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REALTY M.-\1' Of ST• PAUL, lIIltffiSO:i:A.

Designntior.& of the Grades of Security upon tha attached mp &ooording
to the l•gond appee.rinc; thereon. represents the composite judement of' the
following authorities on St. Paul real eGtate:
Joseph C. Barta, of Barta & Rohleder., President of' the
St. Paul Real Est~te BoardJ ~eaber, Board of Governora
l~ortgac;e Bonkers of: Amorica.J Correspondent for Aetna,

Connecticut General and Phoenix L'utual Life Insurance
Co:.apanie s •
Joseph N. Reinbold, Real ' Eetn.te • 't! Loan e.t?.d
Insure.nee ns.n of St. Faul for the last S7 years ..
Paul E. Bro~r., l:a?lacer of Real Estato i'or tho vact interests.

t Gilbert, Rol'.l ;-;Gto;~e a.nd
P.1ul for t.he ln.::;t -11 years.

? • H. Gilbert, of Gilbert

Hortgnr,e Loan man of


Den E. Lmle , £or 52 yso.r s v. r.enl





~ stu.te ;_~::>rtgcr,c


R. H. Thomasen or Clapp•Tho:nssen Co., P.enl o.nd
Building I-!a?w.~enent firm, o.cti"lo in St. Po.ul . c-inco
Peter J • Schulte, President, E. ll. l; TI. r. ·,·:aro,
rato.te ar..d i:ortcnr;e Lo..'m :7iro, Correspondents for
Travelers Insure.nee Conpany.
John Scott., President., r!innosote. Federal Snzin~;s Qlld

Loan Sscociation.
E. J. Dodge, State Service Sup8rviaor~ Hono 0-.mors•
Loan Corporntion.1



Ernest .!loffet, State Appraisor ~ Ilo!!'.o {);more• Loan




This ·a rea is ccmposed of sinr;le one and
story homes of brick, frabo
. and etuooo with atuoeo predor1inv.ting.. The majority of oocupcntc are
.AJ,!oricc.n born inhabitants, mostly mo1•chn.nts ancl. professional men. The
age o~ these homa ran~es f'ron five to ten years o.nd 7o.luee range fr<lml
;>~500 to ~7500. Depreointion frma 1929 to 1933 fiG about 4o;.; with e.
recovery .f'r0tt 2o;~ to 26~~.. Ho~eo rent in thio -vicinity s.t approximately
(10 .. .)60 i,.r month., To the west ia the Str.te Grounc1a and Agrioul-

tural Colleg• or the University or Hinnesota.. The district is a
desirable one. A district im; north is now de?eloping outside
the city lmits and le now being put into ahape for sewera~e Md •~ter.
Ho::l!.8 Ownership ie 86~. Tiouses are in good condition.

In general, thia district ie tho best residentie.l one in the city ot
Paul. HO!!:BB here range in price from ~4 ,250 to (;50·~000, the larber
and better hones being on and adjacent to the Mississippi River Boulevard



st. Clair street to Randolph street. The are

or homes

in thie

district r&nge fraJ!J. ten to 20 years, the newer de,rolop:ment taking ploee

aouth of St. Clair Street.

Business e.nd ~rofessioD..9..l rien oon~riee the

vast majority of inhnbite.nts. Seventy five percent of the ho'CSS are
owner ocoupied. Stucco ?redominatss with one and two story houses., altlloUf,h
there is a t;rent deal of brick bein~ used in the oonstruotion durL~c
the past ten years. Rents range frOP. ~:~O to f,100 per month. Tho di~trict
in r,eneral has i'ir claes housea nhioh e.ra vory well kopt up and very
little reconditioning io neoeaso.ry. tepreciation ill the le.rr,er ru:!d noro
expe11sive ho~.1er., frOl!l 1929 to 19SS, }-,...s.o been SS;: to 50;~ reeo-.ery of
no-t more than l~~~ In the sa.ller type of hone the d.epI-aci~tion hac
been between 3o;; nnd 35~; with a recovery of betr.son 15::~ and 2QJ. To the
extreme southeast on Synciico.te • Tiillctest, i:lohle.ntl and tl~e Ford Road>
"Now Hcll".es. Ino.n. he.Te built 24 housos durins the post year, prices ranr;i'.'1g from {,12 .. soo to :j22 ,ooo.

'i"nie area. is principally occupied by professicne.l r:~,sr.. 'l'he avera£C ago
of homas is 25 years, Tl:is is one of the older seotio71S of t.hc city.

Stuooo. brick anci t'rau::9 oonstruct:!on with frrune preclominating) hoEes hero ,rell maintained a..'ld ranee in r>rioe frOQ ~5000 to ...-15 0 000. 'I.'hor(I)
soi!ie ~ultiple dwellings and some apcrt!nents. Depreoietion har~ lu\a b~en
quite hea.vy, e.pproxi, 3te ly 50i! with little or no reo overy duo .to the typt,
of home• These houses are t-n,o and 2½ etory, old type llhieh o.ra very
difficult to sell on tho !•mrkot tod!ly,. 1·hey ere ooou.?ied by the old, W(Jo,lthy
st. Paul £amlios, hor.18 ownership being u.bout 80;·;.


The inhabitants or this area are salo.riecl, business an1 proreosioml :men.
lio~s range in price i'rom ~4000 to ~10,000. Stucoo predo:ei.lntos vrith so~&
brick aDd fr~ eonatruotiOll. Renting fron f40 to t60 at present, these
hones depreoia.ted 35~; to 40~: VIith a recovery or 151: to 20;-~. Thia district

has a rather poor approach on o.oaount of hnving to pass throuch the

industrial district both to the southeast and the west. E:o!".sB range in
age £roil., 15 to 20 yat.u"s. Considerable reconditioning is zoquired in the
older houses in t>i3 neighborhood. Home Ol't!lerahi!) :!s GO;;. i11e i'avorallle
features are Lake Co50 and Col!lo Park to tho we


A.;..5. : Thia area is the best residentie.l district on the aide of st .. Paul.

