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---- ----- -- - --Topography mostly level with some canyons which are , for the most
part , highly improved with terraces , shr ubs , etc .

Residents are white collar

classes , professional men , retired people and business men, artists and
writers , with an income range from ~2000 . 00 to ~20 , 000 . 00.

Type of construc-

tion one and two story frame and fr~~e stuooo, with cost range of ~4000 . 00
to ~20 , 000 . 00 .
by ordinance.

Average age of buildings - 12 years .

Building restrictions

Approximately 85% developed ; So% home o,vned ; 10% rented ; no

Has beautiful vievr of sea and La Jolla.

This area is , at present ,

enjoying some rapid development in the way of beautiful and at:bractive homes .
It is easily accessible to all recreational facilities and business district .
The area is highly regarded by local residents and there has always been a
steedy demand for property in the area .

Located in Acquisition and Improve-

ment District iil"o. 1 , City of San Diego , Causway, (.IIJattoon Bond District) .

A- 2.

This area is comparable in every respect to A- 1.

A- 3.

This area is !mown as l11uirlands .

Topography sloping toward the

hills , with magnificent view of ocean and La Jolla .

Improvements predominantly

two story f rame stucco with cost r ange from ~6000 . 00 to ~30 , 000 . 00 .

Lots carry

deed restrictions as to races , buildings , architectural design , etc .


of the lots runs from 300 to 600 feet above sea level .

Contiguous to the area

is located the La Jolla , all- grass, 18 hole championship golf course , vdth
its attractive Club House .

The farthest outlying lots are easily within ten

minutes from the La Jolla business district .

This is probably one of the most

attractive and highest rated districts for large homes and estates in the
La Jolla area .

Residents are 100~ white , being composed of retired people ,

pr ofessional and business men and writers, with an income range from ~3~00. 00
to ~50 ,000. 00 per year .

Average age of buildings - 8 years .


15% developed ; 98% owner occupied ; 2% tenant occupied ; no vacancies .

,;,rhatever of any inharmonious influences .
o,vnership and are excellently maintained.
Acquisiti on


No influx

Homes naturally show a high pride of
All utilities in.

Located in

Improvement District No. l , City of San Diego , Causeway, (!f.attoon

Bond District) .

This area is practically all level , l ying along the ocean and
extending east to the foot - hills .

Restricted to Cauca sian race .


are professional and retired business men, r ange of income from ~;5000 . 00 to
$25 , 000 . 00 per year .

Average age of buildings - 5 years .

Predominantly one

and two story frame and stucco , cost range from ~7500 . 00 to ~40 , 000 . 00 .
Building restrictions by deed .
parking uniformly planted.

20% developed ; 100% owner occupied.

Street improvements all in and paid for .

known as La Jolla iiermosa_, Uni ts Mo. 1 and 2.
high class residential area.

Area is

H0 mes are all in keeping with

'!fell planned subdivision, with l arge l ots aff ord-

ing ample room for buildings· without crowding .
some view of either ocean or foot- hills .

Each lot laid out to aff ord

Approximately one and one- half miles

to schools and La Jolla business district .

In Acquisition & Improvement Dis-

t r ict No. 1 , City of San Diego, Causeway, (Mattoon Bond District) .
This area is known as Loma Portal .

A- 5.

It lies approximately four miles

from Sa n Diego business district ; the topography going from level to gently
sloping and canyons .

It is a well designed subdivision and the homes , for the

most part , have uniformity of architecture as well as size .

The homes are . one

and two story frame stucco with cost r ange of' ~3500. 00 to :;.1 30, 000 . 00 .
we l l maintained and show high pride 0£ owner ship.
paved with all utilities in.

They are

Str eets are practically all

It is a highly regarded district generally, and

at t he present time is probably one of the fastest growing ar eas in the City there being much activity in building.

Residents are 100/o white , being class-

ified as professional men , bus i ness , retired people , naval of ficers , writers
and artists , with an income range of ~2500. 00 to ~25 , 000 . 00 .

In t his area is

located the Point Loma Hi gh School and at the southeast portion of the area is
a community business center , serving the needs of the residents .

There is no

infiltration of any inharmonious influences , this being a high class residential
district .

Transportation facilities are adequate .

average for this Southern California coastal area .

No flood hazard , fog condition
Probably 65% developed ; 85%

home ovmed; 15% rented .
A- 6.

This ~rea known as La Playa, also includes La Pl aya Highlands , Ironton,
Golden Par~ and Csbrillo Terr ace .

There have been constructed during the past

year , many fine homes , and t he area is highly regarded generally from a
residential standpoint .

There is no special tax problem and the street bonds

are paid and area is protected against detrimental influx o,f commercial uni ts •.

1.- 6 .


Lots are hill side slopes commanding a magnificent view of San Diego Bay and

Construction in the area predominantly one and two story homes , ranging

in cost from ~3500. 00 to ~50 , 000 . 00 .
from ~2500 . 00 to ~35 , 000 . 00 .
restrictions by deed .

Residents white , with income range of

Average age of buildings - 6 ye~rs .


Accessible to conveniences and transportation.

No flood

or other hazards ; fog condition average for Southern Califor nia coastal area.
A- 7 .

Topography high , sloping to the Nor thwest and Southwest , surrounded


by canyons with $Xcellent marine view f r om majority of the home sites.


for most part professional , retired and prosperous business men, ,vith income
range of ~5000 . 00 upward .

The homes are predominantly one and two stor y stucco ,

Spanish design, with deed restrictions Zone R- 1, single family residences only.
Generally considered one ~f the high class districts in San Diego .
range of the improvements v 7500 . 00 to w35 , 000 . 00 .
years .

The cost

Average age probably four

Approximately 50~ developed ; 100% owner occupied ; no vacancies .

blocks to transportation.

This area adjoins Presidio Park, which was dedicated

and given to the City of San Diego.


This area was subdivided just prior to the

ruany fine homes were built at that time and at present building

has resumed on a fairly large scale .
public utilities .

All improvements are in and paid fo r .


This area should enjoy high rating for another ten to twenty

years .
Topography practically level .

All of this area lies along and around

the Pacific Ocean and Gl orietta Bay , with the exception of that property along
Alameda Boulevard , which is directly across from the Coronado Country Club .
This is one of the highest class districts in Southern California .

The impr ove-

ments in the area are predominantiy two story stucco homes , with average age of
probably eight years .

Approximately 807o developed .

ments will run from. ~4000 . 00 to ~100 , 000 . 00 .

The cost range of improve-

The largest construction in the

area and the highest per front foot valuation lies along Ocean Boulevard.


this area there are several homes r anging from f 25 , 000 . 00 to ~100 , 000 . 00 in cost .
Along Alameda Boulevard the homes are not quite so pretentious but are of a hi gh
type and highly desirable .

That por tion lying South and East is also highly

desirable and compares favorably with that along Al ameda Boulevard .


in this ar ea ar e all white , be i ng grouped as pr ofess i onal , business men, high

A- 8

r anking Naval Officer s and retired people .

Front foot ve.lue.tions in this

area vtill range from ~50 . 00 to ~500 . 00 per front foot .
is probably from ~•4000 . 00 to ~50 , 000 . 00 .

