Hearings : 1957 February-March, Box 26, Folder 7

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Testimony, preparatory materials, and letters for hearings before: Joint Economic Committee regarding the President's Economic Report on February 5, 1957; Committee on Ways and Means of the House regarding bills to increase the Maximum interest rate permitted on U.S. Savings Bonds on February 21, 1957; Includes "Maximum Interest Rate Permitted on United States Savings Bonds" March 6, 1957, Report No. 185. (To accompany H.R. 5520); Subcommittee on Disarmament, Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding relation of armaments to world economy on March 7, 1957; Subcommittee on Housing, Senate Committee on Banking and Currency regarding the administration's proposal to reduce FHA mortgage down payments on March 19, 1957; Subcommittee on Fiscal Policy, Joint Economic Committee regarding fiscal policy implications of the Economic Outlook and Budget Developments on June 14, 1957; and Subcommittee on Small Business, Senate Banking and Currency Committee regarding Senate bill 2160 on June 20, 1957.

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