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U3vZ ti\U Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  '  POSTAL TELEGRAPH - COMMERCIAL CABLES CLARENCE H. MACKAY, PRESIDENT.  RECEIVED AT  DELIVERY 140.  TELEGRAM The Postal Tele: raph-Cable Copan (Incor.orated transmits and delivers this messa• e sub ect to the terms and conditions printed on the back of this blank. , onJess otherwise indicated bv signal after the number of toortis:—"N. L."(Night Lettergrarn)or"NW"'(Night Telegram). ' ride is a fast Dag Telegram  d51NY. G.  7:45PM.  14 Rarrisburft  Pa., Oct. 4, 1918  Viss "Vary Van rlseck., Dirsctor Torten in industry  Section, Dept. of Labor.,  Ficrthrn Bldg., Washington, D.C. Your teligraw rscsived Miss Siebert will meet Dr. Kier Saturday October fifth nine thirty. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Form 16  L. R. Palmer.  4 8)  POSTAL TELEGRAPH-COMMERCIAL CABLES  OPERATOR'S NOTATIONL TIME SENT, Era  ,EXTENDS OVER TWO-THIRDS OF THE WAY AROUND THE EARTH.  NE GREATEST TELEGRAPH AND CABLE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD.  THE POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE COMPANY  (INCORPORATED)  THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: RANSM1TS AND DELIVERS THE WITHIN TELEGRAM SUBJECT TO that is, telegraphed bael; to the orivmating wliee for it IZFIT I•1 js 1,4 all I Int,-,4 Inn. agreed betwee,, the semi,* of the telegram and this Company TV!, telegram, beyond the or for non-deltyery, it any l'N The Company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the- transmission or delivery, T. Itifty or deli vPry, or rc, n(“,-1(.1iv,,ry, a anyI I\'I I I imorint received for senclinr the (saint,: nor frir intitakes or delay,tri the trans,nis,on ion :11 the w orking niterruPt arising from unavoidable delays tor ease any in nor i; I I.!' A N hESS SPECI.C1.1,1" nes the sum reeeived for sem ling' the TEIA.Ii NA NI S. ER C Its line.; NOR FOR ERRORS IN CI slon or delNcry, or for till. nor o1,11,,, I I thi‹ ,.elegram,,ni the I r.iriSilit, mistak, 1. In any event the Com!,any shall :iot be liable for dainttges for ally Jr Silt IS A . at ,h1(.1! all'' tint , El) telegram rat t likether caused by the twg in,' 'It Is servants or other NVINe, 14,01111 onipany for transmission, ptn•re.i to the ;It It,' till' vamed, unless a great, valim is sta,te.i telegram, theri.of. dent. one-per o: to.onelentIT equal valve such 1,as,1 on ,I Is par Jul an additional sum paid T, agre, to to forward this teleifrani Over the Imes ,4 any It or I•onipany When neeessa,r„, without hereby made the agent of the 8. The Company ,a.lh its destination. 4. the terminal °ince. fi'or (lelivery at a greater distanee a special charge will • ' • • • ' ' NIessage., " • ' '  To guard against mistakes or delays, the  V,  St'I  .1.  of a telegram  For this, one-half the unrepeate.I telegi am rate  110,60m . AM:1  GRAM AND PAID FOR A..; SI Ci I,  in ,,nrnit•FaliOn  should  Inn't'Or it 13  to  wale to  a  are presetoed and aiteepteil at ono of its tran,inittin, otliees: and if any • ,.• . , -a. .. 6. No resp ,tg,lit of II,' sender for the purpose of delivering (he message rail any no II ''or aol, neSsage Is Sent To fIrli'll 0111, hy (me of this lInpany',4 ine,,,engr•rA, bY private Ill's' or It.41,141"tif' ar,s"ht :it Ilie ontrudfiOnS reizarding it To the f'ointany'sayent ni its ,aal °thee. Mes,aves sent nipsfage thrunglisut. error or failures in 8111:11 service tam.) all of the terms and conditions herein shall atiply to the • • ' • 1 is not presented in wilting liae for damiges or statutory penalties in ally case t here the qlaiin ' 1 The Company shall not t'e , legram is tiled with the (:ompany for transmission. t to I • The above terms and eonditions shall be binding upon the reeever a, well as the respeeti,a inet,ftWHI enumerated below shall apply to noinsages in eami of sneti Special terr118 governing the transmission of messitgeh Maier the elasso8 (Jr asses in addition to all foregorng terms. NO F.MPI.,()Vii:F, OF THIS ('OMPANY IS A ITTINIllIZEI) To VA ttY THE VtiREtloIN11.  -IARLES C  CLARENCE H. MACKAY. PFtisloh-r. EDWARD REYNOLDS. VICE-PREST. AND GEUERAL  ADAMS  MANAGER.  CHARLES P. BRUCH. VICE-PRESIDES.  VICE-PRESIC,‘  CLASSES OF SERVICE .  • AST DAY TELEGRAMS. A full rate irpedited service. not earlier than 4P3HT TCLECRAMS. :si ..;•••;.11.1 t.<, b se,it &dr:rig .1.1“t night awl deilvored Lbs nerI ftbUlng re,iliceil rates tint 51 111, rase f,11' less 11,,, twenty ,.,ents for A single niestiag•-• iPECIAL TERMS APPLYING TO NIGHT PA at" .able far fiamag-s tt st aft'': t;:e ineresa:,  LETTERGRAMS -.rung  bnP:r.0,9 ,!;ty  • ,grani raes,age  t-f"r r ; r. r;  large,; r.,  IA • all  !1,  ilay •  '"  1, T- a  u- Word  SPECIAL TERMS APPLYING TO NIGHT LETTERGRAMS. In further considerat of the redneeil rate for this speeial "Night Letts-alp-am" service,the following SP,— in addition to those etinmerated'abovirfVe he-retoy agreed 'tilt (a) Night Lett,rgranis may at the option of the T tion to the addressees, and the Company shall bedi . it such cases with respect to delivery by mailing e., postage prepaid. (h) Night Let tergrains shall be written in plain English. Code language is not pc,. (") The Company shall not liaqiable for damages(Sr slat utor y penalties in any case v • a the r Ialln in not prese,ted in writing within thirty days after the message is filed with the Company fiir transtiliasem  THE FASTEST TELEGRAPH SERVICE IN THE WORLD Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  41.•  WAR  DEPARTM ENT,  WAS H I N GTO N .  October 17, 1918.  From:  War Department, Major F. W. Tully.  To:  Miss Mary Van Kleeck, Director, Woman in Industry Service.  subject:  Application of h. 0. Wilbur ec Son, 235 N. 3rd Street, 7hi1adel7lhia, Pa. for permission to employ women at night.  Dcf_r Miss Van Kleeck:  I beg to acimowled[re receipt today of your letter of October 8th. The adjustment of this matter seems entirely satisfactory. In one paragraph you speak of Miss ?eterson of your office conferring with me and Mr. McLane regarding this case, but I think Miss ?eterson I have no recollection of such conference. conferred with Mr. McLane, which, haaever, was tl-a thing to have done. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Very truly yours, —No -71(4/( F. W. TuZLI7 ajor Ord. U. S. A. Detailed to Office of Secretary of War.  October 17, 1918.  PribC)El Department, Major F. W. Tully.  To:  Miss Mary Van Kleeok,iDirector, Woman in Industry Serviee.  Subject:  Application of H. 0. Wilbur & Son, 235 N. 3rd Street, lailadelphia, Pa. for permission to employ women at night.  Dear Lase Van Trleeck:  I beg to acknouledgo row:apt today of your letter of October Sth, 'Ale adjustment of this matter seam entirely satisfactory. In ono paragraph you speak of :'iss ''eterson of your 7IcLane regarding this case, but office conferring with me and I have no recollection of yuch conference. I think 'Mins -Ieterson "Cane, which, haaover, vas the thing to have conforred vlth done. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Very truly yours,  F.  Tully,  Detailed to Office of Secretary of War.  _* I  MAJOR JOHN PRICE JACKSON ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE  -  LEW R. PALMER  "IN  COMMISSIONER WAR SERVICE  ,  ACTING COMMISSIONER  'STY P  COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND ESIDUSTRY HA11.121SIWUG  October eleventh, Nineteen hundred and eighteen.  SUBJECT: Application of H. O. Wilbur & Son, to employ women twelve hours per day. Miss Mary Van Kleeck, Director, Women in Industry, U. S. Department of Labor, Southern Building, Washington, D. C. My dear Miss Van Kleeck:Your letter of October eighth subject has been received and I desire above the relative to in advising me of disposition courtesy your for to thank you of the case in question. With kind regards and best wishes, I beg to remain, Cordially yours, -  LRP/J Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Acting Commissioner. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  October 8, 1913.  Acting CoiLmissioner L. R. Palmer, State Department of Labor, Harrisburg, Pa. My dear Mr. Palmer:  Subject:  Application of HOO. Wilbur & Son to employ .io_on 12 hours per day.  