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My dear 1,:r. Peple:


On mw return from Washington tolad I find dour letter of

:larch 29th, in regard to the budget matter.

You are quite right in

your surmise that I was unable to discuss this at the conference on
account of the pressure on our time to clean up the program, but

your letter crossed mine asking for suggestions, and I will be glad
to have an early. reply.
Very trulyiyours,


Jharles A. Peple,

Deputy Governor, iederal Reserve sank of Richmond,

Richmond, Va.


April 3, 1919.
Dear Mr. Peple:

In connection with budget matters on which we have had some cureespondence.
I an anxious to get suggestions from you as to some one to do some work in aouth

of a


The work required will not be vers onorou4i, but it will need the services
who can eevelup an orKanization for tne parpose of some little educational

and publicity ifor4 to oriag about a bettor anuerstandint; of Lois .uoject. It will
be necessary to raise a small amount of money, and, eunerally, co carry out the
program which will be laid out by the ori;afAz'ation at the L.ew York Headquarters.

It needs the services of a nun wito is interested in the economic aspects
of the Gov,,rhment's fipsnce, and who is sufficieutlY interested in the subject to
be villint; to tC,Vote some tine and energy to bring-Inc about an imIroveunt.


woulu be preferable, to have sumo one who woul be cai,ablo of making an occasioual

address on this subject, and who wou26 be ril2.

himself to study and unserstand it

by-an examination of literature which will later be furnished.

I will greatly apFreciate any help you can give me in this connection,
by suggesting anyone you think could undertake this work successfully.

2aithfully yours,

Charles A. Peple,
Deputy Governor, ?ederal Reserve sank of 'Richmond,
4Richmond, ;a.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102