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o uto Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ,  D.  .1e)  September 26, 1918. .  "4ary C. Wiggin, Executive Secretary Cc,n.sly.or'.3$ L.- 'gut-,' of Massacnusetts, Boston,' Ma88. 4 Joy dear Miss Wiggin: Please pr.xr,ion my delay in acknowledging your letter of SerteaTher 13th report'rg unhyienic cor.C.itions in tr.e hantsh ling of glass tubes for the SurE;eon Gcnerel's office in tile William D. Young Co tg)any s factory. I shall be gl -  to t  a  the matter up vrith Colonel Mock of the Surgeon Generz:als Wo1.1.1.n in  who ie Chairman of a CoLaIdttee connectej Ini.ustry Service  As far a,e  if. now there is 41,:, yet no inthis-  --tralisrViCe vooric in the Surgeon General's ofrice 9nd it is Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  therefore difficult to inow to whom sunh ,,lattere should be reierred.  I shall report tha rooult..s to  late  Sincerely yours,  MVIC/AL  Mary Van Kleeck, Director Wo,:lan in I niustr7 Servi,:n Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Sentetaber 26,  Lt. Col. H. E. 1,ock, Surgeon Clem:ill s Of Cice Wls'-iington, D.C. ,4y dear Color. Mock: ' T hay  just rIcelvel a rerort froli Miss  Mary C. Wizgin, Executive Sacretar,v ()r the Consumar31 League, 4 Joy Street, Boston, Mass. coaerning a plant wnich is orobably working for tha Surgeon General's office. Miss Wiggin reports, " "The Willian D. Young Company, 15 North l'hington Street, is making littl?. glaes t,)hes to be fillad witn io4ine to be enclosed in cheese cloth cases, to h for'v%r4e1 for use Aith the wounded .1h Fr71rce. Mese are supposed, ofcourse, to be prepared under moot hygienic re provileA 'oy the flr, an4_ c,:,reitio:e, but no toel of gf.rls eloyed ara from our Uaus the think no soap. Au the olt7. it tear,s to me a of sectIons Jelsh a.r.1 Itali yet ;a cannot touch it by ent; arrangem rather precarious that the rcLer to7e1 requires simply our St tte law, which was called to it by n attentio snould not be furnished. Yly rani felt tit. ti ample:7, bee.n lit their girls :are working with very iirty hands, as they failed t rw can to bring their own tome's. If you will do the about this batter for we, I shall be vary gr4teful." If you will advise me as to the offi;:lid in tne Surgeon General's office to whom such matter should be referred, I shall ar -reclate it. Sincerely yours,  MVIC/AL  Mary Van Yam*, Director Woman in Industry Service.  4  III.  Tottsunirrs' iiragur of fliassarilusrits President, Mrs. FRANK W.HALLOWELL, Suffolk Road, Chestnut Hill Miss EDITH M. HOWES, 57 Pleasant St., Newton Vice-Presidents, t Mrs. ARTHUR G. ROTCH, 197 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston Treasurer, Mr. GORDON DONALD, 4 Joy St.. Boston Recording Secretaiy, Mrs. J. GILBERT PEIRCE, 79 Williston Rd., Brookline Legal Counsel, HOWARD W. BROWN, ESQ. Executive Secretary, Miss MARY C. WIGGTN  Executive Committee Mrs. RODNEY B.jARVIS Mr. CHARLES F. BRADLEY Mrs. MIRIAM N. Loomis Mrs. M. A. CROCKETT Mrs. HERBERT V. NEAL Miss HELENA S. DUDLEY Mrs. WILLIAM ROSCOE THAYER Mrs. RICHARD Y. FITZ GERALD Mrs. F. B. TRACY Mrs. ROY KENNETH HACK Miss EDITH S. TUFTS  Honorary Vice-Presidents Mrs. T. J. BOWLKER Mrs. EDWARD H. BRADFORD Mr. JOHN GRAHAM BROOKS Prof. DAVIS R. DEWEY Mr. ROBERT H. GARDINER Mrs. HERBERT j. GURNEY Rev. GEORGE HODGES Miss ROSE LAMB Mrs. WILLIAM LAWRENCE Miss ELLEN F. MASON  Rev. ENDICOTT PEABODY Miss ELLEN F. PENDLETON Mrs. CHARLES S. SARGENT Mrs. WINTHROP SARGENT Mrs. BARTHOLD SCHLESINGER Miss ELIZABETH S. SERGEANT Mrs. THOMAS SHERWIN Prof. F. W.TAUSSIG Miss CORNELIA WARREN Mr. ROBERT A. WOODS  TELEPHONE. HAYMARKET 1019  4 JOY STREET, BOSTON, MASS.  September 13, 1918.  Miss Mary Van Kleeck, Director, Woman in Industry Service of the U. S. Department of Labor. My dear  Miss  Van Kleeck:  atulate you on the I have not had a chance to congr er opportunity for inadvice to a position with even :reat I think, without my know, fluence than you had before. You t, and especially ntmen ap-oi assurance, how glad I am of the the position last ed usurp that our dear friend whom we found year has disappeared from your Board. can cover a case I am writing now, hoping that you tment. If it Depar nce which does not come under the Ordna tment, I know Depar n Surge should be referred instead to the The William D. Youn th,t you will attend to that for us. g little g ass Com any, 15..yorth Washington Street,is makin in cheesebe enclosed u es to be filled with iodine to with the wounded in France. use for rded forwa cloth cases, to be red under most These are supposed, of course, to be prepa ded by the firm, are s provi towel no hyFzienic conditions, but employed are from of girls class the and I think no soap. As it seems to me a city, the of ons our Jewish and Italian secti it by our touch t we canno yet t; rather precarious arrangemen should towel r rolle the that res State law, which simply requi nurse a by it to d was calle not be furnished. My attention girls were who had been in their employ, and felt that the their bring to d working with very dirty hands, as they faile rrr tter this about can own towels. If you will do the best you for me, I shall be very grateful. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Sincerely yours,  c 7,u Executiv  Secreta