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(NAA Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  L  72  CA-R  Co  November 6, 1918.  Miss Elivibeth Moran, Deputy Factory Infector, '9 Buhl Block, Detroit, Michion.  In re:  Maxwell Motor Company, Oakl/m4 Plant.  My dear Miss Moran: Rirbs of tfth %fir/me-roe Rreneh, In4/1strie1 S,"vie Sectln, Or -Inance DenPrtment, htts rr.:)rte3 to Mrs. Teari, Director of the Woibanis Branch in Ifehington to the effect that Aorking Conditiuua. in this and other .)lants are very bad, indeed.  1.  Mi,4  She tics mAge ev:ecial mention of the 1ami1or6.1 atmo3phere In this porticulf.r plant. I have wriggested that Mies Ulnas call on and I live aszured ton th,q,t you will give her whFtever asilitance is poeBible, especiaily in reference to the tinforcemcnt of the Mbienian stets laws in reference t') hours F,nd toilet facilities. I wait vary 0.a1 to 1.ef.r from you awl I ar., lookin4 6erzreft relief to me to find that v- nre s It w, ward to 'seating you. still in the Michigan depertnient.  Very truly yolirs,  Peterson, gown In Inillstry Service.  Ajpell  , 11 0178 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  November 4, 1918. Memorandum  To:  Mrs. Clara M. Toad, Director, Woman's Branch, Intiustk191 Service Section, Ordnance Department.  From:  Woman in Iudustry Service  Subject:  Plant of 14,1ve1L Motor Car Colany (0;?kl,nd P1,11t)  Acknol,v1ed6wwit of your coumunic tion of October 18th was forwarded to you October 29th.  1.  Violations of the Miahigan Ste Lea, regulr,ting hours of ) , /missicaler employm,Int of woolen should be remrted to the C, of Labor. Report should also be ugule to tke Consoissiontir of Leber relatiug to the fact trid,t the general working conditions in this facLory are poor,--the conditions of the toilet, etc. Section 17 of the Act i.roviding for inspection bmi regulPti n in factories covers the provision and sanitation in rest rooms aril toilets. Tha question of the aloral fltmosphisrs is, ttowever, a ;"ors difricult milt ter. The Wowan in industry S-nwice urges the calling In of stbte departments of labor for cotleration in matters pertaining to the condition% slirrounling the employa,ant of in this partieulstr instance, howwomen, WI-Lc:wove:tr ever, we advise that Miss Hines consult with Ws. McCurdy, Industrial Secr3Wry, TOlate; Women's Christi&n, Assocition, Detroit, Michigan, as to ‘11t$ practicability bind of doing so in this case. It may be that Mks. McCurdy is in the position to recommend i0Me letter way of handling the problem.  3 .  (b) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  We would sug„Ast that Idles Hines forward detpiled rvort of the work of the women working 011 sand blasts.-  wass...........onatmairairiarimmosematmaimmffitasmswiliverammomastab  nris Woman in In ‘ustry Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  FRED W. CASTATOR,  RICHARD H. FLETCHER, COMMISSIONER OF LABOR Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DEPUTY COMMISSIONER  STATE  OF  MICHIGAN MAURICE D. KIRBY,  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR  CHIEF ASSIS . TANT  49 BUHL BLOCK DETROIT  November 1,191.8  Miss Agnes Peterson, U.S.Department of Labor, Women in Industry Service. Dear Yias Peterson, so I have been out of town and I am still with the have just received your letter. pleased to Department and,will be very much  meet  you again. the I have been inspecting in think I will be finished State quite a bit lately but in about three more weeks.  Be sure and get in  with me at 4n Buhl Blk.Detroit. Sincerely yours,  Deputy State Factory Inspector.  touch Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  •  October 28, 1918.  To:  Miss Clara M. tread, Director, Woman's Branch Illustrial Service Section, Orinaca Deartmont.  From:  Woman in Int'istry Service.  