· 3ucinoes and ~rofessional


of Scandin~vinn descent live here.


01•mer occupa~y is 80p. · The price ranr;e iei frori v4000 to $15 ,COO and tha
a.c;e ranges fro.i one to 16 years. SoM new construction is umlor vray in
thie dil'triot a.t the present time. lt'.$ntals rnnss ;:)-om l;35 to ~GO,. .An
undesirable feature o~ the property io that the eouth and west are on
the don grade althouc;h i t ie atill dedre.ble. There ie
£air demand for
proporty in this e.rca and depreofo.tion ho.s not been as excessive e..f.i in


other A grades and has been approxi~.!l.tely 3~ to 35% with reoovery of
15% to 20-;.

The favorable f'eatures are l'he len i.'ark and Golf Lillks to

the east as well ae Lake Phalen.

'.ihie i8 a amll desirable reddentinl dist.riot on the weet side of st.
Paul si-tuo.ted on a high bluff adjaoant to Cherol.."ee lleights Park. It i8
oocupied largely by professional Jnen nnd salaried and busi:1ess men. 'lhe
predominating homes aro one and two etory stuoeo and brick. SQl!!,8 homes
here are 40 years of ae;e and are of f'rrulie eonstruotion. The prioos ranze
i'rom $i000 to v8500 in this area. Considernble reconditioning ie nooessary.
Depreciation is 40,; and recovery 10%. It is 00;~ ollller ocoupied. Rentalc
ra.nge tron ~35 to f60, ~35 in the older hon:;a ~d 060 in the n'-'~r lv,~s.
SOJ;?e of the new hoties here h.e.-n been buil~ m.tt_1in tho past eaven or eicht The favorable aspecto uro that this bluff overlooks the !ii8oissippi
River a.nd the ilin..11csota River Valley and is adjacent to the downto,m dis-

trict e.nd has quick tr&nsportation.


This substantial district is oooupied by ht.. sinoss 11 profeasionnl and UniversH,-y

prote~sors and employe6s of tho University of l~innesota.


Prioos here rMse

and ar~ fl'on ~;36 to :;60. Some apo.::.·t:;i.enta and
duplexes are in this area which rent probably 6;:., to 10;~ lower· thar.. homos.
Buildings in thls district range fron five to 40 ye&rs in ac,e. ~. .~o story
i'r~ construction predcmino.tea -.rith some brick and stucco. PropBrty vo.luos
here have declined approxi!:.l9.tely 36% and the recovery hs.s been a bout 16;~.
i'he Offlar oocupanoy is fror.r 75~; :to ao;;. rts £0.vor11ble features aro · its
&djacentcy to the Agricultural College on the east and Unhrersity of !lirineco-'c.o.,
Uid-.y lr:.duetri&l Dietr-ict an~ tho City o~ Minneapolis on the •st. This
is kno"Rll a.e a high type neighborhood for ·the ir.tellectMl olnsa m10 dei,ive
their income fro~ the University of 1lim2$sota ana. ~he Agrioultural College.
i'rOI\ (;.3500 to


This district condsta 0£ moderate pricee rra!!'.s houses, sci:::.oe r.tucco:, locc.ted
adjacent to the State Fair Grounds northwest of the City with e. price re..n[;e
or :i,3600 to ~7000 a:ad renti!!g from ,.,30 -to ~::so por nonth. Duei1iesr. ta.en and
salaried :nen, oontractors and orai'ts1een comprise the TJajority of inhabitants.
the owner occupancy is 60~ • the depreciation {Oj:, with a recovery of 15~.
Heco~ditioning ill neceas~ry to a considerable extent. The oldest pa.rt oi
this district is in the extre.!!8 south and south of Co::i.o Avenue• the ncnr
pa.rt ia in tile north. Its .tavoraole i'eo.tures are Coao Park to the earl and
the Golf Course to tho northeast.


Thil dietrict is known as the ila.inline District with rqng from one to
40 yous, the majority 0£ h<,meB being built within the 20 years. The

inhabitants of th~s district are business, profeesional, salaried and le.boring
people. Sixty percent are OW11&r oocupied. Cons1dorable reconditionin~ 1s
necessary. L!entt.le fron t30 to ",50. The depreoiation ie 40-~ with a
reoovery ot 15~; to 20%.. In the blocks both we:/~ e.nd oaet of Snelling on
Bnitt, Wesley and llinnehe.h& the older hooes in the district. rhe railway
shopa of the Northern Paeif'1o and the coke plrnt are adjaeent to the northeaat

corner of this e.rea. t·:-:,.is bei11g an undosirnble roaturo of this
particular Mstriot. 'l'ho deeirublo features are its e:r.oellent tronsporte:!i:lon facilities ru1d itc con.venicnoe to :t:1.•,.r.y o!' the inductriul
plD.!ltS of the city. T~w l:rice l"O.l'.'lf,OC fro::n ::~[-'.:'0 ':o !,.G000.