The r ange of income

The whole area is easily accessible

to all recreational facilities , transpor tation and oity conveniences .
This area level but bounded by canyons on the Nor th and Jest.

A- 9.


is known as 1,arston Hills and is highly desirable residential district .
Inhabitants , professional , retir ed business men; income range ~3500 upwar d.
No r acial concentration.
ship .

Homes are well maintained , show high pride of ovmer-

Construction Spanish stuoco ; cost r ange ~5000 to 9 15 , 000 .

age - eight years .
dwellings .


Restricted by deed and ordinance , Zone R- 1 , s ingle family

Only 75¾ developed ; 20~ rented ; 80~ owner occupied.

Close to Junior

Hign School , r ecreational facilities , transportation , markets , etc .
provements consist of pavements , sidewalks , curbs - all paid for.
lighting facilities .

No flood or other hazards .

special assessments .

No serious tax situation.

Street imAdequate

Fog condition average .


This area has no encroachment

of business or apartment houses but adjoins one of the best apar tment house
districts in t he City.
Topography high and practically level , overlooking a ~lunicipal Golf

A- 10.

Course in Balboa Park.

This small area is one of the most desirable ar eas in

the City and compares favorably in all respects with A- 7, and should be classified as a high grade .
itants in the area .

Approximately 90% developed with a fine class of inhab-

Homes about 95~ owner occupied .

'rhis area known as Kensington Heights , Uni ts .l'To. L, II and III.

A- ll .

Gentle canyons , mesa lands adapted to high class landscaping, almost identical
with A- 12 , with the exception that the area is further from transportation and
prope r ty not quite so desire.ble as that in A- 12 ; also , this area is in a Road
Improvement District , bonded area , which has retar ded development for the past
few years .

No. I and II are , for the most part , one- story Spanish stucco bunga-

lows of six and eight rooms , architectur ally uniform on the level or me sa portion,
and on the canyons or rims , the homes are predominantly two- story stucco .
two areas are probably 701o developed .


No . III was subdivided with the i dea of

larger homes and estates , and the improvements in this area at t his ar e
predominantly large two- story Spanish stucco homes .
developed .

This area is approximately 15/o

All r im lots have beautiful views and canyons are highly developed .

Homes are well maintained.

Residents and income r ange appr oximately the same as

A- 11
A- 12 .

This area has r ecently been annexed to the City of San Diego .

in A-12 .

Topography , gentle canyons and mesa lands , adapted to high class
landscaping .

Canyons considered very desirable for homesites .

Re sidents

white , with a few of the upper class Spanish families , consisting of Naval
Officers , business and professional men and retired people .
y3600 up .

Income range

No ratio of conce ntration ; no threat of infiltration, restricted

to the Caucasian race .

Type of construction - one and two story Spanish stuccos ~

interspersed with some Engl ish Colonial.

Average age approximately five years .

Cost range of construction ~4500 to ~60 , 000 .

Bu ilding restrictions by deed ,

~4000 to ~10 , 000 ; architecturally controlled .

Talmadge Park , No s . I, II and III .

This area is kn.o,vn as

No. I being the older section, which , how-

ever , has an average age not to exceed nine years.

No. III at present is one

of the hottest buildings pots in the City ; there being at the pr esent time
approximately thirty- eight new homes building in this area .

This area , to-

gether with the hatched green area, which is the Northern part of this , has
recently been a.nnexed to the City of San Diego .

Schoo l s of all types , together

with State College , transportation , ma rkets , etc ., easily accessible to this
area .

Street improvements in and paid for .

flood or other hazards .

Adequate lighting facilities .

r'og condition negligible .

generally ; large demand for ren tals .


District highly regarded

Approximately 60% developed ; 85% owner

occupied ; 151o re nted ; no vacancies .
This is similar to A- 12 , but not quite so desirable .

A- 13.

This area is

in Mattoon District, and at this time there is no developr~ent wnatsoever .


and when k attoon situation is settled or cleared up , this area will become
very active .
This area is known as the El Cerrito area .

A- 14.

Topography of the land

is generally level with slight slopes and sorne canyons.

Residents are business

and professional people and State College teachers , with an income range of
y2400 to ~8000 .

Homes , for the most part , are stucco one ' and two stories ,

well maintained and pride of ownership shown.
occupied with probably 5~ rented .

They are almost entirely owne r

Building restrictions ~3000 minimum.

Average co st .of con struction ~3500 to ~10 , 000 .

Area fronts on El Cajon Boule-

vard , the State Highway to the East ; along which runs a bus line .

New State

College contiguous to t hi s area , which has been the reason for its rapid development .

Homes for the most part have been constructed during the past two or

A- 14.

three years .

Approximately 15~ developed , with a large a111ount of development

and construction of homes at this time .
C~llege .
etc .

Development moving North toward State

All City conveniences in , with under- ground conduits for light wires ,

No flood or other hazards ; fog condition light .

B- 1.

This area lies North and East of La Jolla proper and is practically
level and only slightly above sea level and is developed approximately 10% with
a nice desirable class of homes ; it will not classify as well as A- 1 due to its
lo,vness and percentage developed .

The r esidents are professional , retired and

business men ; income range from v2400 . 00 to ~15, 000 . 00 - all v.ti.ite .
of any foreign infiltrat ion.

No threat

Homes well maintained ., predominantly two stor y

stucco ., cost range from ~4000. 00 to ~20 ., 000 . 00 .
ordinance ., architectural and r acial .

Building r estrictions deed and

90% home owned ; 10% rented .

'.'lithin this

area is the La Jolla Beach Club with its attractive Club House and Apartments .
This is a private club owning its own beach.
Flood area - none.

Part of the streets are paved.

Fog condition not serious due · to prevailing winds .

area is known as La Jolla Shores .


There is therein a seventeen acre tract con-

taining a lagoon which i s being developed as a harbor for small boats .


Acquisition & Improvement District No . 1., City of San Diego ., Causeway, (Lfuttoon
Bond District) .
This area is ·located in the nor thwesterly portion of La Jolla., lying

B- 2.

along the ocean.

The topography is level with gentle slopes .

It is easily

accessible to the business district , playgrounds , schools and beaches of La
Jolla .

The homes , for the most part , range in age from s i x to twenty- five years .

The homes are predominant ly one and two story frame and f r ame stucco built , with
a sprinkling of s ome apartment houses and apartment hotels and a few other
multiple unit rentals .

The cost of construction ranges from ~5000 . 00 to ~20 , 000 . 00 .

Residents are 100% white , being retired people , business and professional men ,
with an income range of ~3000. 00 to ~15 , 000 . 00 per annum.
by ordinance and deed .

Building restrictions

The apartment houses and other multiple income properties

in this area do not detract from the residential desirability.
most part , show high pride of ownership.
ious influences w'aatever .
La Jolla.

Homes , for the

There is no infiltration of inharmon-

'1'h is is considered one of the most desirable areas of

The beaches which are contiguous to this property are well maintained

and under excellent supervision.

!ilajority of the lots have a good viev; of the

ocean and small park lying along the west edge .