You will racall that .Ail,an the application from this Company was first brought to our attention on September 21st, we arranged with you by telephone an September 22n1, to detail Miss Siebert to meet Dr. Keir of the Quartermaster's Department in Philadelphia Monday morning, Sept. 23rd. It 'mai; subsequently reported to us that a satisfactory adjustment had been made which would ..lake this employment unnecessary. On October 4th, the matter was again brought to our attention by the mar Department and Dr. Koir arranged to visit the plant again with Miss Seibert, Saturday morning, Oct. 5th. We have received today a telegram containing the folloAng state.:iert from Dr. Keir: "No Aanger Wilbur violatirg law. Do not hant women work more eight and half hours.EAergency order will be finished Tuesday noon.' We may tnerefore regard this case as closed with a satisfactory adjustment. With referf2nce to orocedure it would be office if when an investigator is detailed by the mart to make such inspeoLions, we might receive a her to asaist us in making our recom,eniations to Secretary of War.  very helpful to this Pennsylvania Departr written re-bort from the Office of the  SinceIely yours,  VVK/AL  Mary Van Kleeck, Director Woman in Industry Service.  r  \ CLASS OF SERVIfE SYMBOL Day Mesi.sge Ebiy Letter  Blue  ' Night Message  Nits  N L Night Letter co symbols If none of of (number check appear, after the words .this is a day message. Otherwise its character is indicated by the symbol appearing after the check.  WESTE TEL NEWCOMB CARLTON. PRESIDENT  c  UNION  c  rriff  A  „,  GEORGE W. E. ATKINS, FIR  ENT  ' CLASS OF SERVICE SYMBOL Day Message Day Letter  Ohm  Night Message  Nits  NL Night Latter If none of these three symbols appears aftr _she check number of words)this is My message. Otherwise Its character Is Indicated bythe symbol appearing after the cheek.  RECEIVED AT COMMERCIAL NAT'L BANK BLDG., 14th & 9 STS., N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. %.`,".1:;,'  14  A256.? 4i)GOVT CU PHILADELHIA PENN 1138 A 5 MISS VA/ZaEET  ,dowe't  CHIEF WOMENS SECTION DEPT OF LABOR SOUTHERN BLDG WASHINGTON DC 14) DANGER WILBUR VIOLATING LAW DO NOT WANT WOMEN WORK MCRE EIGHT AND HALF HOURS EMERGENCY ORDER WILL BE FINISHED TUESDAY NOON STOUT CHIEF TROUBLE MAIM Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  MALON KEIR, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  --  <,  LEW R. PALMER  MAJOR JOHN PRICE JACKSON  44 :  ACTING COMMISSIONER  COMMISSIONER ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE  -  WAR SERVICE  ,  COMMONWEALTH OF PILNNSYLVANIN  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND ENDITSTRY HARRISBURG  September seventeenth, Nineteen hundred and eighteen.  SUBJECT: Employment of Women Twelve Hours per Day on War Emergency Work, H. 0. Wilbur and Son, 235 North Third Street, Philadelphia, Penna. Miss Mary Van Kleeck, Director of Women in Industry, U. S. Department of Labor, Southern Building, Washington, D. C. My dear Miss Van Kleeck:Lieutenant Walter R. Stout, representing the nt, advised my office this morning by Departme Quartermaster's and Son, of Philadelphia, are Wilbur 0. H. telephone that Department an emergency ration aster's Quarterm packing for the that this next thirty days; the within d which must be complete who girls are working five now seventyabout firm has a force of this produce the to work within order in but eight hours per day, y that necessar ly these girls absolute be will specified time, it put in twelve hours a day, two hours in excess of the time allowed by the Pennsylvania Female Labor Law per day. Lieutenant Stout desires that special permission be granted to this firm to work their females twelve hours per day for the next thirty days and the nature of the work is packing chocolate which must be shipped to Armour and Company to be repacked with other rations for shipment over seas. We have wired H. 0. Wilbur and Son as per copy would appreciate anything you can do toward and attached hereto in the matter. decision prompt a g obtainin Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Yours very  ce e  Acting Commissioner.  