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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



October 22, 19111.


Wry Anderson, Assistant Director.


Miss Van Kleeck, Director of Woman in Industry Service.


Visit to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, October 7th and 8th.


Urgent ea11 from Mrs. Cox, member L.: the In-Lustrial
Commission of Ireilena and Mr. Bell,Orgartze,r for the
Central Labor Union, Ft. Wayne, saying that there was
great unrest among the women workers and that there
was ianger of a strike.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Talked with Mr. Bell* about the general situation and
agreel to attend the meeting of the telephone girls
that evening.

They fad a very well attended meeting

and I spoke to them of Lhe Government standards as
affecting the telephone service.

Told them about Mr.

Burleson's appointment of a wage cF,almission of which
Miss Julia 01 Conn,r is a member.

She is the President

of the Boston Telepnone Operators' Union.
Telephone girls in Ft. Wayne receive wages ranging
from thirty five to forty dollars ($35440) a month.
They work eight Uours.
Visited Miss Madden of the U. S. Nhployment Service.
She informed we thet some of the firms started the
girls as low as 43.13 an no.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Visited General Electric Coal)any, employees between
400 and 5C0,1/Working hours from seven in the morning
to five-thirty in the evening, with one hour for lunch.

over time three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday,

and_Fri.iay nights.

They work straight from one o'clock

to eight o'clock without time for lunch.

The work is

mostly piece work-, is said to make from ten a
week up.
Hour work ni(Leteen ($.19) cents per hour.


lifting 22 pounds continuously. 1:10111 women
men's places.

The women sweeping get $.27 an hour.

Men formerly got $.36 an hour.

Building 1Lotcrs,

women starting at $.19 an hour, men
getting $.45 an
Attended the Union meeting of the
girls in the e.-ening
and spoke to them.
this to say:
imp,.rtant roll

Ft. Wayne Journal and Gazette


"In her talk Miss Anderson explained the
that the women are playing in the

world war, and urged all tiose
present to do their
utmost toward the supnort of the Govern
ment during
these strenuous times of war, and
also explained to
those present just what the Govern
ment requires of
the women of the country.

The women present were much

aroused by the talk and all were enthused
in their
desire to be of service to the country."
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Edison Lamm Company:

Branch of the General Electric

This plant does rostly piece work, women

starting at $.15 an hour.

Did not visit this plant, was

told the working conditions were very poor, one of the
worst in the city and the foreman very abusive.

Boss Glove Company:

2Cr girls employed,working hours

Piece work system.

up to $15.00.

Can aake from $8.00 a week

Hour work, $.16 an hour.

Perfection Biscuit Company:


55 a week.

From 100 to 150 girls.

Paid for 60 hours if working full

Paid $.13 an hour but while I was there

firm raised the hour work to $.15.

Miss Madden of the

Employees Service told me the plant conditio7is


The Wayne Knitting Mills employing
about 300 girls.
Working conditions said to be very
place of the city.

Is the show

Could not visit the factory because

the Italian soldiers were being entert
ained there that