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The full text on this page is automatically extracted from the file linked above and may contain errors and inconsistencies. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  19 1, h.$)RAL  REPRESENTING LABOR  REPRESENTING EMPLOYERS  FRANK J. HAYES  FRANK P. WALSH WILLIAM H. TAFT JOINT CHAIRMEN  LOYALL A. OSBORNE C. E. MICHAEL  ADAM WILKINSON. ALTERNATE W. L. HUTCHESON  WM. HARM AN BLACK FREDERIC N. JUDSON VICE CHAIRMEN  J. W. MAFSH, ALTERNATE W. H. VAN DERVOORT H. H. RICE, ALTERNATE  T. M. GUERIN, ALTERNATE THOMAS J. SAVAGE  W. JETT LAUCK, SECRETARY  WM. H. JOHNSTON, ALTERNATE  B. L. WORDEN  VICTOR A. °LANDER  C. A. CROCKER, ALTERNATE F. C. HOOD JOHN F. PERKINS, ALTERNATE  MATTHEW WOLL, ALTERNATE  NATIONAL WAR LABOR BOARD WASHINGTON  IN REPLY REFER TO DOCKET  APR 8  T. A  RICKERT JOHN J. MANNING, ALTERNATE  1910  No.  7, 1919.  Miss Mary VanKleeck, Director Woman in Industry '_•,ervice, Department of Labor. • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  My dear :Lass Van;:leeck I regret the delay in answering your Iras caused you no letter of the 24th ultimo, and here that it n with Miss cooperatio I believe that through inconvenience. but desired, you Christman you have already obtained the data records our that I want to take this opportunity of assuring you very glad. to have are open to you at any tin), and we shall be connection witi you use them whenever tie occasion arises in your work. Yours ye ry truly,  B.