lesser value than or differs from that requested. Also include reason for the change and sign the statemrt.  II 1169-224, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  LSERVICE FURNISHED IF OTHER THAN REQUESTED  MEMORANDUM To:  Joseph R. Coyne  From: Judy Cameron  Per your request, enclosed is a list of the attendees of the November 5th meeting at the N.Y.Federal Reserve, at 4:00 pm in the 9th floor conference "MN..  room. A duplicate list was also sent to Peter Bakstansky. If any changes occur I will call and let you know.  November 1, 1982  H044),(Adt- t.‘? LOUIS HARRIS 630 Fifth Avenue Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  AND  •  ASSOCIATES, INc. New York, N.Y. 10020 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  RAZOR'S EDGE / PAUL VOLCKER New York Federal Reserve Bank November 5, 1982  ALLIANCE CAPITAL MGMT.  Mr. Robert Heisterberg  DAVID L. BABSON & CO.  Mr. David Lindsey  BANKERS TRUST CO.  Mr. Robert Goodchild .Sbe  CHEMICAL BANK  Hill (etroll+41,0Wit40043r_12/3)  CITIBANK  Mr. Louis Ganz  EQUITABLE LIFE  Mr. Frank Kennedy  FIDELITY MGMT CORP.  Mr. Francis Cabour  FIDUCIARY TRUST CO.  Mr. Chris Elkus  FORSTMANN-LEFF  Mr. John Hsu  IBM PENSION FUND  Mr. Louis Markatos  MACKAY SHIELDS FIN. CORP.  Mr. Christopher Lewis Mr. William Feick Ms. Christina Seix  McCOWAN ASSOC. INC.  Mr. Steve Ely  MORGAN GUARANTY  Mr. Charles Kimball  J. C. PENNEY  Mr. James O'Grady  TIEDEMANN-KARLEN  Mr. Carl Tiedemann  WEISS, PECK & GREER  tr /A4173/444e-e l  AUTRANET  Mr. Charles Bouvet Mr. Wicks Stires  LOUIS HARRIS & ASSOCIATES  Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.  Louis Harris Humphrey Taylor Merl Baker Kermit Lansner Walter Jacob (6-6111iWrilIMMIRPOIMart__  Japan Society JAPAN SOCIETY, INC. 333 EAST 47TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10017 (212)832-1155 TELEX: 234450 JSNY -AA  r" )  "  C. v.4A'  October 27, 1982  : er  Mr. Paul Volcker Chairman Federal Reserve Board Constitution Avenue and 20th Street N.W. Washington, DC 20551  Officers  Dear Mr. Volcker: This is to confirm the details for the dinner at Japan House on November 5, 1982. Cocktails will be served at 6:30 p.m. with dinner to follow at 7:00. Mr. Lewis Preston will preside and will arrive at the Society about 6:15 to meet with you for a few minutes prior to the beginning of the evening. For your reference a list of the acceptances is enclosed. We are also very pleased that Mrs. Volcker will be able to be with us. Thank you very much for participating in this program. Sincerely,  CAzieee Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Barbara L. Fox Development Officer  75th Anniversary 1907-1982  Honorary Chairman David Rockefeller Chairman The Hon. Robert S. Ingersoll President David MacEachron Vice Chairmen Lily vA. Auchincloss Michael J. O'Neill The Hon. William W. Scranton Vice President John K. Wheeler Treasurer Mark E. Buchman Secretary Robert B. Radin Directors Lily vA. Auchincloss Everett S. Checket The Hon. John T. Connor Peggy Danziger Koichiro Ejiri Roberto C. Goizueta The Hon. James D. Hodgson The Hon. Robert S. Ingersoll Jiro Ishizaka Saburo lwai Professor Marius B. Jansen Jiro Kawano Professor Donald Keene James A. Linen David MacEachron Professor James W Morley Jiro Murase Shoichi Ohori Michael J. O'Neill Professor Hugh Patrick The Hon. William R. Pearce Ralph A. Pfeiffer, Jr. Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. Lewis T. Preston James D. Robinson III Professor John M. Rosenfield The Hon. William W. Scranton Kenji Tamiya Toshihiro Tomabechi The Hon. Cyrus R. Vance As of March 1, 1982  VOLCKER DINNER -- November 5, 1982 -- ACCEPTANCES  Mr. Yoshio Terasawa President Nomura Securities Int'l  Mr. Toshihiro Tomabechi President Mitsubishi Int'l Corporation  Martha Redfield Wallace Director The Henry Luce Foundation  Mr. Ralph A. Pfeiffer, Jr. Chairman IBM A/FE Corporation  Mr. Burnell Roberts Chairman The Mead Corporation  Mr. Paul H. Mayers Executive Vice President Chemical Bank  Mr. Akira Kanno Representative The Bank of Japan  Mr. Lewis T. Preston President Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. of NY  The Honorable Anthony Solomon President New York Federal Reserve Bank  Mr. Sumio Okahashi Chairman of the Board Sumitomo Corporation of America  Mr. John S. Wadsworth Managing Director Morgan Stanley & Company, Inc.  