Writers, Proposed [#1] (1954-1956), Entry 164, Box 10, Folder 6

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Material compiled by the Committee on the History of the Federal Reserve System. Subjects: Beckhart, Haggott; Bell, Philip; Bode, Karl; Burgess, William Randolph; Chandler, Lester V.; Coase, Ronald; Coase, Ronald H.; Despres, Emile; Ellis, Howard; Galantiere, Lewis; Habakkuk, H. J.; Hackley, Howard; Hammond, Bray; Heaton, Herbert; Johnson, E. A. J.; Kriz, Miroslav; Lambie, Joseph; Marty, Alvin; Meyer, John R.; Moore, O. Ernest; Parry, Carl E.; Powell, Raymond Park; Roberts, George; Robinson, Marshall; Salant, William; Steward, John; Wallace, Robert F.; Wallich, Henry; Williams, Dr. John

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102