Streets are paved ,; all city

conveniences are installed ; adequate l ighting facilities .

There is no ha zard of

f loo d or slides and the fog condition is probably lighter than in other areas
along the coast , due to prevailing winds which keep the area fairly clear .


B- 2.

located in Acquisiti on


Improvement District No. 1 , City of San Die go, Cause -

way , (hatt oon Bond District) .
This area located East of the business district of La Jolla .

B- 3 .

imately 95~ developed .


Homes predominantly one and two story frame and frame

stucco construction, ranging in cost f rom ~3000. 00 to ~7500. 00 .


business men, retire d residents and skilled worlanen , with income range from
~1000 . 00 to ~7500. 00 per annum .

f i f teen ye ars .

The age of construc t ion is approximately

Building restr ictions by ordinance or deed .

by 90~ home- owne rs and 10% tenants .

No i nfiltrat ion of industrial plants ,

apartment houses or other multiple units .
markets and other city conveniences .
a view of parks , ocean, etc .

Close to t ranspor tat ion , sch ools ,

lllost of the area has scenic features with

Street i mprovements are in, consisting of cur bs ,

sidewalks and paving , with adequate light ing facilities .
are as .

Fog condition average .

show pride of ovmership .
ly rolling.

Houses are oc cupi ed

No flood ha zard or low

Homes , for the most part , are well mai ntained ;

The general topography of the land is level and s l ight-

Streets present an attractive appearance .

This is i n Acquisition ~

Impro_v ement District l~o. 1 , .City of San .IJiego , Causeway, (.1,.attoon Bond liistrict ) .
The probable pr ice of lot s i n this area r ange from 91250 . 00 to .,;i2500 . 00 .
Topography of t his area is nearly a ll l evel .
all types of professions and are all white .

Homes ar e well maintained .

Residents embrace nearly

No threat of any foreign i nfiltra-

Streets attractive and practically al l paved.

The home s, for t he most part, are one and two story f r ame and frame stu.cco , with
cost range of $3000. 00 to ~10 , 000. 00 .
ten years .
occupied .

Average age of buildin&s appr oximately

It is approximately 751o buil t up ; 80% being home owned ; 151o tenant
1iithin t his area there is located the La Jolla High School and La

Jolla el ementary school .

Area is easily ac cessibl e t o the pl aygrounds , beaches ,

tennis cour ts , golf course and club and other r ecreati onal faci l ities.

There is

no floo d hazar d and fog condition is probably lighter than i n other areas along
the c oast due to prevai ling wi nds which keep area fairly clear .
r esidents f rom ~1500 . 00 to 110, 000 . 00 .

Income range of

This area is extremely difficult to clas s-

I t is in no sense declining but is spotted i n regard t o i ncome gr ouping .

The u pper part may lat er be threatened by foreign or lov1er social st rata i nfil tration.

I s i n Acqui sition and Impr ovement Distr ict ~o. 1, City of San Diego , Cause-

way , (~attoon Bond District ) .

Topography level and gentl y sloping.

Residents - business men,

retired people , professional men and skilled workmen.
to ~6000.

100% white population.

maintained and attractive .

Inc ome r ange from ~1500 .

No thr eat of foreign infiltration.

Homes well

Construction frame and frame stucco , predominantly

one and two story , with the larger const ructi on being l ocated near the wate r f ront .
Romes enjoy an excellent marine view.

Approximate l y 3~ deve loped , with lots

ranging f rom ~750 to wl250 with lots along the ocean being much hi gher .

The cost

range of construction is ~3000 .to ~7500.

Average age of homes eight years .

ing restrictions by deed · and ordinance .

No influx of inharmonious elements .

Approximately 90~ home ovmers ; 8% tenants and 2~ vacant .

Clo se to schools ,

transportation, markets , etc .

No f lood area .

Improvement needs now in.



condition lighter than average a l ong the coastal area due to prevailing winds.
Due to l ack of restrictions similar to A- 4 ar ea , not quite comparable to A- 4.
Locate d in Acquisition & Improvement Di strict No. 1 , Ci ty of San Diego , Causeway ,
(Mattoon Bond District) .

B- 6.

Topogr aphy level .

Reside nts white , no racial concentr ation.


white collar classes , i ncome range from ~1500 to ~3000 per year , small business
men, re tired and skilled workmen.

Predominantly one story homes , f r ame and frame

stucco , cost range ~2000 to ~5000 .

Average age ten years .

develope d; 75fo owner occupied ; 25/o re nted ; no vacancies .

Approximate l y 65%
Re stricted to

r es i dential onl y and at pre sent time qu ite a b it of new building is being constructe d.
years .

This area should enjoy healthy growth and deve lopment for great many

Favorably r egarded generally , proper ty in demand for sale and rental .
This area lies along the top of the hill above Ocean Beach , aff ording

B- 7.

an excellent view of the Paci f ic Ocean and Mission Bay .

At present there is con-

side r able building ac tivity in att ractive homes which are predominantly stucco ,
ranging i n cost from ~2500 to ~7500.

It is f avorably regar ded gene r ally and the

resi dents are all white , with i nc ome range from ~1500 to 95000.
i mately 25% deve loped ; being 807o o,vner occupied ; 20~ rented .
occasional fogs which are average f or this coast.

I t is approx-

N0 flood area ,

Average age of buil dings six

years .
ti- 8.

This area comparable i n all respec t s to B- 7.

B- 9.

The topography of this ground is highly sloping to the Eas t .

I t is

populated with professional and business men and some ret ired people i n the white
collar classes with range of income from 41800 to probably ~7500.

The homes , for

the most par t , show pri de of ownership and are fairly well maintained.

The average

B- 9.

Co'st of constr uction i n this area probably <.$ 3500 to ~7500 .

It is fai rly well

integrated , 40~ developed; 801a owner occupied ; 20fa rented ; no vacancies .


conveniences (stores , schools , etc . ) are loc ate d from one to two miles f rom this
area .

Property enjoys fairly good view and is favo rabl y regar ded generally.

building si te s are l arge , climatic conditions exce l lent .
i mproved .

No f lood hazard, f og conditions aver age .

1 he

All streets c ompl ete ly

No i nfiltration of inharmon-

ious influences and area should enjoy steady growth for many years .
This is i n t he La Playa area lying along the East of Rosecrans Boulevard.

B- 10 .

Street car t ransportation on this Boulevard .

Lots in thi s area l ying along the

bay are hi gh class and probably among the most de sirable home s ites i n the who le
area , being i mproved wi th large two story stucco homes having their own beach and
b oating f acilitie s at the ir door .
this st rip on the bay.

A hi gh salaried class of residents inhabit

Just back of t his , acr oss the street, the house s are

smaller in construction and average age probabl y f i fteen years , whereas the age
of the beach constr uction is six years .

This area across the street f rom t he

beach l ots is not well i ntegrated and various types of homes ar e contained therein,
occupied by a lower social strata of res ident s of the fishing industry and other
lower salaried people .

This tends to pull down the desirability of the beach

l ots from a resident ial standpoint , on account of t he egress and ingress t o
subje ct property.

All conveniences within easy access of this area .