rm  (TELEGRAPH COMPANY)  -13  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND INDUSTRY HARRISBURG. PA.  TELEGRAM VVAttg_tt. Unit/  C  2  P  Date SOpt. 17, 1913. Time sent 1:35 :),  Y  Postal 'Phoned e,ssenger  RUM= Llessrs. H. 0. .7 7ilbur and So., 235 N. Third St Philadelphia, Penna. Referring telephone conversation Lieut. *:.alter 2. Stout, thil, 7.1orning, suggesi you irr.).ediat,ely make appeal d_iroct,  ,soc, of  a  fc  term permit to employ women twelve hours per da:j. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Penns ,ri.vania Dept. Labor and Industry.  short- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR  &-4 tr%  7 y dielz1  77-eire  /2.  KA  LLsaC  aJm-‘1. ,  No. 203 Ed. 6-13-18-200,001  October 4, 1918.  Case, H. C. Wilbur ;3: Sons 235 N. 3rd , j'hiladelphia, Pa. RequefAfor  permiion to work  " ic!sers Trut arid "eterson Industrial A-telatiens  1rue Peterson )men kliax 12 nc,urs reccived Se, . 26 %lad 30  Interviewed 7r. 7.7cLean  Quartermasters Department.  fix. McLean thought the matter adjusted, had no written report from Dr. Kier but had spoken with him about it at a c.,,sual meeting in New fork On inuiry found that ma4or Rowensohn received telephone message this fLorning from Air. Stout (a buyer of chocoliite, etc.  for the 8overnment) demanding ,ermission for an 12  hour day. When Dr. Kier arrived he rei,orted that the matter had peen adjusted by the securing of more hel). contracts.  That the firm was not exclusively at work on war  Dr. Kier had de„)ended u2on foiss Siebert to report to Miss \ian Kleeck.  Will dictate his re)ort and Alail it this afternoon,  Will re:Jort later on his  interview with Major Rosensohn this afternoon, for if the firm claims the contract can not be colvleted by the 15th uf October a ixiority order can be issued. ordering ithew ur.  Ivoili eAclubiviy un Luvernment contract until order is filled. cLean slvised !.a.jor Posensohn of the fact that, us Dr.  Kier  W  leavinE for Thiladelphia today he would make investigation tomorrow. Sent tele6ram to Mr. :.)almer asking that Miss Siebert meet Dr. Kier in her !hiladelphia office 9:30 A.  Saturday 5th, if not ,ossible that same one  else frofil the State Department be detailed to do so. It is quite evident that in cases of this kind some one be detaileu lor follow uo work. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Dr. Kier will report to Miss van Kleeck tomorrow. Gr-P-C/7--  In. r  cf  f.E•T'Er,1C  h Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ibEt  t- )"•1  r.  y  t  L  '  DE_  in hr  October 8, 1'318.  From:  Mary Van Kleack, Director, Woman in Industry Service  To:  Major F. W. Tully, War Department  Subject:  Application of H. O. Wilbur & Son, 235 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. for permission to employ women at night.  On September 21st, Mr. John :•.1cLane of tha Quartermaster's Depart.aent, teleohoned us that Mr. Stout of the Quartermaster's Dept. regarded it as of urgent importanee that this plant should be permitted to employ woll.len 12 hours a day on an emergency order, packing chocolate for emargoncy rationa for the Army. We im;iediately arranged in conference with Dr. Fair that he would visit the plant on Monday, Setember 23rd with an investigator to be assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and determine how some other adjustment, such as the employment of woen on two 8 hour shifts or two 6 hourauhifts might not result in :i.ore satisfactory proluction than a 12 hour day. On Saturday, Sept. 22nd, we telephoned this inforiLation to Mr. L. R. Palmer, Acting Commissioner of Labor in Pennsylvania, who arranged to have Miss Siebert of his Department deet Dr. Keir on Sept. 23. Coy of the report by Dr. Keir dated Oct. 4th. Is attached. Subsequently it was informally reported to us that a satisfactory adjusLont nad been made b-ut on Oct. 4th, tLe matter wa.e. again brought to our attention by Major Rosensohn and Miss Peterson uf our office conferred wtth you and oith Mr. ,1 014„no reearding it. Arrangexants were made for Dr. Keir and Miss Seibert to visit the plant on Oct. 5th and on Oct. ?th, a telegram was received from Dr. Keir stating: "No danger Wilbur violating law. Do not want women work more eight and half hours. Emergency order will be finished Taamlay noon." This irformation is sent you in order to complete the record Evidently no further action is necessary at this time. office. your in Sincerel  rTric. 