Mr. Florio Tomassini President - International Bristol Myers Company  Mr. John B. Fraser President Morgan Grenfell & Company  Mr. A. Richard Janiak First Vice President Smith Barney, Harris Upham  Mr. John C. Haley Executive Vice President Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.  Mr. John Ward Vice President Merrill Lynch Int'l Bank  Mr. Henry Wendt President & Chief Operating Officer SmithKline Beckman Corporation  Mr. Taiki Kato President Bank of Tokyo Trust Company  Professor Hugh Patrick Yale Economic Growth Center  Mr. Peter E. Sura Senior Vice President Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co.  Mr. Walter F. O'Connor Vice Chairman - International Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. Mr. Shoichi Ohori General Manager The Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. The Honorable Angier Biddle Duke Chairman U.S. Japan Foundation Mr. Mamoru Tabuchi President Mitsui & Co., (USA) Inc. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  •  Mr. Merlin Nelson Vice Chairman AMF Inc.  Mr. Peter Howell Vice President Citibank, N.A. Mr. Bennet J. Welikson Manager - Foreign Treasury Operatn ITT Corporation  Japan Society JAPAN SOCIETY, INC. 333 EAST 47TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10017 (212)832-1155 TELEX: 234450 JSNY Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  August 11, 1982  r  "1 ...13  00 1..4 U:5  C  ...... rri c)7.,..1  G C:-)  11,rn  Mr. Paul Volcker Chairman, Federal Reserve Board Constitution Avenue and 20th Street NW Washington, DC 20551  '51 -......:  We would like to start with ciiocktails about 6:00 p.m. and follow with a sit-down dinner and discussion until 9:15 p.m. or so.  David MacEachron President rp  75th Anniversary 1907-1982  r- C3 71 c•c3 7.. rri-A -11 •  We are so glad that you have agreed to accept our invitation for a dinner meeting on Friday, November 5, at the Japan Society. As at our previous dinner, we plan to TrirttieNa small group of about twenty or twenty-two influential Japaiwse and American business leaders and academics, as well, as journalisif you agree.  Sincerely, ,  E  r•-1  Dear Paul:  We are looking forward to having you with us again.  1-4  c:D rn -or! •up  .... .... 16  1;1 -....  rgi ...,  ..-•• -90! (...  :::;:.  Mr. Volcker: I called Mr. MacEachron's office -- he is in Japan, but I told his secretary that you were willing to do it on a Friday and gave them several dates (they were interested in October or November) and they picked Nov. 5 (which will be after election). OK? Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  catherine  Japan Society JAPAN SOCIETY, INC. 333 EAST 47TH STREET, NEW YOR  0017 (212)832-1155 TELEX: 234450 JSNY  July 1, 1982 CD -T1  UM co  M  C3  c-)  _.,,,(")  Mr. Paul Volcker Chairman, Federal Reserve Board Constitution Avenue and 20th Street NW Washington, DC 20551  =r"  1 01  =a;  3C  .> .7)  9?  Dear Paul: This September it will be two years since we had that particularly fascinating dinner meeting with you. As you recall, we had a good group including Henry Kaufman of Salomon Brothers, Jim Robinson and Martha Wallace. We were wondering if we could catch you for another such dinner in New York on an evening that is convenient to you. We would, of course, be delighted to have Barbara attend as before. If you would be willing to do this, we would organize it as before or in any other way that you would like. On a personal note, let me say again how grateful I and many of my friends are that you are there, doing what you are doing. Without your intelligent and determined leadership, I hate to think where we might be. All the very best. Sincerely,  David MacEachron President Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  rp  zol—c 75th Annivvr .cif-y 1907-1982  OD
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102