Th~a dietriot is kncvm as the -;1erriam i:'ark :Oistrict mth houses rangint•;
fr-cr.-l 15 years to 60 yea.1·s in age.
'i'1:ts is one of the olde3t oettled
districts in the city and is comprised of many two story .f'rumG houses
and eome a.par-tr.tents and duplexes. reconditionir.$ is
necessary. Inhtlbi-te.nts are ;nostly s alo.r ied and proi"e a{; peo?le.
Hostly Rol!IB.U Catholic families ~onprise this dist...-iot. Sixt-; percont
of bhe ho111es are aimer "oooupied. Prices range from ~3500 to CG600 with
the everaee rental bt1lll.g \. 37 .50 to :;50 tl!".d a3>art1centG re::1tirit; i'ro~ C25
to ~-;SO and duplexes .!'ro:n ::,::;5 to ~45. 1the deprerJiation is ·very heo.vy,
npproxi1&tely (;o;.; witr.. 12;; to 15;; recovery. There iti excellent trans..
~orta.tion .facilities to down town st. i'aul and I:i.ri.--iear:olis t(, ~~!1e ttas-c
A.nd the Hidway Industrial section to tho North. The Ce..tholio School
of St. I.:arks snd St. i'ho:oaa Collete £'.nd ~'.;;. Co.therino 's t:ollet;e ~o tl:a
south are favorable f'ec.turez.


The class of i.ohr:1.bitB.nts in this di8tr:!.ct · are bm:dn03G, 9rr> and
laboring peo9l& with le:oorii::-; a.ncl s::::.uller. sahriacl ~;r,Jdc--:niuuting.
Prices range i'ro:i ~:2500 to ~'.500,). 1-'rame house::. proclomij11to. '.!he
of thtJse houoos in the district ao e ,mole raw:;e frcru 10 to 35 yoari; mt:1.
tho older :he-in.:; locntod o~ Gr~--ici tmd Lincoln Lvenu~c to tho north. •
Tho center section :l.s co:·.,prisca of· 0 1JTI.G~lol'1& or 0::10 <)t.ory hot~{.os buili
durinr; the p!.'.ot 20 years. Rentala ran~o !'.ro!il ~:;25 to :As. 55i~ oi' the hon9~

are owner oocupi~d.

Considerable recori.ditioning is necess~ryo

In tho

very southerly ps.rt o.f thi& section~ th~r(: are n~ny to111!)ol•2,.ry houses
rer.-.a.ining~ The i'avol"t!,ole f'o::iturea, coed tn.~spo!'tc!ciou fe.oilities,
Cretin Rich School, o. f:.0::·.9.n Ci•t!,ol:1.c inetitution, to,;etller nith m.::;hlruid
Park Golf' Links ruid ?a:rk t-,o the south. The denrocin:tion :L1 this district
is 4~~ with £1. roco?ory of fron 16/ to 20f.


'i'hia dietrict is the better pa.rt oI •,\he.t is kno_m i a~ -bhe :u11 Diet:rict.
The houses rtm[e in !l.i;e £'ron 2::> -;,o SO !f6al'::o Prlc1~3 re.ncct .:ro~ .,.3000 to
::,6600. A eon:Jidere:ble nwnbor ol' a.pnrb,~ents and duploxos located here,
eapooie.lly n.lonc Grand Avenue. Ona o:.' 'i;he ;:;·~rcats in ·!;his s9otion
hava n:3n'ication under City 01·d.i.nt\11ces, :l.e. - Duplex.Ge or,, per.-:)itt~cl
on 40' lots, aroo. 5 ,GOO sq_uo.r,) feet - :no apart?::tents e:r.:oe!.,'~ those already in.
Considerable reoanditioning is necessary. Inhabi·co.nts aro buc:i.noso and
pro.fessional mn with oonaiderable infiltration of. Ji:3-r.;:i.s~ peO!>le north
of SUll!?:lit .t,veuue. The hor.!o ownership h.orc is nrrt rio1·e thun 1!0,~ to 501;.
Rentals run ·fl"o~ : 30 to (.;60 on ho!. .es; duple:zes .fron f25 to ~- 45 a.!'l.d apaet~
men.ta .f"ro:r.ii. 026 to ,i,50. Two story i'ro:ce ho;::03 :,;redo::n.innte. Apertmont
houseo are 1:10etly brick with from four to 16 and 20 units each. l'rope:rt,J
values declined about 5o;~ with rec,overy not to exceed 10-;~ to U:.~·~. S"Ulill!!it
avenue w:?ich traverses this s:3ction east and nest has~ better type 0£
de-.elo:,ment, comprised ia the :1?ain of large old hor.iea or stucco, briok and

stone, 2 nnQ


story houses built fro~ 20 to 50 yearG ag?.


is -very heavy Sl!ld the1·e is a. slow ~rket for this type of property today.


Thie dietrict is known o.s the 'ii7est Seventh Street Dist.riot. Price of
homos ranee fron C,1800 to $4000, Consider~ble rehabilit~tion is neoeassry. There ie Jaostly a laborinc olau reddinG hero and it ia known
as the Boh.enie.n Disttiot. There is a very stronr, home ownership. Rents
ran;;o tro?J ~;15 to $30. Depreciation ie from ~~~ to 50,~. J)Ue to the clnas
of inha.bitants, these people take grant pride in retaini"l{'; their hocee

and not t1orteage incliro.ed, Deproeiation has not been e~ceesive due
to the thrifty class of ownership a.nd the recovery fro~ 193S to 1935 hae
been steady and wo~~ld appJ"ft'DS.~• 16%, This io e. very old district and
nuch depreciation took plnoe from 1923 to 1929. The fuvorabla aspect
ie trruisportation e.ecossibility to the induetria.l district nnd dcnm tOfll

This is a :ooderate priced reaidenoe district of the· eust side. ilousec;
range in price from ( 2000 to ~:4500. Conoiderublo r-econdionins is ao:visable.
tost Sonndin.n.vians live here. The hor:';.."lS ru·e 60.~ ownot ooctmiad.
run fro!:!. tlO to ;, :so. :~rO!lerty ho.ire clecl.i:: .od approxi~,ately 40;~
and recovery has been olibht. '.(he f~vornble .fenturec the e.ccessibility ·
to indun'i.:rial •nlants on:t tho enGt oido mid the downto'im section, Eo{:t of.
the ho:;~a are one and 1-s story, stucco end i'rrune.



