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ju2 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  0 I-4(Ae5  (Kottithite-5)  18—  WAR LABOR POLICIF.i BOARD Minutes of Meeting October 11, 1918.  Present:  Mr. Coonley, Acting Chairmaa. Mr. Jrury Mr. Frayns Jor Gitchell Mr. Hammond Mr. Keefe Mr. Opyth Miss Van Klmosk Miss Abb)tt Mr. Chensry Mr. Gans Mr. Lamson, Mr. Bell, Executive 5ecretary  Mr. Coonley presided as Chairman at the request of L. Frankfurter, who was unable to ha preoent. I.  no Executive secretary submitted a statement by the Chairman of the  Board outlininE the acoomplielments of the Board which have tended to stimulate production and suggesting the creation of a committee of representatives of the production departments of the government to make further investigations and recomnenciations in conriection lith this problem. Moved by Yr. Frayne, seconded by Lass Van Klee*, that the Chairman's report be accepted and tiat he be authorised to appoint a committee on Stimulation of Production; the membership of the committee to Include representatives fro::. the jir and 3avy .epartments, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Fuel Administration, 'dar Industries Board and also representatives of labor and employers. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Motion carried unanimously.  :linutes of the Board - October 11, 1918. -2fter discussion, it was agreed that the Chairman of the Board be  II.  requested to conduct an investigation of the operation of the plan of industrial exemptions drawn up by the committee on the Relation of Military to Industrial Man-power and subsequently adopted by this Board and theProvost Marshal ileneral; the Chairman to submit a report in this matter at the earliest losable date. Mr. CoOnley left at 10:45 and requested Mr. Frayne to take the chair. III. Mr. Grant Hamilton, 'Director of the Working Conditions Service, Departmert of Labor, and Dr. Alice Hamilton, chairman of his cou:littee on a Sanitary Code for the Explosives Industry, were invited into the meetinc to submit the code as drafted by the committee. After discussion, it was the sense of the meeting that the report should be referred back to the committee to consider the new ulause suggested by Mr. HMmilton with reference to the length of tie working day for process workers. Yaved by Miss Van Kleeck, seconded by  fir. Smyth, that the Executive  Secretary request the 'Jar and :Tavy *partments to consider the Sanitary Code submitted by this committee and to present their recortriendations to this Board before tie next meeting in order that one uniform code may be adopted for all government departments.  Motion carried unanimously.  rv. Miss Van Klimek submitted a tentative draft of standards governing the employment of oo.len in industry : , .nd as.-ed tnzAt the Board members give it careful consideration before the next meeting. On motion duly made and seconded the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 P. M. George L. Bell, Executive Secretary. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  WAR LABOR POLICIEJ BUAliD =flutes of Meeting October 18, 1918,  Present: Ur. Fratikfukter, Chairman Mr. Baas Mr. Eyerly Lr. iiamniond Mr. Keefe Ur. smith Major Tully Miss Van Kleeok Miss Abbott Mr. Chenery kr. Gans Ar. Bell, Executive Secretary.  I.  The consideration of the .4pilitau Code for the '',:xolosivis  Industry was postpoed tu the next fieeting of the Board as the Working Conditions Service, Department of 1,abor, reported that they had not yet reached an eAgreewent with the War Apartment with regard to certain oranges. II. lilies Van Kleeek submitted a tentative draft of Standards Governin6 „Aaploynient of WOmsa in Lidustry. After several 6lialabes were agreeu. upon in the draft, it was moved Smyth aud seconded by kajox Tully that te standards be approved and adopted by the by ed, includint; to cnances indicated during the meeting and omitting all refezeaces to tiLe ailroad tIrlinistration; and that tie Onairman appoint a special committee with power to ole.noe plraseolugy and to  1116414A  carried. unanimously. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  niandb.toi%) reuulrements Lortatory.  