No flood

or other hazards , fog average f or this coastal area.
Topography ,hi gh , partly level surrounded by canyons .

B- 11 .

have fine views .

ruany of rim lots

Res idents of this area white collar professional , retired

bus i ne ss men , r ange of income from ,$1500 to 'i1'8000 per year .
any inharmonious i nfluence s .

No i nfiltrati on of

No i nflux of any foreign element .

part are well mai ntained and shoV! pride of ovmership.

Homes for most

The improvement s are one and

two story frame and stucco and cost range ~3500 to , i n some i ns t ance s , ~2 5 , 000
with average approximately ~5500 .
fami l y dwellings .

There is a grade school i n the area but it is not convenient

to Junior or Senior High Schools.
area .

Par ki ng planted to trees .

Pr actica l l y all paving paid for .
years .

Generally re str icted by ordinance to single

Street car t ransportation t hr ough cent er of
Str eet paved and adequate lighting f acilities .
Aver age age of i mprovements probabl y twelve

Area apprcxomitely 95% developed ; 7 5% owner occupied , 23% rented ; 2~

vacant .
the Ci ty .

Approximately ten year s ago t his was consi dered the best district i n
At present time it is ouilt up almos t sol i d, except f or some rim

B- ll .

outlying lots and has reached its peak, giving way to some of the newer districts .

Still regarded as very desirable place to live .

No flood or other hazards .

Rentals high ; vacancies nil .

Average f og condition.

~o special assessments .


serious tax situation.
Topography gentle slope to the .fest.

3- 12 .

White collar residents , profess-

ional and business men, income range ~1800 to ~3600.
no threat of foreign infiltration.
ship .

Homes well maintained and show pride of owner-

Type of construction one and t-No story frame and frame stucco.

ly 85% developed .
years .

No racial concentration and

Cost range of construdion ~2000 to i4000.

Mostl;y r estricte d to single family residences .

quarters of a mile , High Schoo l t wo and one- half miles .
f lood·or other ha zards.

Fog condition average .

tax situation' adversely effects this area .


Aver age age ten

Grade schools threeF'ew streets paved .

No special assessments .



Homes are for the most part rather

slow selling , due to the type of lots , but area as a whole fair l y well regarded
fro~ home standpoint .
from ~4000 to ~25,000.
tions .

In this area there is a small district with homes rang ing
Mostl y two story.

Ave rage age t-#elve years .

No restric-

The range of income of the professional, retire d and business men , runs

f rom ~3000 to 915 , 000 per year .

This area is highly regarded but as a whole is

spotted , running from small homes with low salarie d white collar residents to
large pretentious homes and estates occupied by resident s of' the higher professional and business classes with large incomes .
Topography practically level , high point forty- two feet above sea level.

B- 13.

This area is populated with a class of residents practically all white , of the
lower salaried white collar classes , semi- professional men , small business men,
skilled worlonen , naval officers , etc ., with income range from ~2000 to ~6000. per
year .

T1tl.e homes for the most part are one story frame a.nd fra..'lle stucco , with a

sprinkling of two story residences , apartment houses , multiple unit income , etc .,
which do not de t ract from the residential feat ures of t he area .
of constructi on will range from ~1800 to ,:.,5000.

~he probable cost

In this area is located the park ,

library, business center , schools and all other city conveniences .

Along Orange

Avenue the electric railway r uns f rom the fer r y to the far famed Coronado Hotel
which is l ocated i n the extreme southwest portion of the area .

Approximately 80Jo

developed with probab ly 70% owner occupied ; 25.% tenant occupied and 5% vacant o
There are no flood or other hazards , fog condition average for Southern California
coastal area .

There are no special assessments and the city taxes are vl . 24 per

B- 13.


~100 valuation.

This area is very desirable and also in active demand by Naval

Offi cers on North Isl and , which is just one mile across Spanish Bi ght and is
connected to North Island by bridge .

The rentals in the area are high and a

good return is realized from inves tment in these properties .
Topography generally level , bounded by canyons .

B- 14 .

classes , busine ss men , clerks , etc.

Resident s white collar

Income range ~2500 to ~6000.

No threat of foreign infiltration.

No racial oon-

Home s show pride of ownership.

Construction type ; frame and stucco bungalows .

Average age approximately ten

years .

Cost r ange i3500 to w7500 .

Restricted to ~esidences by ordinance .

Accessible to t ranspor tation , city conveniences , recreational facilities .
in and paid for .

Li ghting adequate .

Valley about one mile north of A- 9.
cost of ~5000 to ~10, 000 .


This area lies on the south rim of k ission
75fo built up - a very few houses built at a

Lots sell i ng fo r ~1250 to y2500 .

No flood or other

hazards ; fog condition average .
Simi lar i n topography and comparabl e in every respect to B- 14 .

B- 15.


area lies adjacent to A- 9 and highly desirable from a residential standpoint.
This area comparable to B- 20 in all respects excepting that the western

B- 16.

part of this area has a larger portion of ~wo- story homes than the balance of the
area , and is a shade higher in grade .
This area compares i n all respects and is almost identical to B- 18 .

B- 17 .


the Ea stern portion of t his area was developed approximately five years later than
the ,festern portion.
imately i4000 .

The average cost of construction in this area is approx-

There is a good class of residents in this area and there is no

threat of foreign infiltration , and no racial concentration.

The topogr aphy is

level and favorably r egarded locally, and at the present time there is considerable
development here .
This area comparable in almost all respects ; residents , buildings , con-

B- 18.

veniencies , etc ., with B- 19 .
Topography generally level .

B- 19 .


Residents profess iona l and retired busine ss

Income range from ~2000 to ~6000 . - no racial concentration and no threat

of foreign infiltration.

H0 mes gene r ally well maintained with an average age of

from ten to twenty years .

Approximately 90% developed ; 7570 owner occupied ; 23,~

tenants ; 2% vacant .

Eas ily accessible to schools, transportation, markets , etc .

Type of construction is one and two story frame and frame stucco , with a cost range

B- 19 .

from w2500 to v8000.

Porti on of the area r e s t ricte d as to building.

or other hazards and only light fog conditions .

No flood

No special assessmen ts .


area is gene rally knovm as South Park and mostly developed around 1920 i n the
Southern portion , wi th the Northern portion developed since that time .

Close to

the down- town business area and still desirable from a residential standpoint.
This is an area similar in some respect s to B- 21 .

B- 20.

and canyons .
mesa lots .

Topography is mesa

Canyon lo t s are developed with a better type of i mprovement than
Residents are clerks , mechanics , smal l business men , with an income

range of from ~1500 to ~2500.
of ownership.

Homes fairly well maintained and show fair pride

Average age of improvements approximately fifteen years , with a

cost range of from ~1500 to v5000 ;

predominantly one story frame and stucco .

No building restrictions except by ordinance.

Percentage of mexicans i n this

area larger than in B- 21 ; no racial con centration, however .
65% developed ; 60~ owner occupied ; 40~ tenant ; no vacancies .

Area approximately
I ts classification

in all other respects , together with·conveniences , etc. , compar able to B- 21 , but
would have a somewhat lower rat i ng t han B- 21 , probably s hould be cla ssified as

This area is known as Kensington Par k and Kensington Annex.