Subject:  Plant of Maxwell Motor Cpr Couny (0Acland Plant)  Ackmoledgement is made of receipt of your (t.emoranduir of Octobqr llth, 1918. The Woman in Inilistry Service will give careful atqntion to thia case ,ind report to you at the very earliest oossible date.  APPETH  Agnestoterson, Woman in InAlistry Service.  All communications should be accompanied by carb3n copy and addressed to  WAR DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE  To insure prompt attention, In replying refer to  PRODUCTION DIVISION WASHINGTON  No. Attenllon of  October 182 1918. -6845  . From:  To:  Womens Branch, Industrial Service Section, Ordnance liepts,  Miss Mary Van Kleeck, Director, Woman in Industry Service Department of Labor,  Subject: PLANT OF MAXWELL MOTOR CAR =MANY (OAKLAND PLANT).  1,  Attention is invited to the attached report of a visit made to the Maxwell Motor Car Company(Oakl%nd Plant) by Miss Charlotte Hine of the 'omens Branch, Industrial Service Section, Detroit District Office.  2.  It is noted that the women are being employed per day, in violation of the State Labor Law.  3a  The general working conditions seem to be very poor, and the moral atmosphere, as described in paragraph 7, would appear to be so bad as to need immediate attention.  4,  Attention is further invited to the fact that walten are working on sand blasts as described in the next to the last paragraph of Miss Hine's report . The Womens Branch would appreciate the cooperation of the Woman in Industry service in making recommendations and in taking such action as may seem necessary. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  10- hours  L I 1.'41 A  CLARA M. TEAD, DIRECTOR, WOMENS BRANCH, INDUSTRIAL SERVICE SECTION, ORDNANCE DEPT.  (Weber IS, 191$4,  Frau:  ilenene $mits Indnetrial Service Sootiest Ordneaoe Japt.,  To:  Nies Nosy !an Elesehl Arector, %nem in Industry Service Department if Labor,  Subject: PLANT OF MAX4XLL MOTOR CAR COMPANY (OAAWID PLANT). 1,  Attention is invited to the attaehed report of a visit mato to tho MaXwo11 Meter Oar compsay(Oaklend Pleat) by Miss Charlotte Nine of the Wemeas Samosh, Industrial Sorviso Seetion, Detroit Sistriet Offiee.  a,  It Is noted that tho an are being employed IN hours por dab In violation of the State Labor 4.4 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  The g*oral working conditions seas to be very poor, and the moral ataosphom as deperibed in paragraph ft would appear to hose had as to used innedists attention., Attetties is further invited to the fact that swam aro working on sand blasts as deeoribod in the sent to the Last paragraph of Miss Nine's report • The %nag arameh would appreetarto the semeporatien of the %Man in Industry emit,' in nakiag reeernmeadatioas and in taking ouch action as say seam aseessary.  *ARA N. IUD, DIRBOTOR, ISMS MANCH, MUTUAL SURVICS SNCTION, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Oct. lbth,  Charlotte _dine, ,aolen's r3ranch, Industrial 'JerviJe ,)eeti on. Clara  ead, Director, ,omen's Branuh, jeetion,  -‘,/ IS E 7  LIA.172 '3'41  1  (71_11t.ri 1 -ervice  tsAV,'EL1- ,  for Visit r;Ir. Luna, .1k:sista/It upt, Jf the Shell ,Liop, retlu.ested help in ..2ar...av,11-.11; hO.. chedule of 7/Jr1.:10e,' houre TId also iehed to work the girls more than ten hours in one day. kereans Interviewed . Dunn, Ac a is tant upt. of Shell 'lant. ▪ Orjanizati )11 - Contracts _,u.aptere ior 155 ca/m 12" 6.0..ortar H.E.6hel1e r:ro due tion Iney have just gotten the work to a point wLere tioy are runnihe accordiJg to schedule. 6a1ient features IteaLtrdin_& zln-viojyment.  (c)  ( d) (e)  liumber emp1o.;.7es and ,i.abor supply '2 t. ore La%) 500 hien on direct production id 18 .,7ornen. They have plenty of help appl,ying at th. Office fa w..)rk. Hours They had iJi*Aerly wo ri:ed tLe amen cm two eight hour shifts, but on the date of the visit had changed over to a 10v hour day with no woJaen on the 'light shift. 