'.rhb ie &.:el Pe.rk District oonsistinr; of' cnnll :lno~e-n sive honos rangin~;;
in price fron ;;1000 to 04000. I:entnls range i'ron i.10 to .~,30. 1:ostly
laborinc peo!)le inhabit th~-B diatrict and the hor,,.o& 5°" occupiodo .
Tne type of constrl~ction are bm1go.lows, .f'ra.:.1e • inox,enliivo o.ntl not Boo.ern.
Coneiderablo reoonditionin6 1::: naceacary. ~r.e deprae:i.o.tion is 60i; with
a recovery of' 15;;;.


district ia Jrno-m1 as tho ~iverview nnd Cherokee !e.t.hto Dietrlot.
Gorr.e.n 9eople are i:a. the najority here. i:hc type of' construction
antl t110 story houses. r,!uoh reconditioninr, is necessary, The cmner
ocou;;ancy ia 6~~. conpar,.·l:;ively l0n run.11inz from (:20 to -A5o
The pri¢e ranee is fro;,;i :;·2000 to ~- 5500. Hou:sGc rrc::i o:r.a to 35 years
old. Dapreeiation is 4(Yt~ -co 60;~ with a. recovez-y of' 16,; to 20~~~ The
detrimental influences aro th& odors frOT-1. ·che G~:ock Yarde in South st.
Paul• lm.On the wind is i.'1 tho rir,ht direction. It . is close to the ra:)idly
deelininc old d1striot to the southeast. The distrfot to the ir..c,diate
eouth knOJm as West S·;.;. Paul, outside the City l,h:rl.ts of St. Pnul :1.G
approxillla.toly the !&E.& in general description uith the exoevtion of the
area f'r011 Snith A-venue West which is of nora recent develomnent and the
extrene south part of t~ie district is sparo0ly settled. ?he dietd.ct
to the e.nd ve~t haa a pr<r.:lisi:?g future due to the people fr«a st ..
Paul dosiring to OTtn property hera rather thr.n to p~y hirh to.,:ee 1n st.


B•ll. This clistrict is lcnov.-n as South St. Pa.ul, a sopo.rai:e ineorpord;ion. Hor;oe
h.ere range 1n Qr:e fron ono yeo.r to 35 years; priceo ran~e from '.JlOO0 to
i4600; rentals ~s.oo per nonth to t5? ,50. A. erel\t de:tl of reconditionin5
is neee.ssary. Inhabitants ooi,,prising this District a ::.-1ixture of
southern Em·opeans lfho work in the adjacent South st. Paul Stock Yards.
l'lhile this dictriet, under ordinary circu:natnnces, miEht be eonaidered an
undesirable distriot due to the odore 1'r¢~ tha Stook Yarde, it is a desirnbla

neighborhocd for those who are en?loyed in the Stock Yarde due to
the accessibility to thio important industry. Depreciation has been
quite heavy, ?robably 60~# b~t recovory hee been rur. approxims.tely
2s,:;. Cne and one half 1Story houses predow.nete of no speeial
arc1~iteotural design. There one or two geotions wnich are
outstanding as to favorable condition and type of cor.Btruotion but

they are in t.¾o minority and nra loc~tcd on the typ of a bluff neRr
the High :."chool.



. l.


... ..,:::::,.-~ '&t::,,· :7-· - ~~-:-:-;-

--~== -w:vo··· :i:r..o · liibori:ut; clase
.~. - ·, ;:vl;.l'Ja areJ.{j 1.ui.d t;,;o story of i'rame and otucoo •
predo:!l.inatin~;. T:10 ome1· ocoupan.oy ia a.botrc 45;;. Rentals
rane;e from ,}20 to ~-·40. The deprcoiutio~.r,; is 6o;:. with a recovery V':lry
low, not to a,:ceed 10;~.

.. .......... ir4:i!B

The area to t~~ east of We::,tern Avonua is knomi a.s tho }1ice Stroei;
Distriot and also "Frog-tomi District"• liorthwest of C-3 is put of
C-:>!:to District and south part of' C•3 he.s a. strr,ns p:rel_)ondernn?e of
Germn people. 'i'ho of the range from 20 'co 55 yonrs. '.:"·.is
is one of the older parts or the city. ::uch rehabilLution is necessary. The 19.boring olaas o.hlost enti-rcly comprise this district.
Prices range i'roo ~1~00 to (:3600. The hom.o ownership is 50;;.
are from 010 to :., 35. One a~1d ono half and two story i'rrune ho,,1es pred011inate. - A oo:r,siderable nu..'1.lber of old ho::;.;.es h:rve bec-:i ir.ade into
duplexes nnd the chal\.per type apa;-t:r.i.ents. 'llds dlstl"ict nill nlwe.yo
llavo a place in :3t. Paul for t11e lower bracket laboring and salttriad
class. 'i'here is a nec;ro encroachnont e.long Farrinr,ton /vent,1e from
'l'opping to Geranium, licotorn Avenue end ils.tai·d and t.rundel on Cha.rhis

and Sherburne from TTestcrn to Avon.
~he older tnet side District. The a~• re.nGe is i!o:n 10 to 35 ~•oars with
the newer developaent bein0 in the norther~ pnrt. Prices rnngo from

~2000 to :: 6600. Considerable rehe.bilhe.tion io neoesse.ry. '1'ho laborine
olaae of Sea.ndino.viane predominate. The hones are l½ and two Gtory
f'rOl!te. The Ownerllllip is approxkn.tely 60;-;. '.."he people of this distriot
are Ja:unm to be thrifty and desire to bo hor.?9 ormera. nontals run t'rom

nei&hbo rhocd for those who nre em?loyed in the Stook Yarde due to
the aQoeesib ility to thio importan t induetry . Depreoie.tion has been
quite heavy, probably 60i;, but reoovory he.a been f'Ur, a p_proximo .t.oly
25,;. Cne and one half' story fran,e houses predolili ne.te o f no apecial
arcl~:!ta otu.ral design. There one or t'fliO seotions which ar e
outstand ing a~ to favorab le conditio n a nd type of cor-8t r uction but

they are in tho minorit y ~nd are loc~tcd on tho typ of a bluff near

the High ~:chool.