B- 21 .

an older area than either A- 11 or A- 12.
in t he area.

This is

Topography , level with one s hallow canyon

Residents f or t he most part are retired , pro f essional and business

men , etc ., with an income range from .,p2500 to ..,5000 ; no racial concent ration.
Ar ea practically 100;<> white , with a few Spanish families of high sooial strata
in the area .

H0 mes for the most part are well maintained .

Type of construction

predominantl y one story f ra~e and stucco bungalows , with some two story h omes in
the area.

Average age of buildings approximately f ifteen ye ars , with a cost range

of ~2500 to !i.$6500 .

Building restrictions by deed .

owner ; 15~ tenant ; n o vacancies .

Present 95}~ develope d , 851


All schools , fr om kindergarten through Senior

Hi gh Sch ool , i n easy access of area , with State College approximately two and onehal f miles East of area.

Transportation facilities , sma ll park , public library ,

mar kets and other c onveniencies in the area .
mostly paid for .

Street i mprovements are in and

1'h.ere is a small remaining road i mprovement district bond on

the prope rty , however , t he remaining bale.nee is so small that i t is not a detriment to the area .

No f lood or other hazar ds ; f og condition is very light .


area is in the Ci ty of San Die go and is a very popular district; property always
in demand in this area .

B- 2 2.

The toposrap hy of land ; gent le slope to the 11est.
area is known as tledland Gar dens .
fessiona l people .

~astern portion of

n'hite collar classes; business men and pro-

Income range v2000 to ~6000 .

Average age of constru ction

approxim ately eight years , with a cost range of from v3000 to v6000 .


well maintain ed , approxim ately 5070 develope d ; 8010 owner occupied ; 20,~ tenant .
i..ajority of' l ots in area have fro ntage of seventy- five feet .

Archite ctural

conf'ormi ty not as good as in .a- 14, nowever , a desirl;\b le area .
is known as M9ntecell o .

The .. es tern portion

It conforms in topograp hy to the .!!;astern portion, but

is populate d with people of a lo,,er income range , probably averagin g around vl500 .
Some homes , many of cheap constru ction.
in this ,,astern area -.}2500 .

Probably average cost of constru ction

Mo building restrict ions .

It is a desirabl e area

for the small home owner , and there is activity at this time in constr uction,
and can be designa ted as a low blue , as against a high blue of the ~astern
portion .

at the Southea stern point of the ~astern portion of 3- 22 is a small

tract known as .lilontemar- Vista.
from 1:orth to South.

It is a small area of two blocks .

Land sloping

lhe average cost of construc tion is approxim ately .,, 3500 .

most of the homes having been recently oonstruc te a .

It would probably take the

same rating as A- 14 , were it not for the fact that it is South of ~l Cajon
Bouleva rd , which as a rule has a lower type of developm ent than the property
North of El Cajon; and also becaus e of heavy paving bonds which have retarded
sales .
B- 23.

This area is improved approxim ately 2510 .
Topography level with gentle canyons in the ~ast .

tlesiden ts white

collar classes , clerks , skilled me chanics and small business men.
~lGOO to v2500 .

Income range

Homes for the mo st part well maintain ed and shov pride of owner-

Typical improvement s for the area one story Spanish Stucco , five to six

room bungalow s, probable average constru ction cost "'3500.
adverse tax situatio n in the area .

Paving all i n .


~fell integrat ed and property desirabl e and

were it not f or the surroun ding areas property would be classif ied as an "A" area .
Approxim ately 50" develope d ; 951~ owner occupied ; 510 tenant occupied ; no vacancie s .
There has been a greet deal of building activity in the area during the past
eighteen months .

No flood or other hazards .

Very little fog .

C- 1 .

This is one of the oldest sections in La Jolla , and is comparatively
level , lying some twenty or thirty feet above sea level.

It borders the

business district and a "colored" area , (D- 1) on the north a.11.d northeast ,
whil e on the east and southeast it is adjacent to the La Jolla Country Club .
It might be ter med the t radesman section, as many of the local merchants
and their clerks l ive in this area .
It is extremely spotted, some of the houses of very ordi nary frame
construction, while others are well- built and of good design .

l"or two or

three blocks near the Countr y Club the houses are of good t ype and are well
maintained , showing a high degree of pr ide of ownership.
f r om ,;i,1000 to ~7500 .

The cost range is

The homes are largely one- story frame cottages and

frame- stucco, and range in age up to fifteen years .
There is no racial concentration and it is conveniently located
as to schools .

Stre ets are all paved and lighted and it is close to trnns-

portation , markets and other city conveniences .
t here is a good view of the ocean.

From some parts of the area

This is in Acquisition Improvement Dis -

trict No. 1 , City of San Diego, Causeway (rli.attoon Bond District) .
C- 2.

Topography is level , s l ope toward foothills on the east and north .
Residents - business men, skilled laborers and few retired people .
a slight i nfiltration of :tviexicans , palance of population white .
no threat of any excessive i nfil t rat ion of Mexican element .
pride of ovmership.

There is

There is

Homes. show :ffair

Cost r ange of construction f rom \Pl000 to i 5000 , predom-

inately one- story and f r ame stucco , with few t wo- story houses .
this area is located the San Diego Army



Navy Academy , and elementary schools .

The area is knovm as Pacific Beach and while it enjoys good soil and climatic
conditions and fairly desirable marine view, it has been in a more or less
static c ondition for years and has neve r been highl y regarded as a residential
area by l ocal r esidents of San Diego .

Transportation fa cilities only fair .

Recreational and other conveniences are in the area, but in some cases more
or le ss isolated .

There is no unfformity of architectural design or si ze of

construction a.YJ.d it is approximate l y 257~ deve loped, 65/o home- owned , 25%
r ented and l0io vacant.

Area is in Acquisition


Improvement District No. l

City of San Diego , Causeway, (r.iattoon Bond District) .

This ar ea i s known as Mission Beach.

C- 3.

It is a str ip of sand l ots ,

2½ miles of peninsula, r unning north and south between Pacific Ocean, with
beach the entire length and Tudssion Bay State park on the east .
has ave r age approximate width of f our blocks .

This area

It is a typical Southern Cali. -

fornia beach community wi th no uniformity of buildings or restrictions .
Const ruction costs range from ~1000 to an extreme in a few instances of
J l5 , 000.

Lots are small and hous es are crowded.

high and fair l y low during winter months .
probably 40%.

Rents dur i ng the summer are

Percentage of owner - occupied is

It is probably 80% developed .

fhe San Dieg o Electric Railway

runs t hrough the center of this area , along Lission Boulevard .

Along this

boulevard there are houses and business buildings of al l descriptions .


the south end of the area the homes are more uniform and of better quality
than the balance of t he area.

Just n orth of this part is the amusement center ,

which was constructed at a cost of approximately ~3, 500 , 000 .
is restricte d t o the Caucasian race .
~350 to ~2000.

The area

ln.e present price of lots ranges from

The winter population during the past year averaged 2500 ;

sum.~er 5000 and more .

Vari ous clubs , community club house for women, Parent

Teacher Ass ' ns . etc . are located in the ar ea .