'AVK/AL Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Mary Van Kleeck, Direc,,or Wo(tan in Industry Service.  October 4, 1018. 'emorandum Fromi  Miss Peterson  To:  Miss Van Kleeck  Albject:  For reference to the War 1,...bor Board Request of H. 0. Wilbur 6c Son, 235 N. Third, Philadelphia, for , ermisAon to emoloy aornn twleve hours a day.  Intorvicwed: In co-ny rith Mi_s True, Wqr Lbor Poliojes Board. Mr. McLem, Industrial Relations uartermasters Dept. Dr. Kier Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Date of re(fuett, September 30, 1918. Mr. McLean thought the matter adjusted, had no written report from Dr. Kier but had sdoken with him about it at a casual me tine in New York. On inquiry found that Major Rowensohn received telethon° this morning from Er. Etout (a buyer of chocolate, etc. for the governTtent) demanding ,)ermission for an 12 hour day. When Dr. Kier arrived he reported that the matter had been adjusted by the -.ecuring of more help. That the firm Was not exclusively at work on war contracts. Dr. Kier had deended upon Miss Siebert to report to Miss V n Kleeck. Will dictate his report and mail it this afterno n. Will later on his interview with Major Rosensohn this afterno:n, for if the firm claims the contract cannot be com ,leted by the 15th of October, a riority order c,n be issued ordering them to work exclu.Avely on government contract until order is filled. Mr. McLean advised Major Hosensohn of the fact that as Dr. Kier was going to Philadelhia he ould lo,k into the matter. Wired Mr. Palmer asking that Miss Siebert meet Dr. Kier .n her 2hiladelphia office 9!30 A. m. Saturd -.y 5th, if not possible that some one else from the State 1- )e,artment be aetaiied to uu 60. It is quite evident that in cases of this kind soille one should be detailed for follow up work. Dr. Kier will rei)ort to L iss Van Kleeck tomorrow. In reference Siebert re-ply is toteffect that she will be in her office in Iiladelphia 9:30 tomorrow morning.  COPY FOR :I SS  OCT I.  KLLEK.  230.14 OB IR Oeteber 5th, 1918.  Dr. ::aloolm Yeir, Industrial ,elatioAs 3rancu, ',AP] Dtvri Vaj. 3. J. BosekSehm4 Office of the Seerstary of  ar, ..ashington.  11bur Choc. Co., in delivering cakes of chocoDelinquency of 11.0.1, late fbr emergency rations. Whea the first ardor to harry the deliveries of emerrency 1. rations *us pit before the 11.0.0rillmer Sens 0o., of Philadelphia, two things prevented the bmmodiate compliance with the request from t!:e Subeletenoe In the first pla,144 the company did not have suffioient moulds Division. to materially imerease their prodaetion and secondly the force of wrappers Athin the was not larRe enough to keep pose with an enhanoed output. the OW/1. and last month the first of these diffieulties has been overcome pony now has in its possession enough hmoulds to turn out 180,000 cakes of shoeolate per dewy a number sufficient to permit Armour JLCo., to product 60,000 rations per day, the number necessary to comply with General Pershing.. request. 2. The second difficulty, however, still rooains unsolved. rr. Walter :Mout, representing the 2ubsistenco Ptvisian, attempted to help this situation by flour devices: First, by talking to the employees to arouse their patriotism se Si to stimulate production. Secohd, the commandeering of employees from other chocolate plant. In the cit of itliedalphla. Third, rememinn: sale of tIte work of rraming to Oompanies doing similar work in other lines, pourth„ Appealing to sash voluntary organisations as the Mr. Stout aseurod Dr. Wilbur that these efforts would Alorgomay Aid Aides. wad therefore Dr. i1bur himself took no steps required result prod*** the After three weeks, Mr. Hotchkins, one emergency. the