The aree. north of D-1 is l:nown us St. Anthony Po..rk, South nnd the
area north of B-3 h knovr.. as pi;-.rt of the TI8.l!'.lit:e tistric t md ·c -1
north-we Gt of B-3 is kncmn. as tl:e Tr a r:.sfer .iJi strict . Ss.lnried · ~, oo'2le
and laborer s l ive thrci.!r,h ou·::. tho o.reas. Tho a ge :te..n.~e iz from 25 t o
50 year::,i the prioe rango ia f.rom ( 2500 to :,,6500. Pi•~e cor.::rtr,.Jc tion
predoo.i na.tes. Cons iderabl9 reh!'.b:l li·~a:don is neoasee ry. ~':lfty five
percent of 'the honc-6 arc c~mer occupied . Rentals aro fro!!! ::,15 t o ;_. 35.
Depreci ation i s 50;; wit h a r ec overy of: 10;-;~ '£he dotrimeinta.1 fe:1.t ur9
of th is distric t ie that it is e.n old dator ioro.tinr , di6·;,:rio t,l tr"...a
desirab le feature is its nccoasi bility io Industr ial pl ::mts .


'i.'>-:i.c nr ,~a is k.n.<nm a!I the l~idway Vistrict J a very old pro·t o::' St . _
Paul i n <".ge i'ror.1 2 5 t o 50 ye'irso P.•:thabi li-t~-1.-::ion and m-ockinG
is r,e ces1c.ry
. ~°'rices rnnt 9 .from :~.2700 t o -., ~500 . · 'i.'he l a.b orinr.. claae
predoruin ate her'3. l.:he ho::i.o a e.rG l E a.nd . two story of t'ra~o and ctucco.,
with fra::is predo:n.!n&.t1n;. T;1e omei- ocou!) i a abo1xl; 4Gi·;.
range from ;,: 20 to \:'40 . The deprccie:i:;io1'l~ is so;:. '\-'rlth a recover y V":Jr y
low, n ot to e,:.ceed 10;~.


The urea to t ~ -!l oaat of '1e ::;tern. Avenue i s known as ·the ;Uc e Stroet
Distr ict and also " Frog-tot m Distr ict11 • i:forthwo at oi' C-3 i s po.rt of
C~no Di st rict ~nd south part of C-3 he.a a stro~; pre~onde ran'.'e of
C"i3r:::nn people. Tho c>.f:e of t he hoi.rnes ra~e fro'!ll 20 to 55 yearn. '.':::·:is
is one of' t he older pe.rts of the oi ty. :.:uch r eho.bilL at ion is nece s sary. The l o.bor i ng olass ala oat enti!'c ly cwpr iso this district .
Price s re.nze f':ron (;1 500 to t 3600. The h ,;e$ ownersh ip is 5o,·;. 1:entc-.l s
are from :;_;10 t o ,., 35. One a nd ono halt' and t'170 story frame home s pre-

do=.inst e. · A o oLoider ab le nunbcr of.' old h o:c1es ho.vo bee::i 1nade i nt o
duplexe s and. the chefl.per type nta. Tlds d.iatric t n ill olwayc
hElve a place i n !:t. Paul for the lov.rer brEtcket l a.boring and sala.riad
class. 'i'here ia a ne r;ro enoroach nent o. l on;:: Farri n:~ton Aver.ue f'r o:-2.
Tor,p ing to GeraniUl!1• i"icatorn Avenue end il!l.t u1·d and Arundel on Charlos
and Sherburn e fro~ Western to Avor.1.


~he old•r Enst side Distric t. The age ran~o is f'.r om 10 to 36 year a "fl'ith
t he newar develop~ ent bei~t in the n orthcr!l part . l)rices from
t,2000 to : 6600. Conside rable rehabili ·: e.tion :io necessa ry. 'l'ho le.bor ing

ola•s of Seandin nvians predomi nate. ~he homBe are 1~ a?ld tr,o ~tory
fr&l!le. The Owneralsip i s approxmntely 60; . ~ne people of thi o distri ot
are known to be thrifty s.nd desire to bo home cmnera. Hontals run ~om

(;10 to ;~40. ,. The depreoia.tion is froi.l 40,-., to 50;-; with a very aliP-ht
rocove1·y. Xho n:tca te tho ;1.crtlnre,.+, i_s very aparr.cly built with
nostly garGen truck 'being carried on here.

This is Jo1ovn a.s Lb.yton•s :91ufi' District.

The ager nn~es i'rom 6 to 60

yoars, Jche newer develo-:::,ment bein~ to the extreme euet.