As a recreati onal center and

bathing beach it is consi dered excellent by l ocal resi dent s .
not so highly desirable f rom a home standpoint.

However , it is

All paving and sewe!! as sess-

ments are paid f or and there remains a two- year bal ance on sea- wall assessments ,
which average s approxL~ately ~12 . 50 per lot per ye ar .

liesidents consist of

all c lasses of lowe r salaried white - collar workers , some business and professional

Probable range of i ncome of r e sidents from ~1000 to, ~1800 per year , with

a f ew in higher brac kets .
This area comprises the mai n part of Oce an Beach and part of i t s
western section bor ders the Pacif ic Ocean and it rises to c ons ide rable height
in its eastern part .

The area is transversed by several canyons .


l argely of the laboring class with a sprinkling of business men and white- col lar
workers .

The i ncome range is f r om 91000 to ~3000.

Cost of construction r uns

f r om ~1000 to $5000 and the houses are l ar gel y one and two- story f r ame and
stucco .

In some parts of the area buildings are restricted by or dinances .

Average development approximately 35ft, being 851o in that portion adjacent to
the business section , with ve r y litt le habitation in the s outhwest and central
portions .

.1,lany of t he St r eets ar e paved and lighted , with lit tle or no improve -

C- 4.
( Cont)

ments in the sparsely settled sections .
from many points in this area .

There is a beautiful view of the sea

There is no tax problem.

Schools and other

conveniences are within or close to the populous sections .
This area adjoins A- 5 on the north and west and .in topography, etc .

C- 5.

is comparable to A- 5.

It is only abo~t 5fo· developed and is in a static con-

dition at this time with no prospect of any rapid development i n the near
future .

The homes in the distric t are of a fairly desirable character being

two- story stucco.
Hillside slopes .

C- 6.

Lots command nice view of San ~iego Bay.

Area is


an attractive subdivision.

Homes for the most part stucco , one and tv10- story.

Ave rage cost range of construction approximately ~2500 to w4000 .

Area is

sparsely settled and only fairly attractive from the home standpoint at this
time .

Average age of bui l dings - 10 years .


Part of the residents are Portuge se

Interspersed in this area are some small houses of a cheap con-

struction class which lower the desirability of the area from the home- standpoint.
paved .

Property generally well maintained , showing reasonable pride of ownerApproximately 60% owner- occupied , 40~ rented .

Streets for the most part,

No flood hazard , average fog condition for Southern California coast.

C- 7.

This area is comparable in every respect to C- 6.

C- 8.

Topogr aphy generally level , but cut with two or three large canyons
north and west , steep slope on rim.

w-l'J:i.ite- collar classes, business men and

high salaried clerical, income range from ~1200 to ~5000 .
about ~2500 .
tion .

No racial concentration.

Probably average

A slight threat of foreign infimtra-

Hornes generally well maintained and show fair pride of ownership.

Typical homes are f r ame bungalows , with some older two- story home s and some
stucco .

Cost range ~2500 to ~7500.

Gene rally restricted by ordinance to

residential houses , except on business streets .

Some encroachment of business

and apartment houses , on these thoroughfares ,

Grade and gunior High Schools

in the area , good transportation facilities .

Tnis area lies north and north-

west of Balboa Park.
facilities .
area .

.:.t ost streets paved and paid for , adequate lighting

This area is kno,vn as the Hi l l crest and western University Heights

It is one of the be s t of the older districts but definitely declining .

I t is good close- in pr.operty in the path of the gro,vth of the city.

As a

residential area it is being replaced by new and more highly restricted districts .

No flood or other hazards .

1'' og condition average .

area mi ght be classed as ''high yellow" .

Most of t his

Topography level and sloping , some canyons .

C- 9.

Re sident s white- collar

classes , prof essional , retired and business men , with income range from ~1000
to probably $6000 .

No irmnediate threat of f oreign infiltration.

Pride of

ownership in this area as well as maintenance of homes is spotted .
type of construction is two- story frame , ol der style .
years .

The average

Average age is 20 to 25

Area has various zones with practically no building restrictions .

Portion o·f this area is desirable wh ile other portions less desirable .
as a whole is spotted.

Ar ea

1'here is a scattering ef shops , apartments in the area

and a definite trend towar d multiple dwellings .
approximately one mile .

High school and grade schools

Good transportation facilities within the area .

Balboa Park adjoins on the east .

No f l ood or other hazards .

one of the first residential districts in San Diego .

•rhis area


Nithin 10 or 15 years

after colll.t~encement of the district , the hill section was one of the h i gh- class
distr i cts in the city .

Due to lack of restrictions and orcinances , cheaper

improvements and infiltration of apartments , roomi ng houses , etc . lowere d the
class of the property.

Some of' the best apartment houses in the city in the

area but there are many of the medium or lower grade .

The district definitely

declining from a residential standpoint.
This area lies along the Bay and is a desirable district .

C- 10.


i n this area is located the servants quarters or the colored population of
Coronado .

There is considerable building going on at this time and were it

not for the colored population and a dump at the northeast portion of the
area , same would be classified as a blue area and comparable to 3- 13.


is absolutely desirable with exception of t he facts ·as set out above and it
is necessary for this exclusive city to have such an area .

In all other

_res pects it compares favorably with B- 13.
Topography practically level .

C- 11 .

Inhabited for the most part by

lower salaried white - collar classes , mechanics , laborers , etc .
range of i ncome ~1000 to w2000 pe:r year .


Re side nts mostly white with some

!~ xican families , al though no racial concentration of any of this latter
element .

Property fairly well maintained .

Area is spotted .

are very attractive with more or less uniform homes of four to
others poorly i ntegrated .
three to six rooms .

Some blocks
six rooms ;

Typical improvements of the area - one - story

Range of construction cost from '11'1400 to ~~3500.

age approximately 15 years .


Accessible to transportation, sch ools , markets .

No tax si tuation adversely affects the area .

The area compares to G- 15 .

C- 11 . Practic ally all streets paved.
(Cont . )
average .

l,o flood or other hazards .

Pog conditio n

Topograp hy high , land sloping to the west overlook ing San Viego

C- 12 .

This is a close- in area , residen ts beins of the business and profess i onal

classes , with income range of .,,2000 to v6500 .
threat of foreign infiltra tion .


No racial concent ration.

Homes fo r most part we ll maintain ed.


typical homes of t his area are one and two- story fr_ame with some stucco.
age - 25 years .

Cost ran0 e of constru ction ~3000 to ~25 , 000.


'his is one of

the older areas of the city and there is an i nflux of apartme nt houses , courts
and other multiple dwelling s .

It is still cons idered very desi rable from a

residen tial standpo int , but is definite ly declinin g .
street lighting all i n and paid for .
situation .
ren ted .

Street improvem ents and

~o special assessme nts , nor adverse tax

'l'he area approxim ately 98;o develope d ; 7010 being ovmer- occupied , 3010

It is well located , being close to municip al golf course , Golden Lills

plaJgrou nd and do,·mtown shopping ce nter .


flood or other hazar ds .


conditio n is ave rage .
C- 13.

Tc., ography , eastern portion , level and rollin5 •
badly cut up with canyons .
skilled mechani cs .

11estern portion

Residen ts white- collar , r etired business men ,

Income range .,,,1500 to

coming in to southern portion .


A few better class J..e:xican s

Homes fairly well maintain ed and the average

of improvements is from 15 to 25 years , mostly frame and f rame- stucco with
a cost range of from vl500 to v7500.
This area usually known as Brooklyn Heights , is approxim ately 8.5%
develope d ; 80;o oYmer-oc cupied , 181 tenant and 2,o vacant .

Transpo rtation

faciliti es and convenie nces accessib le , ample school faciliti es .

This is

one of the older areas of the city and there is an infiltra tion of small
busines s , apartme nt houses and multiple dwelling s .
from a residen tial st andpoin t .
C- 14.

It is definite ly declinin g;

No flood or other hazards , li t}'lt fo 0 conditi ons .

This area is compara ble to C- 13 as to topograp hy and reside nts .
I mprovemen ts , for most part , one- story frame and stucco bungalow s , although
there are many small poorly planned homes , which lowers the grade .

Hesident s

for t1ie most part are whi ta- col lar classes with an income range of· from
~1200 to v2400 .

No flood or other hazards , vlith only light fog conditio ns .

C- 14

There is s·ome influx of multiple residences and small apartment houses in the

(Cont )
northern portion of the area .

It is ideally locat ed as t o all conveniences

including theatres , stores , transportation , etc .
Topogr aphy level with a f ew sha llow canyons .

C- 15

This area is only

slight ly lower than 3- 16 and in practically all respects similar to i t .
The homes are r..ot quite so well i ntegr ated .
what lower i n social str ata than in B- 16 .
and area not quite so desirable .

Some of the residents are someHomes not quite so well ma intained

However, area is favorably r egarded and its

classification i n relation to B- 16 would probably rate as high yellow, as
against a low blue for B- 16.
This area is comparable to C-11 and C- 15 in every respect .

C- 16 .

as East San Di ego .

It is known

Bus ine ss area extends all along El Ca jon Boulevard and

along Univers i t;t Avenue .
This area is leve l and slightly rolling , with s ome canyons .

C- 17.

portion of the ar ea more desirable than the eastern.

The western

Re stricted to whites

and also building restricti ons wi th minimum of ~2500 .

Cost r ange of constr uc-

tion ~r2500 to ~3500 .

Homes f or the most part

Range of i ncome ~1000 to ~1800.

show f air pride of ownership and f airly we ll maintained.
architectur a l des i gn is Spanish stucco .

The predominat ing

No special assessments .

The eastern

portion is more or less compar able to the west portion with t he exception that
the home s are less pretentious in construction and do not conform to type as
well and resident s of s ame are of a somewhat lowe r socia l str ata than western
portion .

In all other r espec t s compares favor ab ly to western portion .

a whole accessible to t ransportation, mar kets , schools , etc .
streets graded , few paved.
C- 18 .

No flood or other hazards .

Topography l eve l and small canyon.
with average income not exceeding ~1500.

Most of the

Fog condition light .

Resi dents for the most pa rt white

Homes are not wela i ntegrated and no

confor t1i ty as to style or desi gn has been carried out in this area .
buil ding restrictions l

Area as


Average age of constr uction around 12 years , with

average construction cos t of about w2500 .

This area does not h ave the desir-

able features of' B- 22, but i n topogr aphy is comparable .

Homes do not show

the care and mai ntenance of those i n any portion of B- 22 .
C- 19 .

This area c ompa res in al most every r espect with C- 16 except i n topography , which is level and deep canyons .

Home s generally not quite so desirable

as in C- 16 and f or t hat reason it would probably take a slightly lower classification than C- 16.

This is a small subdivision.

C- 20 .
not paved.

Topography slightly rolling .


Owing to heavy 11a.ttoon assessments the area is very sparsely se ttled

and probably should not have been graded at all , however , it is a sightly little
area and wo'lilld probably develop along favorable lines if heavy Iuat·lioon assessments were not against the property.
This area lies along El Cajon Blvd . east of .A,-14 or the State Co l lege

C- 21.
area .

Sparsely built up with more or less attr active homes cf approximately

. four to seven rooms , certain portions of the area , especially along El Cajon
Blvd. are quite desirable .

The eastern portion is in a 1iattoon district , which

fact has more or less retarde d development .

In the eastern portion the topog-

raphy of the land is level and slight ly roll i ng with a f ew canyons .


for the most part is concentrated along El Cajon Avenue with a few small
settlements north of El Cajon.

Even in face of the ;,,attoon situation, the

area is favorably regarde d and has had some recent development .

The resident s

are fo r the most part all whi te people, belonging to cler ical group, mechanics ,
semi- profess ional and small- business men , with an income range f rom ~1500 to
~2000 .

The probable cost range of improvements will run from ~1500 to v3500.

Bus line runs along El Cajon Blvd .

Very small portion of area is restric t ed

as to building and f or that reason there is no real uniformity as to architectural de sign.

Ce rtain portions of area are rest ricted by deed t o a single

.f amily dwelling , with building restr ictions of '!l3000 minimum.

'l'his is a dif'ficul t

area to classify as it is hard to say just what development will take place and
what type of development in the i mmediate future .

,lere t he Mattoon situation


adjusted , the area would in all probability deve l op quite rapidly .

However , El

Cajon Blvd . has definitely declined from a residential standpoint as this street
is being improved with small businesses .

There is no flood or other hazards .

condition light for this whole area .
C- 22 .

Topography high , hillside , rolling and canyons. This area of the
Encanto di st ric t is more desirab le f rom a home standpo i nt than D- 10 in that
it is higher and generally has more unifor m and better type of i mprovemen ts .
Residents are of higher social s trata with i ncome range from vlOOO to v2000.
Typi cal homes in this area one story f rame , 5 to 7 r oom, with few two- story
homes . rlefore the r;,attoon assessment was placed upon this area , i t was the
cho ice spot of the whole Encanto district . However , due to cheap price of
lots , no real confo rmity as to design and type of i mpr ovements was carr ied
out. Area is also spotted with small _ch icken ranches and other agricuttural
pursuits . Hi gh and sightly it commands e good marine view. A f ew _of the
streets are paved. All und er 1,at t oon assessments . At present no deve lopment
whatever , nor .has there been for some years , due to the filattoon assessments .


This area is knovm as the servants ' quarters of La Jolla , being

D-1 .

populated vrith the serving class of whites , negroes and ...exicans.


populated with this lower social strata, the area is considere d good security
for conservat ive l oans .

The area co,~,prises approxima tel;y six blocks and is

located i n the northwest portion of La Jolla , within easyvalki ng distance of
the business oenter of La Jolla.

This area is located in hcquisiti on and

Improvement District tlo. 1 , City of San iliego , Causeway (Mattoon Bond .1Jistrict) .
The hones are predomin antly one- story frame cottages , ranging in age from
8 to 30 years ana the probable cost of construct ion is from ~750 to ~2000.
Homes show little pride of ownership .

The particula r area is set aside by

common consent for the colored populatio n.
paved , with sidewalks and curbs .

The majority of the streets are

Street lighting adequate .

'.l'here is located

in tais area , in addit ion to the residenti al homes , two lumber yards and
one iceplant .
l>- 2.

'l'he area is 9570 developed ; 55% rented , 4010 home- owned.

This area constitut es what is known as "Old '.1:own 11 anc.l that describes
it quite well .

It is the oldest section of the city and many of the houses

are more than fifty years old .

.d.esidents are of a nondescri pt t;ype , comprisin g

every element of the lower social strata.

'fher e is a certain glamour to this

section on account of its age and associatio ns .

l'he widely kno,vn Ham ona ' s -arriage

Place with its ,fishing .. ell is located in this area and is a Great attractio n to
tourists .

'.l'he area lies on a flat along the San uiego rtiver which transvers es it.

A steep bluff bounds it on the east.

,,,any of the houses have but little or no value

and but few residents have incomes of more t han ~1000.

It would be an extremely

hazardous area in which to make loans although there is some new construct ion in
the northeast section.

Transport ation facilitie s are good and many of the streets

are paved and lighted.

'I'here are no tax problems in t hi s area .

D- 3.

'l'opography level and sloping, some canyons .
workers , and fishermen .
of I talians in the area .

Income range ~750 to vl 800.

Residents : laborers , factory
There is some concentra tion

Idaintenan ce and pride of' ownership is nil .

construct ion old style frame houses , cost- range . 1200 to y3000 .
years .

1\Io building restricti ons .

b5,~ rente d, 11 0 vacant .

Average age : 25

Approxim ately 80/a developed ; 30/o owner- occupi ed ;

;.1.n ere is an infiltrati on of industria l plants , small shops ,

st or es , etc . scattered t hroughout the area .
ation facilitie s , car and bus- line .
~og condition average .

Type of

Grade school one- half mile .

6010 st reets paved.

No special assessmen ts .

Transport -

~,o flood or other hazard .

~o tax situation affects this area.

Thi s area is one of the oldest part~ of the city, being inhabited


by various types of residents running from ,..exicans in some parts of the
area to.more or less all white in other parts .

There is an influx of small

industrial plants and businesses , apartment houses and other multiple dwellings ,
also many cheap rooming houses .

'l'he area is definitely hazardous .

to the west and overlooks the city.

It slopes

It is close - in and from a cheap rental

standpoint, to certain types of residents , is more or less in demand .
a rather spotted area .

Typical i mprovements are one and two story old style

frame houses , many apartments , rooming houses , etc .
other hazard .

It is

Fog condition average .

'l'here is no flood or

Transportation, markets , churches , schools ,

etc . accessible to the area.
Topography generally rough , \vith many canyons .

lJ- 5 .

desirable spots .

Howeve r , sorr:e

liesidents , for the most part, workmen and laborers , with

some clerks and other white- collar classes .

rlange of income w900 to ~2500 .

In the midd le southern portion a great many fuexicans with a definite t r end of
inf iltration of this element.
of ownership shown.

Average age of' improvements is from 10 to 25 years .

range \,(1000 to v2500.
restrictions .

Homes are not well maintained and little pride

Predominantly one- story frame and stucc o.

Transportation facilities poor.




•his area , except in the south-

western portion is not developed , and not likely to be fo r a long time .
adjoins the southeast portion .

fuattoon .i.iistrict 11 •


Entire southern portion of the area is in a

Street i mprovements only in southwestern portion.


probably 20/o developed ; 40;¼ owner- occupied ; 5510 rented and 5'.to vacant.
Topography level , sloping to the west and south, north and east

D- 6.

portions broken by canyons .

North portion occupied by mixed races , colored ,

uexican, lower salaried white raoe , laborers , etc .
to ~1500 .

Range of income ._j750

Racial concentration of colore d fraternity .

Homes show only

slight degree of pride of o~-nership and on the average are negligently maintained .

1 ypical construction one story frame .

Ave rage age 25 years .


range vl450 to ~3000.

Approximately 90~ deve loped; 50fe owner- occupied ; 50~

rented ; no · vacancies .

Easily accessible to transportation, schools , markets ,

and other conveniences .
or other hazards .

Portion of this area in uiatto on ...;istrict.

Fog condition average . All streets paved .

No flood


D- 6.
portion compares in almost every instance with that of the north portion of
D- 6, with the exception of N..attoon assessments , which do not affect southern
portion of this area .

Southeastern portion is not as heavily populated as

northern portion and some ground not so desirable as majority of the balance
of the area.
This area known as East San Diego and Lexington Park.

D- 7.

level , toward the southern portion many canyons .
of smal~ homes , 3 to 5 rooms .


Poorly integrated district

No conformity as to architectural design.

Average of improvements apt'roximately 10 years , with cost- range of construc tion from ~1000 to w2500 .

Lower salaried white - oollar classes , naval personne l ,

laborers , etc . with income range of 1900 to ~1500.
of any foreign elem.ant .

There is no concentration

However , many !'11.e xicans scattered throughout the area .

Northern part of the area more desirable than southern , account of t ransportation , city convenQences , etc .
to that in south.

Also topography of land superior in the north

Area is very spott ed - some blocks being fairly uniform

and others poorly developed with all types of homes .
Fog condition light .

Rentals lower than C- lo.

rlo flood or other hazards .

Most of the eastern portion

of the area in Mattoon District .
Topography badly cut up by canyons .

D- 8.

white and ~exican.

Homes poorly maintained.

shacks and small houses .

Residents low salaried classes
Typical i mprovement s one- story

Cost range ~600 to ~1500.

Heavy Mattoon assessments in this area .

Approximately 15~ deve loped .

No f lood or other hazards .


fog condition.
This area compares to D- 8 in all respects .

However , approximate ly

25~ developed with residents have a range of income from v900 to vl500.
poorly integrated .

Typical construction one story small house , range of con-

s t ruction cost .,,1000 to , .>1500.
Light f og condi ti.on .


In i\!attoon District .

No flood or other hazards .

Prac t ically all houses i n the area occupied , - 60;o home -

owners; balance tenants .
This area rolling, hilly , many canyons.

D- 10.

Sparsely settled.


homes as a rule are small but no confor mity whatever to type and show little
pride of ownership.

This is due to heavy til.a t toon Assessment in most of the

area , which has retarded the growth and development for several years .


dents lower salaried classes , mostly whites and ulexicans with small earning

The land was originally subdivided and sold off in very cheap lots

D- 10 . and much of the area wss used for small chicken and rabbit ranches , etc . The
approach to the area is also detrimental to its future development as a good
district .

If the kattoon situation did not exist in this area , it would be

possible to pick out certain small districts that would probably take a higher
rating than is herewith shown.

H0 wever , the general attitude of local lend-

ing agencies is that the whole ar ea is hazardous regardless of ~.attoon assessments .

No flood or other hazards .

fog condition very light,

Portions of the

area more or less r emote from transportation and other conveniences , while
other portions are fairly close to transportation , market , etc .

~he small

tovm of Bncanto havi ng a sn1all one- street business area of two or three blocks
is also located herein.

Soi l is for the most part adobe .