Motion  Minutes of Board lieetint, War Labor Policies Board October 18, 1918. ttee for this airman appointed the following special commi Purpose: III.  k and Mr. Ganz. Li.A.jor Tully, Hiss Abbott, Mis Van Klime that tile Board create The Chairman submitted a gaggestion  question of general insurance a committee to investidate and report on the for war wJrkers. Tally that the Chairman appoint Moved by Mr. Spyth, seconded by Major est possible Jate on the committee to report to the Board at the earli advisability and practicability of te ins.lrance plali for mar workers.  overnment adopting a general  Motion carried unanimously.  rned at 1230 P.M. On motion duly made and seconded the meeting adjou Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  George L. Bell, Executive Secietary.  COW/v.014CE ON PUBLICITY METHODS tfinutes of the Fifth Mt/toting Washingtor, Octobor 3,  ei Cieolc  The Coziff-w.Ance rot in the Office o with tie following imimbers present: Major Tnomas Capt. Burlier Ctcpt• BoAfier Lt. Todd.  Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr.  Kreir Awful Kuepler dawley  tiG'44*.irmail  41; tAT•  alas Lewie Mies Ury Mr. Coleman  Capt. Res:tier Mr. R. N1e Rmith ( Guests Mr. Morley Mr. Corning representing Mr. Ingersoll %  t. Paraioan  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approysi. Mr. Felix Morley representing the United States Rmployment Service was elected a rtiorPber of the Conference. Mr. R. Nellie Amite*, mho is associated wito Captain Dickinson in the Ordnance Department, was elected a member of tne Conference. 4r. /ngersoll sent word that he was engaged in field work and ifas unable to attend tne meeting, but was planning to have ready to present at the next meeting a report concerning InituatAgo 12 Spet-tk44 41* Mr. David K. Wiles, Chief of the Motion Picture Section of tile Information and Mducation Service of the Department of Laoor, was present at the request of toe ChIirman and exp/ained ;re plans of toe Committee on Public Information relating to tab use of motion pictures oy the various departments of the Government for propaganda vurposes. kr. Niles answered a /number of questions as to tJe kind of service ne was prepared to render and stated that the Committee on Public Information would Soon send out lists of tile filme tiey were preparing to supply, together witt suggestions concerniug other advantages they xould be /tole to olTer, The Chairman explained tnat he 404 amplifying the minutes of the Conference beyond the usual limitations of such records in. order that absent members on reading toot minutes of the weetiug might get the drift of the discussions as well as a record of the votes passed. Captain Bunler read a letter dated September 36 from Goners' karcL, Chief of Staff, advising the Conference of some of the reasons whw he coula not .runt our request for the uas of returned American soldiers es speakers. He Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  -2explained that the War 1),,p-r.,;:ont hata pemitted several hundred returned American SQ14/41"4 to ta:is part in t.oe present Liberty Loan Drive. oat timt the 5earetary ui War fo,,.10 ,4ri str.44,4y 441 the 3.:oj..,it uf exploiting mounded soldiers, and has refused absolutely to allow thex to bo car:ied around the 44t tltia 4ea, on ton namode of returned country. General IiiMCOL Lac.easod, and tkrIt there 4ould b iv lagle aurs sal soldiers Nould oe rives 46 the Liberty Loan Cuimpolgn. Captain Buhlsr more men for uso in sac ths Chairman was c:xlarientoki on toe sitto.41on. iOlIQ41ag a ad-444"Al authorised to roply to the letter, taking such steis as in his judgment seemed wise. It was voted tce Rxecutive Clerk make inquir.0 of the &sobers ..;tornzl American uoldlors tidny couli of s, Conferilnou a, to the nuaoer use as spetAkors in their respective awparttLacts ono to lulicAta the len‘th of time they oosld tLeir If the hateuusei oclaier skrs frQ0., allied countries to give a specific exrression of thr effectiv=t1's of their %fork, and if tAlsy aro ahxici.s to uss Atwrian rtara4.1 soldiery to state how zuch Mad offeokive thL.1. be. Ur. Corning, oho was present Pettijohn, reported that he aa4 Liberty