6:45 A.M. to 6:00 th ...our for lunch. J.ges :o2rAen are 1.)aid a staxti ib rate of 36V an hour %.:ith time and one-half for overt t-de over eight hours. On the pieue work rate, thew earn from k„.4.50 to .)6.00 in 8 hL :1113. .2ho rato will remain tile saae for the ten hour day and will not be cut. Jocupations for :,4oilen Inspection, Lathe Machines, Band Grooving ad turn on 75 mim shell. Training Ho training is given but the job-zetler is supposed to show the uo,,Ien now to operate their mac • Ines.  18. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  aa:viJ11 Later Company  (f)  7  Oat. lbth, 191 .  Employment Manage.aent r. MacElfatriek lc the ETIO.oyment :Lana or and works under tile direction of Jr. Dunn. There is no syte't 'nd no records are 2aDpt. Mr. Dunn etcted that the turnover raft as high r_to 4010, out could not :rive the peliod covered, and it was applied to the men as roll 9.2 the women. It WOE mere guess 7;ork. 4orkLng Conditions. (g) The shop is extremely dirty fir a plant that hae boon in opexation only 2-c months. The machines are crowded to ether with vury narrow isles for passages. There is ho discipline in the uhop. (h) 6aaitation and Health. !!o attontiol_ Lac t ee . tAioee otors. The coAdition of the toilet room is shocking th6 toiletf.:, have been out oreler AontLs and plumbers were there the day of Lly 'Visit to put in a .rer sower pipe. (i) Aooicient Hazards (j) Fire ilazards (lc) Se.,viee Yeatures The Oomiany naintiins a o Zeteria but when the women w)rked on tho 8 hour shift they had no ti.10 to patronize this, but ate their lunol l at tables pro#ided for tiem in the Best Room. Each noon a bz,tsket (LC: sandwiehes are exong into the Rest Room au sold to the girls ht . Ooffee l ide by t;1 iatron i. ()hag° of the Rest Room. This room is very unattracti ve, poorly ventilat,id and a very unhealthfu l piles iA which to eat ones lunch. .here are no other F,ervice features. lomarke --The atmosphere of thin place is iades There was a great deal of "jollying" eribable. among men and girls OA the floor. Even AIN) Dunn,the while taking me thru the plant, sto4ed to "joll the7orkers, althourrh he told me that theyy" with kl..i&r - ged any Ann taught tfaidng to a 31r1, dieif he persisted in it. :_hen I pinned hi l down, he stated tL.,t no man had ovr actually been discharged for this offense. After li)ving the A.ant, t a inside secre t service man came up to me and told me that he wished that he might tell !-ile of SOAO of thi things that occur within the plant, but because of the change oj: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  #3 Maxwell  otor Comoany  Dot. 15t;, 1918.  a Good many of the "tJu. h .- /om en" had been dismissed, and he oJuld not Lt... tni-i,t time give me reliable r ,E,o1 te in particular i.,staoek. , , but if I woulc r.t LI two week, e :oul give (1; LA.A..rm tion upon ri,dch could act. He stated trz.,t bot h make "dates" with tho nine ond 11r. Dunn anti lir. iiitchell if they do rot keop them tney aru Reoommendations r_r. Dunn the clause in the Sta te Laws dietinotlj ,:i,ohiolting women to work more than ten hours in an ..n d. He porfessed to be unt..miliar ith it, .)14 I noticed 1 be ...sa4.:+4 it. nits 00o4:. He steted that tNlee new hours 'NOT 3 1 :r.:ly a tem ,. orFiry make-shift aud ti4t- t hey wou ld increase the lunch ho.Lr to a full hour and ['Amis e the girls l5 :ainutee Eu.rtier :uomended thnt a par tition )‘-,t,.-oen the toilets o;; ran uL) at least 7 feet if dot to tne ceilin g and tnEtt doors be put on. He a,,. .rood to do tile at once. A group or zomen are wurkL on te eand blaet, wiLitlh in iteelf is injurious to their health, but, in addition, tamr .;ench i loat‘ted in tho .ilea trt3at roora, thus ino:ceasing the dcn ger to their health . Si rested. F., diiferent arrangeme nt 10 u 0 ..iane for th.e.);• 0 1..;  Mr. Dunn wax advised that the se auggeetiOns would be followed up and tho t a Ilerview would be reques tA with Ada. e, tie Manager of the ila-well Company.  OHAhLOTTE HIAN, Jupervisor, „omen'e Br-noh, Industrial Jarvioe Seotio n.