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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  National Federation of Federal Eelployees, Room 410 A. F, of L. Buildin,5, Washington, D. C.  Released on receipt.  FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ASK FOR NEW LAWS. legislation to improve the Washington, October 16.--A systematic drive for Government employees is announcai Government service and the workin g conditions of following a meeting of its legisby the National Federation of Federal Employees, F. of L. Building in Wasain glative committee at national headquarters in the A. ton last night. be a law abolisning First on the list of new measures to be asked for will through which to obtain, statutory salaries and establishing an adjustment board n salaries and as for workers in private employ, an equitable relation betwee service. cost of living- , and a reclassification of the entire civil  In line  the Federation, with a resolution aciopted e.t the recent annual convention of have representaCongress will be asked to stipulate that the employees shall administrative tion upon the proposed adjustment board equal to that of the officials. The Johnson-Nolan bill, providin, $3 per day, or  37i cents per hour as tae  teachers, has minimum wage for Government employees, includin, Wasaim;ton school the Senate is already passed the House of Representatives, and early action in seu8ht by the Federation.  ishing an The McKellar-Keating retirement bill estael  vote in the old-age insurance system for federal workers, is expected to come to Senate within a few 'days, with excellent chance of passage.  These two measures,  by Governwnich in some form have bean before Congress for years, are re,arded e, as ment employees as vital remedies for existing defects in the civil servic well as in the Government's attitude toward its workers.  Notwithstanding tae  receiving increase in livin; costs, thousands of Government employeesaltro still wages as low as  t55 and t6o per month, while the lack of a retirement plan has  ees who forced upon the Government a virtual pension list of 8000 aged eleploy have passed the period of their usefulness. the In order to focus public attention upon the conditions and n7eds of organization federal civil service, the legislative colm,ittee of the employees Steward, proposes to according to the national president and chairman, Lutaer C. country. set up a coordinated eyseem of le jslative co.aeittees throu;nout the to esEach of the 105 local unions in the various states will be called upon tee  commit to put tablish a xxmxuRitx auxiliary to the national legislative committee, and  oranized effort behind the legislative program.  The national coemittee will  and meet every week at the Wasnington headquarters, and will maintain a close  q,licie intelligence Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  service with tae field.