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49,p1 1919.

His ::-:ecolioncy




/..,S. S. ITimeu4tz

President du Conseil des
lanistres do 2,Ontenegro
Leilly Sur Seine



- .04

'I' l'?"31.-WT/t,


Dear- Sir:

It gives me great pleesuro to acknowledge to yen the receipt fro.) the Do-

partment of State of the Diploma of the Order of Prince Denilo the First, which the
Goverroppt_of,:lgpetenegro leis been good enough to confer upon me.

Due to the formali-

ties required in this connection, there 'vas sortie delay in my receiving the diplena

but In ow hasten to convey to you, and, through you, to his majesty King Nicholas, LW
grateful appreciation of this decoration which indeed I value nest highly.
:ley I take this opportunity to express the hope thtt the future of your

country and of its people will be one of prosperity and happiness and that you will
no-ler again be visited with the hardships nd:decries of such a war as the one just


7o entertain for you warm feelings of friendship and we hope that our

relationship may be to the advantage Of both countries.

It was a great pleasure to

have the opportunity of becoming acquainted with General Gvosdcnovitch, and such
courtesies as we wore able to show him were thoroughly enjoyed by all who hed the
pleeeure of meetir


As I am sailing for :::urope in a few weeks and ()erect to be in Iteenee the

letter pert of July or eerly in August, I shall avail elysolf of the ollvartunity to
call and v; Ay my roc:poets.


aoeureeco of my ostou:a



Sear n7. President, please eceept the
la t-1

Sillooroly yours,


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102