.Prices range

i'ro:JJ. ;~:1000 'to ('5600. ~zuoh r'3eonditionin 6 is :neoess:,ry. rtorkin:o: people
lnrr,ely prt11?:,;im.ta and the lowar salaried em!)loyees. '!ho hc!!'.e
ovmerDhip is
One ~.nd one half story frc,.;::ie homes are, here with a
1'?.ewer bungalow de·.ralo~~nt to the east. Fror,t the sta:ndpo~.n'c of
convenience tod'ntn to?m business and industrinl aia·~riot ie is desirable.
This district ho.s seen H:s best days. ~he de!>reeietion is f1•om so;; to
60;~ with a recovery of 15~. Hents ranco i'ron '- 17 to ;_40 and it ia a
i;ood rentin;:: district with vory fe"ft vacancie6o



'l'l.~is ,Uotriot ii:; b:.ov;n c•.s the Old Fill District., itr. a,;FJ fro:i 20 ".;o _60
J'3ars. f'rices ra."'l:.·,., ::'ro~ ~·2500 to \. 5000. !~l.lch r;:;oonditionin:: is
::.1ect.1ssf'.ry. Cle!·ks, s~laried Eml.)lo~.,~os, l)uciness nr.c. professional nen
live !iere. The !1cn2E, Ol'l!:crship is nhout lO~::~ kento .arc fron ~;20 to
;.~O ~·or hous;io and .:15 to · 40 ;'c,r apart,,;onto and d,nlexes. .Doprecia.tion
in t!ds {trea ie r;_uite hcr\~,-y, c'.9µro::r.:ir.E!.t:;l~r (>0_.; to 70~-~ in the older hot:ea
and in the newer district -co the e,:;f.;rer.10 wost• lp;~. to 201;• 'there ru·e
?::3.ny du:pl~xon., roomine; honi:;,.:c e.ud ap~.rb.entc :i.n ·;;hi6 district; end o.lso
nany i'ine old type two and . 2} sJ,;ory hor,1es th~.t . soon their best c!o.ys.

Build~..ncs e"!: sto!'!o :a1nd briC'k cc,nstrt,.etion ~-ro loc.~ted 11erc. but '
predor.line.tee thrcu5hout tr..o rl:!.st-rict. 'lhere is o. stl"on:-:: .i n'.:'iltration
of ,Jewish people o.r,d to tr•e north 'l!'. !:-'1 in the la:rf;~o ri'lc;roo diatriot of
st. Paul. 'Ih& la.ta Jm Hill, tn,; buildor of "~he Gro~lt :C!orthorn Railroad .,
lived on SUJ!ai"t:; -''Venue neer the lntersoction of' -0ol'i.>y Avenue and Louie
Eill, Chs.ln'lln of tho Bo=.rd of ·t1'e nr(lC'."t tiorthern P.a:l:lway Col. livea
i:,IH·,ediately a~.jE-.eent to the erd:i.{;,. As an ox,:,~i:1plc o:.:· w~mt lln.!_,pcne to ·ch<leo
l'ine old hom:. s, -!;he late Jiro1 Hill' o hor:m i !> :now a; :resids:ri~e f'cr ;,riests
of U,c lk,man r.atholic Church ~.nd fr;rmc po.rt of a g.::oup ·o-;: ;f'1no buildings
.;_:,,c.:.ucinc the Cathedral w'hich .c onctitute tho ·:.:cr.ian Cat11olfo iliooess.



'.!:his dir.t:rict is o.lon-: the ed6e of the bluff just cowth oi' -ehe Rid:;ewood
?A.rk District. prices ro.nge f:r<r-1 :.,1500 {;o :; 3500 n.nd i:hc nr;e o:-..' h~J:'l' s
ran~e f'roo ti to 25 yenrs. ConsirlGrabl:: recondi'Gioninr-; i=i n0cessnry.
:.~ostly labor:i.n~ o.Ytd salaried en;>loy3es li-ve here.. '.i'ho hoBe o~brnhip i&
a~>out co;;. :run from -i 15.00 to ~-3O.G0. '.i"i•.o t.ypc oi" cons-cruotion
is or,e, ~tory bun~~lons.. Dapreci~tion is from 40,~ to 50,~; .:11th & 20,:;
recovery. Ir-. th:ts pa'!"tieuler section, there i1 considoro.olc vacu..11t
proporty ,mieh. due to it~ h ·'.r:h hill• and sandy soil is 11ot adapted to
c.ove 1opment. 'l'her~ is also oonatde:rable poo.t le.nd.
T :-is 18 the lower Wost side Diatriot.

~he ar;e r.anf;es i'ron 10 to 45 year a.
There are prir.1o.rily lS; and mo story fre.'"-& houaes nntl sonc reoodolled

fral!le duple,:es. !;rices re.n~e from :, 1200 to ::.s100 c.nd rent i'ro1:1 (:lo to
:~:35 por mo!:th. Ccnaiderable rehabilitation is necess•)ry. ~he homo ownership is 4•fii"• Saforiea el!])loyE>~II, laborers and Jewtsh and other merchants
livo her{-1. froparty values from 19?,9 to 1933 depreoio.tod 5°'-; with li~tle
c..r ~o recovery. rror. the le.boril1r; &to.ncTnoint it is favorable dl.le to
aocesaib:!.lity to industrial diGtriet it:r.iedio.toly adjacent snd to _the down
tOffll dbtriot ..


Thia District he.s ree.ohed :i.ts da.y of oboolesceuce ~md !.is one of the
oldest districts in the st. Anthony ?ai·k seotion of st. Pnul. Host
of the buildhlt;s are 50 years old and in a so.d sto.te of' :.icd
pra.c·dcally worthl~:ss except to t!10::o tho a:i.· '.m!lblo to be tt•~r them-.
Miria by, elso-.ihcre. l'r~o-!;:!.c~lly ~10 r.i.·:iJ:ket to r.!:lt '.:l. ve.lue of
price 1·~e. nailror.d e~ployco!: of the lo-:inr salaried cl;'.lsz live hora.
P•ople who h.a,re lost inte:rost in 15..'.'o livo h~:-e # ths 01:r1er oc~upancy
beirn; about 20-;.,. irsme eha.c!.::s :?X-Gdo;;1im1tc a.1.d th0 ren.t~ls nro Tiha.tever
can be obtainad from ~ :ip.,