to iltatever to arise firm, reports as fellow's The the In executives of the throe principal was entirely negative, because of speeches by workers effort to stimulate had been left to Yx. stimulation of natter the If Mr. Otout's manner. production would have been the greater that me Hotehkine himself he assures of 7,2'. stout's conseouence the as Om* Malt thin has actually taken in the plants resulted other The cormandoering of labor from spesehee• of tm when Company, the introduction of only four employees to the Wilbur company claims are of vary little vnlue. On this point, too, :"r. gotobkime claims that if the matter had been left to him the fraterml feeling and general goed will whieh exists between the chocolate firms of Aliladelphia would hews enabled him by his personal influence to have obt'ined many more Thr. Volunteers, fourteen in ember, tho workers of such bettor quality. were of course totally maosnstemed to :Aues, Aid came from the Dargemey of the fourteen have provsa tv.,terT'elve faetory conditions and practice. Only two f tnem have made good in at sense, ly unfit for the occupation. So it v'ouid seem that Ir. Stout's efforts to increase the labor force have been without mmeh 7:maetiaal result. 3. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Another method by which 'r. Stout expected to obtaiD greater  production was to employ the women engaged in wrapping for a greater The past working hours have been but eight length of time per day. hours and VT. jtout's proposal was to get permission from the State emerauthorities and also from the Secretary of War undo* the existing exwith Anyone day. gency to employ the women for twelve hours per perience in factory operations of a character similar to that involved In this dame is very well aware that the employment of people for greater The job is so excessively hours does not result in larger output. wearisome and exceedingly monotonous that nine hours is the extreme Of course for a period of two (.)r three limit of human endurance. days people could work for the longer hours and perhaps gain an increase in production, but to be employed for a space of a month or longer at ipposite from that exactiL7 , would have lb result , twelve hours a daexpected, namely, a decrease rather than an increase. This has been the exl)erience in Enp;L, na during the ar 4. and it is attested by long years of oractice and many attempts at longer hours without result in this country, so this scheme of getting greater production by in3reasinc7 the working hours seems entirely impraoticaele. Mr. Fotohkins guarantees that if the matter be left in 5. his hands he will immediately, from the present working force, get an Increased production of 25%, and that within the next three weeks he will each day bring up the production until at the end of that period the reHe guarartees that he ean se uired 180,000 cakes per day is reached. . the efforts of the QuarterSince output. cure the labor and will get the t e results appreciabl without weeks mnster Corps so far have taken three would seem desirable to give Mr. Hotchkins the chance to operate his own plant in his own way without interference or advice from any Division of the ;ar Department. In a previous letter the writer suggested that the dilbur 6. girls then working on civilian contracts for Governemploy mad OompaAy A visit to the plant on Saturday, octeber 5th, showed instead. ment work taker this step and at that tile there were already had company that the for civilian contracts. chocolate wrapping no girls employed In the emergency now existing the company has changed its 7. policy of the eight hour day to one of eight and a half hours and finds that this is the limit for employment of MUM with efficiency. The contract on which the original delinquency arose was S. to have been finished last Friday, October 4th. '.2he coyar,s2ty found it impossible to complete it at that time because tjle serious epidemic of influenza which has 'wept over Philadelphia has taken 61 of their 450 employees out of the sho:;) and has attacked all but on of the executive officers. However, this contract was finished on. Tuesday, (,etober 8th. The company now has two new contracts, one for 1,505,000 cakes and the other one for 1,500,000. They will begin wor!c on th,.