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e  rc  M jr)4)).(( Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  tA (31 C>CZ-S  Go /T-eFF  (-0, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DEPARTMENT OF LABOR  No.20.3 Ed.6-13-18-200,000 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  QD2C'7:••  ATTACHED HERETO ARE  .PAPERS  •  es."  BRANCH 1094 MONTH  1 1  DAY  HOUR CLARA M. TEAD WOMEN'S BRANCH 1 0 INDUSTRIAL SERVICE SECTION  ( Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  J.7K:  for .:11L2E1  —t.eck  • 1-  t ,  ;Of-C..1.5w ,  tor'  •L.,  111 1i  LiA'; c4tt&31.4.4. 3opy .1,L; imilted to ;!or n'r Byanoh to La me co 410 e th om fr (lot poem ajvii.;u of. u lettf4 ctRted. t Itanoh in tTi - ) tiv o. tlJ .. e re rp Irortlpr;,t1-fn ' , Le f1 ti for citt,le t pt tn Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ammunimmiimil  •  Oat. -Oth;  ' ,ibex lotto Niro, • wow.  tirmieh, InA as tr *  irvLe ..eet to •  az,. Clara Ak• Toad, lireetor. Aosonge 31"atiott. tAustrisi -eve:we 1 gtan, Iteetion„ 6414 Lilit. TAII  141 1, ANT &  rrit U4AiY.  oevoral cassia nit r toms mpoalf r erted I. both tho Oestisontal /Men Company :me, the Joftsr.e. itt these Late. °swam fn. the ,,;endle Woos *xis tin * Thi costincataL notate k;enpani gate no ordsoass 2• contracts, bat is °Apse' on work for the uartermastor ikepait• sent. / tea& this as, with Major Wilma of the taact1rmaste4 besa4laest in We Aoistriot mad rosoLved a report from him to the *Met that the floiLiktise o the Continental. Meters Comp, poar aro staple wid that therm to so season as eeeplaiat• ram000 however are se imeisteat and fro% Sash Wriei a ..raos that I aa sure he mast be foes grounds •:or thea• 1. Doss it ask* sag I ifforseao La erg invostigatio.s twat they are not searetaoturbg either Orate/28o or Aireratt protests* it is neeossari for mi In tilts 4. oaths, fr rOl the Oliat ustion Lotter introd mive a a peeiel in 3rise to sates any ments impart SO the Alreraft r Jrtnasito V(is letter firms smears to plant. It La invoesible for ;so Nesciet ar the or MA, *Italic Ur. Swett* of the Opiammee y, sisso it is nit Coninot Aittarait fir Um) Contiseatei Soloire tikiiia tt I shcaU Latta*. It you still vadatt.ejzjra investigate this -artloular .piaalk, will yea so* that I have a letter ft), Ionhy,ngtoa alitt.aalskpg so to got the data The Jafferribeiwitt Company is *nevelt oil cab. 04. eantraot or for the Orin/wee Ispertment se hat I will be able to send yea a so art an Ulla ri rit in a hi. lass• I wish to sat 'au at tAa tile whoShor ear 6. wirra reilaiarll takes ve I to oub-e4fitraot seganimattoas 411, Art.  1VS  ClikiJialiti Sliver r Lao:, wan's Watch. theustria .3,/srvie• .3•011110* Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  October 25, 1918.  section, Ordnance  freib  limas branch, Industrial Dept  T's  Kee Chsliette Hine, Saporrileor, Ilkomie District Mrdnanoe Office, Detroit. Milhissa.  4erviee  ilbjeets  1.  S.  We are informed tilat complain* arge halm mkt Omit the *auditions in the Contiassial Motor* Capatay Plant• it. also im the Jeffery.Deritt COMpeAr Plant. at Detro This suerter hes bow rotorrod how th• office el the the aisrstaly of War, load it has Woo requested thot e Offic n** Ordai ict Distr Wawa* Drench of the Dotroit the to molt and as the aeossecry isarectigatione, Dirsitar of the Winans Dreaoh. kits. Mora K. Teed, as goes as possibl•• gaM 21149- Winn& MIIP:43 BRAM, INIXISTRIAL SNRYIett =NON, ORMAN c;1" /APT.  011111111011 7. MM. Line  car Department iyhs!ington October 18, 1918  From: ?o:  . . TniLy.  Depart  Major B.H. Gitchell, Ordnance Departrlent, Chief of Industrial z)ervice oection, Aircraft Production. Complaint of conditions in the Continental Lotors Company anti the JefferyDe'Att Company.  :cmaan in Inttry 6ervic of th Departm-nt of La.hor calls attntinn to cr.-,nitiors which are comAained of in th lantc, of the Contirertel Idotorc omm.ny the Jeffry-De'lltt i:ompf- n7 D.eAroit, Micbi' n. Van Ileec ir!qrireo 7ther yor, will be willing to :lave Zinc charlotte Ave :our district o;Tioe at Detroit make a report of the conditions comrlained and if yoll authorize such r-port to be male, ;f you. will let ilave a copy. I am rOvieinp Axe Van Zeeck that the atr hat 17.n referrerl to 7on, snl I 'll advise her on receipt of your remly. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  (Agned)  Tully, Y'ajor, Ord. Detaile to the office of the hecretary of  WAR  DEPARTMENT,  WAS H I N GTO N.  October 18, 1918.  From:  War Department, Ilajor F. W. Tully  To:  Miss Mary Van Maack, Director, Woman in Industry Service.  Subject:  Complaint of conditions in the Continental Motors y. Cormany and the Jeffery-Dewitt Compan _  I have referred your inquiry concerning complaint of tt conditions at the jontinental Motors Company and the Jeffory-Dewi that ting sucL7es ll, GitChe Company at Detroit, Michigan, to Major :iss Hind be delegated to make this report, and that a copy of the report, if made, he sent to you. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  F. W. Tully, Major, Ord. U. S. A. Detailed to Office of Secrotary of War.  October 18, 1918.  From:  War Department, liajor F. W. Tully  To:  YAsa :lam. Van Xleeek, Director, Vonan in Industry Service.  Subject:  Complaint of °conditions in the Continental notors Comnany and the Jeffery-Dowitt Company.  •  I have referred your inquiry concerning complaint of conditions at the Continental notors Company and the Jeffery-Dewitt Co-pany at Detroit, 7ichiqan, to najor aitchell, suclestin that 'Ass Hind be delegated to makn this report, and that a coly of the report, if made, be sent to you. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ". Tully, rrd. U. S. A. tailed to Office of Seorotary of 74r.  tem  C  rte:isrit.  •  .1,  r, V iyl. Ant it C1T1 dI'Lr' J 1-1 :  in !ft,::  ntry i  -A. 1. i r ,n ..),,z,..)ervii?or in the .i'IcYaent3 bri.nch jt tt : the. t. '...jetro it Diat.rlct ffice, reprt1r', ci i Go,:„)!Irri. the fir.-..;t, ilotors lertlent for whict: t.h ork. T Cori in 'j Nei ?1:).nt. I drodueim...:, i6 riot rt7-3ent. Or?, liction of the .Lny orif.:' in cri ..rde I- the .3ho di Corpd to who,8 jou 00 1i1int„) rarer it h Lht) the••noe Dev,rtment to 416, iiine The 'Yon in In3try ,:ervico woul -)f the re:Ruit' .,f L'%-) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  the -tit. • I.  jut- L.--  i!. t.1 o rz.forr:.):? If nJt, ,ectior Li 10,1 ...ervice z tni It'port7 of the r.,--iport  Mry LArt Kleecit o LArletor, Woman in In4ustry  EET•-••-•11  TELEPHONE  CADILLAC 7680  WAR DEPARTMENT DETROIT DISTRICT ORDNANCE OFFICE INDUSTRIAL SERVICE SECTION  BOOK BUILDING  Sept. 13th, J.8. DETROIT, MICH.,  From: To:  Subject: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ce Section. Miss Charlotte Hine, Women's Branch, Industrial Servi iiss Mary Van Kleeck, women in Industry Service, Department of Labor, Washington, D.C. PLANT CONDITIONS.  It has been reported to me that 1. conditions in two of the plants in Detroit, namely the Continental Motors Company and the Jeffery-Dewitt Company are very bad and need looking after. I find that the Continental gnal Corps work and Motors is engaged on the Jeffery-Dewitt Company on a sub-contract from the Champion iiipark Plug Company of Toledo, Ohio, so that they do not fall directly within my jurisdiction. If you would like to have me make an investigation for your Division, I would be glad to do so.  CH/B  146u„ Cun LOTTE HIN 's Branch, , Supervisor, :iomen Industrial Service Section.