;.'his ie a sparaely settled a:rca ~10:1:: t!~e :::or-t:1!l?'.l Pacific ~'lihmy tro.oks
and bluff. Laboring ~d truck enrdeno:::':J 1n•edoll'.i·1,:d;o. ~·ices
ranEe i'roo (500 to d!000. S·here o.r- no inpro7el'.!l.9nts in ·~hiD dlstrict.
Ldjacent to Dale and we~;t to :.:1;. Alb1.r~o in ::,, new devel1J:p:'.l'.:)llli ~ c,msideral>ly better D-nd here ~l'CI:!8 constru~tion predo,.ii:iut~s. ?:-io;!-91:i !'9.h[:fl !.'?'O:'.i'\
i:1200 to !.;2500 in t :is :,~rt of' the a.roe. a."lu. ure ::'1·on f 10 fo ~-25.
Tl:is devolop~ent ho.s taken :,lace nitI1:n the h,_jt. 20 y .;~1·1,. 7.':o de:9reoie.ti.,m is fro:-:i. !3o;: to 55;~ ~,ith 20, re-oo.-ery. _·•.creac'.! '7e!·.trrn :.•.re appr->:r.imtely ;,SCO. '.ihe un£0.vo1·£1.ble far-..ture ~.s th..:.t e. 1-~!'{jc :>ortion of i;hic.
art":a is a hill vbich sheers off to n. c.D~p drop J,;() ;;\r::, ·s)u.·'.~h.


'f'.ds is a r'.\)ic.l? d~cHnin; di:;trfot v;;1ich .!ms seon· i-c-~; be~i; t~e.ys. 'Ibe
a.go rar.go o:? th:U:; ontiro tl!ot..-ict h f':•oo 20 _yc::i.1·~ -:_;:, 7•) Y•3t\rs. 'i.hie
is where the old! l:i7or Valley ra,n tiu·m,~h in · tho o~:·ly 0.ays
and 1,here the Cit;; ~pz,c~tl :'ran. '~.;:c c-:,•t: 1--.c:::!.:~ ~~~~1. ··:·:'10 8!(.')r;,r
hot11ee prcc!oninnto, r:cny o:: r.:i.ich h/:l.VEI been oonv!'rted into tmltiple
dwelli:! s and roo!!.:i:'.lf~ :"!.o'...\:.or;. 1:uch r<.c· :!d:i:ci•~nl:-::.:; 5:c 1,cc~G~rry (mt not
e.c:lvist>:.,le. Cc11oide::o.ble l'l'; is do:1e c~n::rto..c,:tly d~;.0 · t,, t:hi; nee 8.?ld
ntceeeity of r;sttillg over the lw.ndic:::.fJ 0£' hlt;h tax~s t.::r>.11 c:ccei;aive up•
keep. lte.linma # colored ::,ct>plc • -Je,-;.o r::<' -tlie> lO':'!.:!l' sti·C::la CtEc'l ')ther people
oi• l'oreicn descent cf tho lor:cr classeo redde 1·-e:re. (',•wT.-:," ,M;:; is not
to 6X:ceed 25;;. Ler.te_l,e a:vcrcr,e :; 5, 00 -t.c ; :?O :':o-:- ~,.~,•... s f.l.,:c. c.p:utm&nts
except s.:ir::.o of ihe cettar apartr..en·l:;s c.lon:;-; S\>Jmuit :;,-_..0)~:,10 for which ~. 10
is obtained. l:'.nny of the older hcllses h£>.ve bee:r: re:-io<lellP-d "'.:o accorm:;;od.a te

from two to five £e.mili,~s and :ront :'or thi$ tvpe ,,ill ::\verl'-f.G from ;,:5.00
to ~20.00 per unit. Deprecution hero be~n ~bout 751-, little
or no subsequent recovery. Old o!le ar.d one half ~?ld t v;o ctory frnme
predominates, q_uitc a of the :lJ•i:.r·i;:ne!J.t build::.neo beinz l>riek. The
extrerae sou1-thern po.rt of i:hi~ district. co:::noasd of '-::arshs.11, Sun.."lit,
:Cr.yton and Izhhart is eo.s.!ev:~~t botter the.-c the ::,1)ot of t'.H ~.iatriot due
to t,~e te.ct ths.t 1t is ~11:i:!:". .:l:!.~·b::2C$ to tt•~ doim tmn. <.',ir.trict of
st. Paul e.nd he.a beon c:eveloped i! ::>.n ~.p.:i.rtm~nt ~Gt'-• 'Iha di6triot
b:mtdie.toly wast of the f.·te.'.;c Cnpit?l is l:i!e oldor 1,01·tion c.nd is mown
as the old lower to-,.u di~triet :md. is very hilly imu ine.coeJ6ible. Property
-mlu1::s .ary poor. V~ry ho~..,,1' racial onoro~•-clrTr.mb th?"ou~hout the entire
district ic :prO'!l~ent. 'i!ie o:!.ly, feeJ~lu-e is ito a.coosaib111ty to
the downtown dies-1::i:ict. The Theo. Brewery is loco.tt3d nt :ii.:nneh.e.ha. and

Pe.Jlle A-.enue.



This area is s(: 1ewhat neTier tl~an D-3 to tho .eo.Gt, the rtme;e bei::;:
20 to 40 I.::ostly l~ and 2 story .frame houses built on 25 foot .
lots~ ?rice ra..,~os .fro?J. Cl2C0 to ~:sooo. ~:uch reoonditionint is
.1~cese-1ry. The 19.bor:tng class with a large of negoros
live here. The owner occupancy is 36>~• :i:::anta;e f'l'O!!l. •. 5.00 to
'- 25. Tho class of colored people in thia ru.·es. are sooer1hat bettor
than other districts, msny of them, due to th<l City of st. Pe.ul beini;
the General liee.dqua.rters for the lforthorn Pa.cii'ic and Gre-t l~orthern
Railroads, are porters who do acquiro owiorhip of their homes.
Considerable reoonditioninc is neoes~nry. Depreci~tion !a epproxim9.tely
6o;; with a recovery of np~)roxi!:lately 10» except in ·bhe we::tern section
frO!l Grotto Street where the recovory is perhnpz 2oi.


