Hearings : 1962 January-July 19, Box 26, Folder 4

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Testimony, preparatory materials and letters regarding the following hearings: House Banking and Currency Committee regarding H.R. 10162, Special Borrowing Arrangements of the IMF on February 28, 1962; Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization, Automation, and Energy Resources of the Joint Economic Committee regarding investigation of business inventories on July 13, 1962; House Banking and Currency Committee regarding H.R. 12080 interest rates on deposits of foreign governments and central banks on July 17, 1962; (Includes Report No. 2162, "Higher Interest Rates on Time Deposits of Foreign Governments," to accompany H.R. 12080. August 9, 1962) and Subcommittee #1 of the House Banking and Currency Committee on three banking bills - H.R. 7796, H.R. 8874, and S. 1771 on July 19, 1961. Includes House Report No. 2062, "Bank Service Corporations" dated July 30, 1962, to accompany H.R. 8874; House Report No. 2047, "National Bank Branches in Foreign Countries" dated July 27, 1962, to accompany S. 1771; and House Report No. 2048, "Real Estate and Construction Loans Applicable to National Banks" dated July 27, 1962 to accompany H.R. 7796.

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