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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  sa7Nocre.1 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  August 30, 1918. Idabelle Stevenson, Industrial Service Section, A.strict. ,omen's Ernnch, Industrial Service 2ection, 'omen's Branch, Jrdnlnce Office, '.,ishinton, D. C. Visit to (Alrasive Co., Bridesburg,  LIIRJECT:  Aug.  191e.  "I IT  1.  Mrs. Johnston of U. S. Smployment Service 'It Frankford phoned ' nlInt asking representative of Tamenos Branch to go throuL with her re introauction of women. Mrs. Johnston herself was iked to come to pinmt by Mr. Sellers, emplorAent manager. • Mr. Byers- General Manager Mr. Ruppel- Assistnnt , orks Manager (Mr. Sellers faile, to keep appointment with Mrs. Johnston) 3.  I0NTRACT3 14) direct Jrdnance contracts. Mr. Byers says pra(Ai3nlly n.11 y of their w .rk is sub -contract government wori= •‘nd. 11)!-roximatel grindcure A.,anufa ts. 54 is on work used on •Jrdnance oontrac ing wheels.  -•  TE0-13CTIOT to Mr. Byers says they are slaw on all production, due chiefly l. materia shortaze or 1-bor and partly to difficulty in obtaining ef kinds -'roduct essential to war industries. Manufacture three rinding wheels, difrerentiated by kind of bond used, clay, shell or rubber.  ). Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  SALI:rrT-ATIIR71S A. 'orkinr.; ?orce ZOO men (ppproximately) 12 women Labor 'supply drawn chiefly from Frankford Astrict. B. Lurs 9 hourvday for men and women 12.45- 4.45 PA. 7 Lai,- 12 M. 50-hour week Women started at 351 per hour.  August 30, 1918.  Abrasive Co. -2-  C. ?1,4nt Conditions Modern brick structure. Tot crowded- nnture of work necessarily dusty- extensive exhnust system installed. good light and ventilation. Due to fact that pl-nt manufactures three kinds of wheels of different sizes 17ork, is varied, involving handling of wheels, weightm; from k lbs. to 30 or 40 lbs. Jccupations an which romen ire eralloyed 1. Filling molds 2.,„; wheels 3. Molding semi-circmlir forms 4. Feeding crusher 5. Filling bags Tamen qre scattered troik;hout pinat on these single processes. - ork :Arty nd uninteresting. Then vor, fill lqrge molds or 15-4,3, lifting is done by men. 6. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  11Trr,71- t"'Tfrr TrIT MP. FUPP/11. re introduction of women in greater rue-(-7Tiave everienced difficulty ir keeping women. ?ossibility of using -Tproximately thirty women an above n-imed processes under the following provisions: (1) rlipt women be carefully selected to insure a heavy, rather phlegmetic type (2) That Women be carefully followed up after being put to work to sec that they are not attempting work beyond their strength :Ind that a matron or forewoman be placed in charge of all women thrauhont pl-nt (3) That suittle uniforms be provided for women and (4) That adequate rest and toilet facilities be installed. Present toilet facilities crowded and inaccessible to pirts of pl'=nt where women are workinf;.  IDABT:LLE 31.11 30fi Women in Industry Branch