Loan drive, an alien u4ua4 of recommended to athe members the uss of mooting* 48 a substitute for Americal  representing Mr. Ingersoll and Ur. in t)14: theatres ir =motion -ith the American icr sith groat effect, and such squAds in connection with public soldior spoaker. ,sien tor cculA not be  Lieutenant Todd reported that an old order in tbc Navy Department had been recently revived forbid,ing tne u44, o tlk; ;,lewbore of the Vavy as speakers except for such purposes as tha Liberty Loan Convaign. The Chairman brought to the Conference this suggestion from Major Tull; and W. porkins of the War Derartment--the advisability' or laumaling pl.cIty cao4-euign encouraging all Vile 4o.r.industriei; in the country to make/ 45 a definite goal an increase of production of 4'45% In the nmxt six months. A full discussion developed Us difficulty of selecting any peroontide thc4 would be juat to all industries and it was also pointed out by Yr. Hawley that ti o result of such it campaign on the working Classes would Om much more satisfactory if 40 were to eat as the goal a high standard of attenlance inla*OdUCtim4. I. .413 pointed out that the latter ✓ather than aa iz would follow if the form: lould bo zocure, but that the psychology of the appeal would be uuch strongor if it wore n,..:1111ed in this way. After 4. very complete discussion it .vas voted to refer the vhoibe matter for further eonuidlration add rtvort at Oa next Lleatlng to a ';ouiL411twe comulati.rIg of Mr. Lle4tenant Todd und Major Thouas. Koepler, The Executive Clerk exhibited carl forms for registering informs ation conoorn-Ing spoa!tore to be supplied bi the wemoers of te Cr'--  Mr. Eoopler reported that he bad discharged Gunnor C. W. Gutteridge one of his spsakerm, for disooeying craft's. Thls Information %gill be -,1.-t1 ,1 on file. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  -'3-  Lieutenant Todd presented a report of the labor situation in the Fourth Naval District. The Executive Clerk was irmtructed to send copies of these reports in the eight or ten members present who expressed a desire for it. This report covered matters of labor shortage, turn-over and efficiency, with conclusions and recommendations. Lieutenant Todd exhibited an illustrated poster making an appeal to the workers of America in five languages and the Executive Clerk was instructed to send a copy to each member of the Conference, together with a statement that the publishers of the poster, ( Michael T. Hickey, representative) will be glad to supply our merbers without expense saly number they max desire. It was voted to meet again Thursday, October 10, at two o'clock in the Chairman's office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  The meeting adjourned at 4.00 P.M.  •  WAR LAKE POLICIES so= MINUTES OF MEETING October 25, 1918.  Presents Mr. Frarkfurter, Chairman Mr. Bass Mr. Iti•erly Mr. Ranmond Mr. Time .Asst. Secy. Roosevelt Mr. Smyth Major Tully Miss Van Klee* Miss Abbott Mr. Chenery Mr. Gans Mr. Perkins Mr. Glins, Acting Secretary  I.  The Chairman announced that Colonel Wolf had consented  to act as chairman of the Committee on industrial Insurance. II.Assistant Secretary of the Navy Roosevelt discussed his observations on the labor situation in England and Frame as compared with that In America at the present time. Miss Van Klee& presented the rresent situation regarding wanen in industry and. discussed briefly the proposed standards to be established. Mr. Smyth presented the point of view of the Employment Service and the Community Labor Boards in this matter. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  rAR  LABOR POLICIES BOARD  M/NCITES OF METING, October 25, 1918, - 2  in After a considerable discussion of the standards involved by Mr. Rowe and the gerera1 problem of wonen in industry, it vas moved and a seconded that aa eight-hour day with a maximum of a ten-hour day mwcizana fifty-five honr ,Aeek should be effective for try from January 1, 1919*  all  women in indus-  The Motion vas carried unanimously.  On motion duly mute and se°and ed, the  M3eting  adjourned at  12115 P. M. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  John U. Gans Acting Secretary