Tiie is an undeeira.blo district a.long tho Short Li?10 ~:c.ilro!ld trccl::s.
Considerable undeveloped property nnd :Jr ice ran.cos from :.;2000 t.o _:.:5500,
rentals i'ron :,:25 to ::::35. 7..'.oatly luborinr, class livo hore in frame
bungalows. 'ihe deprcc:latiou is 50;; nith very sli;.;ht recovery.


The mjor portion or this area is u.ndevoloped to the nouth a."'ld vr~3te
It h one of the oldest po.rts o~· the city, ranglnc iri. from · 10 to
50, tho newer devalop::'.').ent bei:1~ in the extror:e a.>'!d r:0$t. ·
Considerable roconditioninr:; fa necessary. '.i:~1e lo.bor1:r.r; cl~~B or- •/C:r~::e..."11
and Bohenian nationali-cios live !Jore. !:'if'ty porcent o::.~ -t.I10 fo:i'."!'€1 0. t-. •O
ormer oeoupied., ~~-entc.13 run .from ~ 10 to :. SO. ·:":·he type or construct.:to:o. .
is eo-:..e i're.:'":'le 0.11~1. sor,10 olc bricl: e.r.d stone 0£ 1 c-..nd 1,2;. otor.ia$,; · ·
It is vory unfavora.:~1e cluo · ~,o · the rmb-strata ot ctone n;1.c little .or
no sub-soil. Deprocintion her.a is £:::-on 60i,: to 70;; uhich tQok pbce
lorr;ely before 1029 with very little roco,;;ery. 'Ii~e . Jos~ ·s cltt1idt Brewery .
is located at ·,rest 7th bet!Tuen Oneida a.nd Webster streets.

D-7 •

~'!:is nraa is kllown es the old Italian ::ist.rict ~f· st. Pa.u.1. The a 6e
rangoa frol:1 40 to 70 yeart~ !::iny old ::;tone and brick !-1ou::;:)D predomin~te. ·
O..-inerilhip is low, not to e;~cwed 25;•;. 'ihe :').:re vory l0'\'1.; running
from :;.s.oo to ~15.00 ::oa.~ residential units., ;Io'.'.V.f :i,no.ustrie.l oncro!:>.ch.?ilent is o-vident. t.:Sny of: thoco old been converted into
three and four fa."lily unito. ~'h~.s is a very undesiro.blo noichborhood.
'.::he depredfa'{.ion is 70/', with little or no recovory. T!1e only attracti..,o
featua,e is thnt it is wl~:hin ;;alkin · distance of' dor-mtomi.. Uo r:larket
for SIJ.y !)roperty here so i -t. is difficult to detcrnl:n,o c. price re.nee.




This is the Ghetto District - F.uasiuns, Jews, l~exicnnsJ C!~L.10:-e, !md
. riff-raff live here, the r.loot 1.u-1desirc.ble district in Gt. Paul. The
a.veraf.O age, ic 45 yearc. r:ueh reconditioninr, is neoess~ry, o. lso very


Depreciation is D-3, ~-6, ~-7 end D-8 took pluce prior

to the depresGion and valueo have not and will not recover.. Omiorilllship
is 20;:'.. 'i.'he whatever can be obtained on s:10.ll unite fro:i
{iti.00 up. Prams construction preo.o!:lin.ntoa. Thore nre I!O.!lY combination
cora".!lOrcinl ond residences. Thie district is comprised of. tenements of
three end four rooms and hom~s i-;ith two, three, and four frunilies living

in them. It io a low class of developcent which has little or no value
except as tenements. It is adjacent to tho port which is an ou·csto.nding one D.!1d leeo than lt? miles to tho businesc distriot of St. Paul.

The Yoer 6 B!"ewery is lcc~ted o.t the ,red pc,b1.t of th'cs area. o.t
Guo enc. ·:'.thel rtroGts~

D-10. Tli.ia iG !a,o'l'.n o.e TI.i.(;l"_'\\"ccd :'istr let.• a sa'burb down alon:•: the r:i.ver
gh~n c"lo?· -to tr:;c1: ~ll!'d$r-.i.rz. The :>..orce.~'.e is worth ;_ 150 to ~:300.
The i:1h.,.:;t:.(t~--.'.. :, cl~rks, salo.ri$d people end truck ga.rdn&rs.
2en·bls ?.re rron ,.12 to i;20. Thero i.s a vory poor !'l!l.r].--ot for, dei_1endi:t1::; on cizc ~f ;::rour.d~ .ft'o~ :. 2000 to ~;5000. llor.:e
otr.1ership is !.:·.out so;::. h~reois.tion i6 50/ with vory _littlo



~;~O ~ji:.,r t1 c-~1C:. c,f :.::rc:i-;-;th ~- s to ·:-;ha Ml.l~hwest b~1t north t=11J.d west
c!' L::d~~l.on : ve --..·;,1Q ~ -tt,e::-c is c. s~l'l)u!"bc.n tr,?r!.cl 011t1;ide the city
1-t,..,its. 'l'L~'.,rc i.s ,g,ls.:> a tem.dcn:::y tov:urcl. develo~E.ont csouthr.ast
-~,f 1~•6 ~i•ii-sids 4:~;a ci·~y l~sits e.::-:d ::\ snh1:t•:·'!::1n devolorirnent nortl1ea.ct
of 3-9 outside ·:.':~•3 c itl· 1:lmita.