-,m immediately.  (Dr. MK:VC Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Keir) LAt',0J.: EXPERT.  Addris; reply ts CIJARTERMASTEll GENERAL Wuhinatot. D. C-  WAR DEPARTMENT  V.  OFFICE OF THE  us  Anew:. Refer to File No._  230.14 CE IR  QUARTERMASTER GENERAL OF THE ARMY  WASHINGTON.  October 4th, 1918 No: From:  Acting „,uartermaster General.  To:  Miss Van Kleek, Chf. Women in Industry Division, of the Department of Labor, Southern Bldg., Washington.  Subject:  Concerning employment of women in the 171.2kgcaLesielakt_22,41___ in an emergency contrary bo State Law.  Upon my arrival in Philadelphia on Monday, September 23rd, I 1. immediately got in touch with Miss Siebert, of the Pennsylvania State She and I went to the Wilbur Chocolate Co., where Department of Labor. He informed us that alwe had a conference with Dr. Wilbur, its head. though he had orders from Mr. Stout, a buyer of chocolate and chief of that procurement °ranch of the Subsistence Division that buys chocolate, to operate his factory at the fullest capacity, that action had not been taken up to the time of Miss Siebert's and my visit. So there had been no actual violation of the State Law. When Miss Ziebert and I went through the plant we found that 2. there were two places where more workers were needed to get out the emergency rations within the time directed by General Pershing. These operations were: (1) The wrapping of the cake of cnocolate in tin foil The settling of warm choand packing the wrapped cakes in boxes. for unskilled, uncalled operation Tne first colate in the moulds. requirements were deftness and cuicktrained woman workers, whose chief The second, since it involves the moving of fifty pound trays ness. at waist level from one bench to another bench at the same level, made necessary tne employment of extra-strong women of the stolid type. In order to comply with Mr. Stout's demand for speed the company felt that it needed Lb more "wrappers" and 10 "settlers." Miss Siebert and I then went to the U.S.Dnployment office, the 3. woman's section, where I gave a talk to all of the women who were in the office at the time seeking employment,with the result that several lass Siebert and I then made the rounds of the applied for positions. employment offices and also went to such volunteer organizations as the "Emergency Aid Aides", Telephoning to the company late in the afternoon we found that applications had come in from all of these sources. Since I had to leave Philadelphia on Tuesday morning I left the matter in Miss Siebert's hands and I do not know that has happened since that time. HOW everi I intend to go to Philadelphia this evening at 5 o'clock and will take tne matter up with Miss Siebert and the Wilbur Chocolate Company the first thin on Saturday morning, October 5th. Before leaving Washing-ton I will have a consultation with Major Rosensohn so that I may know the exact legal grounds and proceedings proper in this case.   V..; Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Sincerely, (Dr. Malcolm Keir) Industrial Relations Branch, CLOTHING & EZ1PAGE DIVISION.  In Answer Refer to File No. _ a •  WAR DEPARTMENT  •  OFFICE OF THE QUARTERMASTER GENERAL OF THE ARMY. WASHINGTON.  230.14 CE IR  October 4th, 1918.  (Miss Van Kleek)  I may add to the foregoing letter that while passing P.S. through the v4rapping department I observed that the company had a large force of girls at work upon its own civilian orders, in fact it was my i pression that there were more girls wrapping If "Buds" than -;:ero emPloyed upon tie Emergency Ration cake. ent tne Governm that me to seems it point a serious matters come to to them enforce to company tne upon bear to e could bring pressur turn the girls they already have in their factory from work of a purely private nature to work for the public good.  ,/,taiexre„)7. 77,1VC Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis