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IEALTT IIAl' OP lllllll&Al'OLIS, ll!!ll!IESO!A

Designation1 of the Ore.des oE Saourit1 uPon the attached map aooordiZlg
to the legend appearing th!lreon, reprHent1 the ocsipo111te judgment ·ot th•
follOWing a.uthor1t1e1 OD Minneapolis real eetat ea

Gq • • i..ton~. Vioe PrH14ent, r1rat lle.tionill Bank
,nd ! l"Uet cc:impaq, EHQutiT9 Oftio er ot lte mortgage
:Fred L. Chapman ot _th• i'irat Ktnneapoli~ Co:npeny,

aortg~• and r,al estate -depar.uri&nt.
Victor J. Eagbetg, 1A ·o harge or the r .e.l · estate
d•par\rn•1' of ti,o llinnkp<>UI
Frank J. ·Jlllle~, Seeretary of the Northw8storn
llational BaJ;lk & 1' .C(!Q'f Pr&aident, of' tht
Jlortlnreatem MoM;· C81!1pa:q, ffll olll' owned eubsid1$fy

ot the ~orthwe8" Bllnoorpon.ticm.


o . H•. Odin, Executi•re, the 14arquette
N&tional Bank.
A. o. lamps, lillUlAg,er, w.nneapolis of'i'io e of the
Jrilll.nHota Federal ZaTing e and Lqe,n Asaooiation .

Albert B. -Oroaby. beoutive S~retary, f ormers and
Jlechan101 Savings Be.nk.

WalteT G. Walla.oe, Vioe•preeident, . 'l'awle Mortgage
Ccapany, oorreapondent ot Prudential InJuronce

Franlti)7l Britus•

ot the lli.nnee ot•

_lfutual Life Insurance


1(obn S•ibel, .Dia1;riot ~•I", Home Olinere t Loan
Corporation ot'· Jlinneapol11J 16 years 1n the real
eeto.te budneH _in M:lnneapolia.


!hi• 11 a newly developed dietrict, approximatel:; ten years old, with tnme
1.nd iltuooo dwelline;• predom1nat1ng . Prot euional and businese men r esid e
herein. On the ee.n ie bit&Ut:1N !Ake .Holtom1• with two bathing iu,•.ohe■, o.m oe
raok a and r ecreat!on, f'lariked on all ddee by extendv•
ed w:t.M.1ng road.. To the nortJu,ac.t ta .Hiawatha T,ake with a public golf cour se.

H6u1e• range 1n n.lue ~ t1.000 to tht dwelling a . are m.oetly one,
one and one-halt awl two atoriee high, -tull7 9°" ;, All mod•1"21
imprOTtmente and publio ut111tie• are here. The di.-triot i• a very detirable
on• f'rom every point of Ti.ew. Very little rehabilitation ia needed. Valu9e
herein depreoiated appro:dmatel;y 2"" to 30:,C w::l th a recovery or about one-halt'
ot the drop.


1a ooaupi4td by bueinese end protesaional. peopl • and is one of' the
aoet dHirable rHidential ne.ighborhopds in W.nneapolie, ,dth Lake Harriet
Ullllediatel7 to the northwest. Homes range 1n value f'r0r:1 16,000 to 160,000
and in age, t'Na. three to thirty years . The area ia highly deTeloped and
..-.11 aalntained with all aodern iMpr<JVemeo:ts. The 8outheastern pnrt has
houeea ohietly ot tram• and atuoco and just eut b-QQ. Lake HarriE:t• brick
and 1tucoo hOlll... predminate. 'the homes are very well ma1nta.tned and little
rehabilitation ie ne•ded. There are many t-wo-stor;r hooes, v.hile some ot
the larger and mor.e 001tl7 dwell~• are two and one-halt and three storiet·•
The area 11 ne&rl)'" 100,: owner-oooupied. Favorable intluenoes are the Wnnthaha
Par~ ai:u:t. Creek traa weat to east boundary, and Lake Harri et on the north•
western •id•• The trend or the growt.h in,;; is to the 13outh and
aouthwea1; and thia area ia one of the ohoioeet Bootions. Va.luee have held

up here in the ••• proportion ae in A-1•



It ia i'avorably located with I.eke Calhoun on the north and Lake Harriet to
the ,outheaat ot it. Conatruotion 16 brick, trG1:e nnd stucco with one, one
and a half and ho ..tory houses. Very ff!IW homes ar e t or rent 1n this o.rea.
It ia substantially all owner-ocoupi~ by bueine~s and professional mec . Very
little rehabilitation ii needed. Values range floc,g $6,000 to
Imm.ediately to the north is the w.nikahda golt oourae, one of the bost 1n the
oity. Value ■ have held up very well in this 19ect1on. shrinkage boing a.bout
281' with a l~ recovery. There are many favorable features such as Lake
Harriet, and Like Calhoun, which af'f"ol'4 reoreation te.oil1t1eB for bathing.
f1eh1llg, boatiug in the summer and skating ·end ioe•boating in the winter.
'lhH• lakes are JD&intained by the Parle board. Beauti.t'Ul ehrubbery lint the
ahorH of both • is a ohoioe aall well located area on a high point ovel"looking
Ce.lhoun to the weat. It haa been developed in the last ten yeare. Most

ot the hou1ea are of' tremo and atucoo, ranging in values from 16.600 to tl6 ,000.
DuplexH in thi.s are• rented at one time :tor 1135 a unit but tod.a.y rent at rraa

tao to $100. Favorable· fee.tu.res are the take Calhoun bathing beaches not tar
di1te.n:t, and the Lake Harriet bt.thing beaohee: to the ao~h. It also ia very
-.ooeedble to the bul111e11 dietriot on Lake Street end to the north has ready
acoeaa1b1lity into the 4ewn"own loop d.1.atrict. Values herein dropped _about 40%
arid have reoovercd approximately 20%-,



is a small area ot hom.ta looated along the easterly portion of Like Bokani•
an4 m.mtha Lake. The hou1e1 are o:t briok, frame and etuooo oon1tl"'Uotiona
with atuooo Moat of the dwelling• are one and one- halt and two
etorl••• '!h.e7 range 1n value tr<lll 161 000 to 0101 000. Koet of tha. are 011Dei'oooupled with bueinffa end prote ■ &ioneJ. 111"'1 redding 1n the ar·• • The la.To.Nb l• the adJao«i.t I.ake ruawatha and Nokomis., with their bathir..g
beaohes and golf course,, rhiB is a very desirable looation. with


1.c,ce•11b1l1ty along l!1nn shahl. Bolllnard to many arterial atreets rtmning ei ther

into the locp in Minneap olja or St. Paul on the eaet. !ioueea r~• in ~e trom
5 to l-2 year• ~ •hrunlc in T&lue a.bout S8;(· with a reooTery ot 2()%.

A small newly develop•d area on the west side ot the Kiaeiaeippi R1v,r with
houaea ranging 1n oolt trom. ts,ooo to t l0,000 end in age t'rom five to ten years.- .
!he Park Board oontrol• the wooded aeQt1on on tho east side to tho river. The
district ia largely ocer oi;:oupied. Con~truotion is a mixture ot bJ'iok, trame
and stuooo. ?hia aeotion has probably reached ite beat de-relopmen-t. V,alues
have held up well, "1th a depreuion shrinkage of ·about ~5f. and. a recovery of


Bueinees e.nd pro:f'tes1onal men live in this predominantly owner-oooupied·area
wherein bousee range 1l1 value from tS.,600 to $16,000 and in age :trom. f'ive to
r1tteen years. Con,truotion is of bri ok, frame and :stuooo. The area. is well
prHened.. It ha1 all modern improvements and oonvenienoes. The wost part of
this district ia located on leYel land, high above the W.eeieaippi River. Th.e
Park Board. oontrolt all land to the •!let between West River Road and t.'1.e river.
The area on the aide of the River can be deaaribed in like manner aa above,
except that it is on lcrwer ground . It has the same beauti:tul. view along the
River. Approximate depreciation here so,g, with rec~ery 10%, to 1;?%.


The area northeast of A-7 on ea■t aide of the RiTer is approxil:le.tely b,o long
blooka, hem Frclklin Avenue on the north to Ceoil street on the aouth.
Profeuora at the UD..iveraity of Minnesota, end others ,lho are connected with
the University find this a ohoioe looe.tion. Homes here are of stucco and
frame construction. They r an&e in value trcm 15500 to $6 500. The railroad
ahow:i northeuterly of thi& area doea not mater ially l o a.en the value of i ta
use for re•idcitial purpo8ea. '!he lota are deep, and the traoka ahom constitute a apu.r and 1, Uled mostly for only one. industry, the Barber 011 Company.,
which ia located on the north side of Franklin Avenue •
.1- 8.

fh,11 area. haa bem developed during the past ten years. Homes are all modern.
moetly or tho two-atory type with sooe duplexes, ranging in Talue from. $7,000
to 116,000. NMrly all of the houses except duplexes are owner oooupied.
Duplexes rent i"J'oa 186 to 1100 a unit oampared to i'ormer prioes of ~100 to
$135. Due to the proximity of this eeotion to the park lakea. it is a highly
d.Hin.ble residential area. Values herein held up we~l . Depreoiation :SO,:,
recovery 12% to l~.


!hie ie an attraotiYe area highly desirable aa a residential eeotion. Uoet
ot the dwallin&s f'ront on Lake of tile Islea, mainta~ed by the Park Board.
Along the wbding shorH of the 1$.ke are bridle pa.th1, Wide ar«9!aa of large
tine ·trees, 1hrubbery and la,ma. Thie area is &ho cloae to Cedar and
take Calhoun, both of bathing beaches, boating and ioe eke.tine
taoUitiee. P raotioally all houaes in this area are awner-oooupied. Value ■
ran&• tr011 17,000 to 17,600. Construction 1• ot frame, atuooo and brick,
r"UDl1ing 1D tlge :trom 10 years to 30 yeare . Pro.tHdonal· and. budnese men_ of
the more atnuent olaaa oooupy thie area. Depreoiation 1D value ■ between
1929 and 19151 wa• •n•re in thie area beoau•• eo mm:y of the homee are large

1truotur•• Jthero!n ooat of' uph•p 1• grn:t.
11brrmk 46% and have been altnr .1n reourery.

lt 1a est.tmated that value,


Thie i a a deve lopment of the_l net ten years, oc cu9ied by the h i gh enl ar i ed
bu d ne BB and pro f essi o,,a l class . RousoG r arlf,e i n val uo f ro:rn " 6 ,000 to , 10,000 .
some of br ick but f).-rono and st ucco pr edoninat i~. 'Ite de s i rci.b ility of t h is
looc.t i on is t hat i t h on a hir.h spot overlooking Hin."l<' n::,oli s . It is e.oe~asib le
t o Cedar Lake with bathi n g f acilit ies . Browni e Lake is to the we st , while the
rolling hills beyond a,i'ford a beauti fu l view. l'o t he northwe s t is Glenvrood
Park, one of t he lo.rc;est and most attract i'rn par k s in I~nnco.polis. Imnodi y
t o tr..e s outh and ubout fifty f eet bel ow t he h ieh poi t o.i' thi s a r ea are ·
the trnoks of t he lli:rmcapol i s and St . Louis H&. il'Way . ~hi s , how1•ver, doe s not
lr.3.t erinlly_hurt the di s·l;rict as t he tr acks are ab o1\t 75 yards to 100 yards
e..way and ni·o not vi s lb l e . '!'he d istr ict hns r eact1ed i ts boat deve lopment ::ie ot the cir cums cr ibed e.rea i n 'l'lhich it is locat ed . Val u..:: s are fo. irly we ll
maintained , the de pre s s i on shrinka;:e bei ng about 301 ; and r ocovor y 15%.


Th i s ares. le l ocated nenr the we ster l y city l ioits i n what i s knoml a s 1iorth
lil.nn£-npolis. I t was pl atted by the David C• .iJe ll Investment Company with
r e s t rict i on• a s t o si ze· of' lots and al s o cost of cons'cr uction. '!he pl att i r..s
was made shortly be f or e t he '.";'orld ·.. nr and t ho deve l opment s 0~1ly moderate l y
f ast . Duri::.c the war and shor t l y thereafter, many people of the Jewieh race ,
who_had acquir ed "l':88.lth, t hat period , moved in to t 1·i s sect i on , end Jews
compr ise a st the ont i re popule.t ion of the di st r ict . 'Lbi~ dist r ic·i; , becau s e
of the patr ona,:;c or one race , hasspo!.sibl y rcr-.ohed i ts peak both in value s ,
and its desirabil ity wh:~ ch will l ar ce l y be conf ined t o t h.a::- race . Many we althy
Jewish peopl e , dur in~ the past ten ye1·rs , have move d to tho southwestern pnrt
of' ?!irmea polis desir in;; t o Get away i':rom one district which is confined to onl y
members of their own race . Romes r c.nsEl from :_:4500 t o ;i S0, 000 in va.lue and in
age f-.r om three t o 20 years ol d , so!lle br ick but '.'l'i t h fra:ue and stucco pr edor.iinat i n&• Some r litat ion is nc ces s·:ry II part ic ul ar l ~, in thot part easterly .
fr om i homas Avenue to Queen ,henuc , bounded on t he nor th 1iy Pl ymollth s outh to
Ei c,hth Avenue. The unde sirabl e f e · turo of ·this nei ,.;hb orhood i8 tho clooe
pr oxL-nity of t he lower c l as s of: Jowish peopl e r esidi nc; i l!l?lledfo.ts l y adjacent t o
t he east and south of t his area, cl1ich liomes a in znany instances are -!':Oto 50 old . Val ue r. in A- 11 depr e cia t ed about 4(],'; from l!J29 t o 1933 '7ith e.
recovery of about 20;-~ of the drop. That , .ho't'rever, ...-onld only t o Jewish
purchasers. Tho f a ct that the market 1n t h i s· area is c on fined lo.rr,el y t o Je \Ts ,
tiake the .sect i on undesirabl e t o others. '.i::is estima.i::Ei of valuos woul d be. oonfined t o Jowi sh transaction s.

A-12 .

This small area is l ocated on high l and , ovor lookine; the Gl enwood Pnrbe.y o.nd
Gol f Cour se to the ao~thwe st . liou so ::; r e.n';e i n from t hree to 20 years; and
i n val ue f rom ~5600 to _10,000. Fr nme, briok :md stucco pie.le~ up t tlc con structi on
With stuoco predominatin r; . The t"'.r en is occup i ed principally hy b~ sines s and
pro fe ssiona l men; the majority of lfhom ar e ownoi· e . Vor y littl e rehab ilit at ion
ii r eauired here in. It i s a de sirable neighborh ood, its onl y detrimental
in flu;nce b eing a craOJ11er y locatod at 19th nnd Aer,:e s. '.i'o the ·aouthwo s:t and just
outside t he c ity limits is r;lenwood Golf Cour se . Looking vre sterly i'rom. t h is
d istrict t h e contour oi' t he hround is rolli~ with two lakes ne stling b et ween
the hille, e.fforJ.i ng a beautiful view. Value ~ dropped bet-..eon 25% and soµ of
whi ch ab out 15% has r eeO"Vered.


i 'h!s mall a.ree. feces .':omorie.1 Vr i ve. I t lllls been deve l oped within the past
f i f t een years . i!m:-.e s ran;'.,;o il!. ve. lue f"rO!!l ;·6 , 000 to ~. 10 , 000 and are n mixture
oi• .b r i ck a nd stucco, with s t ucco predOlllinating . Prof essional and busine ss men,

moat of whma own their homes • re aide herein. Very little rehabilitation is
neceHary. Thi1 e.ree. overlooks Memorial Dl"ive • pa:rt of t he "Grand Concourse"
'Wh.ich eurrounde JU.ru1Gapolis. Xhie is a e;ood lending territory. va.luea depreciating ouly ubout 25% during the depriudon period with a normal recovery.
Thsre ia no danger of encroachm8nt from any side. The topography of the district
ie flat.

T:da district i& very similar to that 0£ A•l3. 'fhe area also overlooks part of
the Grand Concourse. The Ann.our Golf Cour se, one of' the pul~lic courses, is
innaediately to the east, outside the city lilllits. This is desirable lending
territory, and praotically all owner oooupied. Ve.lucs dropped about 25% and
have de111011etrated a norma.1 recovery.


This ame.11 area is yopuilated by aala.ried people of moderate mee.ns . The homes
are constructed. of frame and stucco with stucco predo?1.ine.tin~ J mostly sraall
sinr,le homes of one. and --:r..e and 0~1.e-half stories. So!r.e rehabilitation is
neeeas<:, ry. The houses range in a.:te :f'rom five to 16 year.s and in oost from ;, 3500
t o esooo. These hoF£s are practically all owner--ooeupied. V~lu· ' s were fairly
well maintained in thie diet~·iot. the depression ehrinkaee beine; about 30; o.nd
recovery 40,% of the drop. !·he Columbia Park; and Columbia. lfunioipe.1 Golf C()ursa,
immediately north of the area. are favorable fe.ctoris.


The home1 1n thia dietriot are occupied by prof'esaiona.l and buainesa men &.nd the
salaried clau. fhe construction is ·mostly of frame and stucco with stucco
predominating in one• l¼ and two story homes. In age they range from five to 20 Considerable rehabilitation ie needed. No shifting of. p opulation is taking
pl&.ce in -this dietrict. The homes range in price f'rott i:2500 t o ~5000. Scandinavians predominate o-rerilhelmingly in the area. A greet precenta.r,e of the hom<7e
are owner oaoupied. ltonta vary :from $ 25 to ~45 . Values shrunk e.boUt 30% herein
lll'.ld have re0onred about one hal f of the drop.


This arMha.1 a mixed populr.tion of business, pro feseiona.l, trades, sa.hried e.nd
laboring peopls. The houses mostly of frame and stucco conafa·uction
etuoco predominating, and one,
and two story structures. Some rehabilitation 11 nocessft?'y in thh area, the house·s ranr;ing 1n from five to 25 years.
There b no shirting of population. The homes range in pri<:les fro:u {t 3000 to
$6000 and rent at from $ 36 to i 60. ApproT.imate ly 75% of the homes here are owner
ocoupied. Valut: s held up well. the depression ehrinka~e bein~ about 25% and
recovery 12%.



The homes in this area are of frame and stucco with stucco predomim.ting. There
are several apart ments and duplexes. It haa a shifting popul ation with Jewish
influence' inoreasing. Business and professiona l n.n reside in the area. There many bunr,e.lows and homes of one, l ½ &nd two atoriee. Considera.b~ r ehabilita•
tion ie needed.. The age of' houses run from five to 20 years, and the price in
Bingle hous•• f'l'om. $1600 to $6000, and duplexes f, 6000 to \'.8600,. with a bout 7($
or b..c:aa• ~ r o••upbd. 'fb.11 4.epreH1011. • herein ...,. a.bout &6~ of which 16%
has be.en retrieved.

l:1 -5.

This Dll.11 area ii well develpped.

It faces :tiorth Commons Park , ~ne of the le.rear

parka in Minnca.polie . Professional and bueineSB :men r eaide here. Th•
house s are of etuooo. frame and briok many of them two stories hi gh. · The
price range 1a i'rom ~500 to $6 500. Very little rehabilitat ion ia needed . the
homes being from ten t o twenty years of age a r.d about 10~ owner oooupied.
Thi e district has eaey acoeH to the loop and bueineaa districts of 111nnaapolia.
Values held up well with probabl y a 2trfo depreointion with a good ,;reoovery.
B-6 .

Thie 1• an area developed within the laat 16 years I adj a.cent to A-11 which 18
known as the "Home Wood" aeotion 0£ the -wealthy Jewl11h people. The ma.jority
ot the homes are o,mer oocupied and moat ot the occupants are of the Jewieh
rs.oe . The pr ices ra.nge from $-lOO0 to C7000. there are so?:ie duplnu in t his
area . Some rehabilitation ic needed. Ve.lua.tion shrinka?.e was fully SO", ' to
40,. from 1929 to 19$3 (due to t he hot that t his district nae built up dur i ng
the booa period) with Tery little r ecovery. '1'he narket is r e stricted due to
the fact that people of ona raoe predol!li m1te .

B-7 .

'.i.h is mull area is oooup ied by bueineae. profeseional and aalaried people. Frame
aud atuooo houees predominate. The houses mostly one . l ·~ and two story
single d. . llinga. Some rehabilitation ii needed . The houses range in
f'rom ten t o 26 yeare and in vlllue from $ 3000 to i· 7000. Ther e ie n o shifting
o f population and fully 865' of the hol:\.es aro 01111er ocoupied. One desirable
fo tare of this dietriot ii its easy accessibility to the loop both from the
north and s outh end.a and i t a loc~.t ion nenr the park system, the elention
b eing hi!;h 1n placoa. Rolling high la.nd makes it very dedra.ble t o soma
pe ople. The depreciation. h S51' with a recovery of from l o,$ to 15i'.

B- 8.

Th ia small area was formerly a location for sma ll seasonal <,ottages 1n
the earlier days of iiil1nnce.polis. During the pa st 10 to 16 years i t has
developed into a permanent residential district for persons of moderate means.
The houses range in value froa ;; 2000 to ~-6600. 'l'he a ge of the buildin,-·s run from
two to f'if'teen yoare and the prodomina.t e type is stucco. The occupa.13.te ue
meetly bueineae and 88.laried men and the homeis a re practicall y all o-mier
oooup ied. A deairo.b le f e ,: t ure of this locn.t ion 1e its proximity to Cedar Lake,
one of the ohain of lo.kea in "the westerly part of Minneapolis. Deprecie.tion
1e 3~ with a recovery of 15%.

B- 9.

Although moat ot this section is one of the earlier developmente of' .U:inneapol i"s ,
the homo s 1n aost oaeea are kept in good condition. Many of the occupant s are
persona of aubstantial meana. '.lhe a.roa ill adjacent to the high grade Lake o f'
the Isles ■ eotion. It overlooks in part, Kenwood Pe.r k, and is flanked on the
!fortb by a large area c ontaining costly and substa ntial ho:nes• The area 1a
._11 :maintained, baa wide streets and well kept boulevards. It is conveniently
oloee to the l oop d iet riot • which ia entered :from He~pin Avenui, on the east
.fl hmrodd Par:ir:.y on the west. Houses rango in value from tl 6000 to $12.,000.
Host of them are single eix and seven room struoturee but me.tty du!) l exes and a
few apartments have been built herein. The ori ginal development of Kenwood
Pe.rkay was mad• by people or means and -.ny ao-oalled mansions were built
in -thie 'loca.11.ty. Owner occupe.noy 1a chlngin.g in some of it . Although a
ohoi.•• Hot\on• tM hl~at l)o1nt of" \ta .d.evelopmen.t -.a r•a.ched about l5 yeare
a g o• Homes rent o.t !'rom t-6~ to ~86 and dupl exes fi'01!1 ,so to }90. The house ■
aro built of brick , atuccO and .frW!!e. Busb ess and professional p eople
i nc luding hi!11 salaried men. re s ide in the area . Depr es sion valttC!.tion shrinkap.:e

was about 5~ and recovery 16%'.

This seotion ia an old psrt of the oity aout~ of X..O:ring Park. it 1a•ooo\1P1ed by
busine 198 and pr ofeaeional 111.en bolud i ng some ot the hig_h saluied clau. Bo11411s
range 1n a ·g o from ten ·to 40 years. Vory :many f'iD!t lar ~e old J18.lleion.a with ap&cioua
lawns • ~ y trees, and much shrubbery are tound 1n this district. The hOfflea are
mostl y two and thret story houHa. Many of thitse are graduallj, being oonverted. into
duple:n e . Thero a r e acme apartJlenta &Dd beea.use ot its e.ooeedbility to the business
district, thia area. 1a in strong de:?!'Jmd. by good tenants . U!µiy of' the fine , ol d
homes will e,-entually be converted into apo.rt:Jii.ent,s . A i'air UI.Ount of r,habilitation
is noceaaary. 1'he WH.lthier c lass are n ovi ng out o f' this diatrlot , and p,oin,g into
th, s ou t h and eouthwe et parts of the c ity. Values ro.n~• froa ,S!iOO to $12 ,000.
Ve. luo.tion eh.tinkage has been reaa oD'\bly heairr (60%) due to the · high oo,t of' keeping
up the large old houses tor which there is practically no sale today. About e~~
0£ the h011ee a r e owner occupied. Th i s district has nen its b•st dJys.


In t hi • a..11 a ree. , d.ave loped· since the war, on the n orthwo :;t of Lake Calhoun ., :tho
ho:msa are of ..-aritd types with a fow large ho:.iees ., so?:l& on& , 1½ and two atcry
dwellinr s, and a few ranging in cost !ron t:sooo t o (:15,000,. Som r ehabilitation ie nseded. Eighty per oent o !' the homea a re owner-oocupied. Jlostly businen
butinees and profeseional ~ n reside herein. Doprec i o.tion was 35~ with a r ecovery
of 16% ,


Doairability of &aall area is lare;ely booause or i t s oroximity to Le.kei Calhoun.
Busineae • pro!'eesional and salaried 11Bn reeirl" here. The fU'e small, single
dwellin9s ot one to l ½ stories and f our, .five and six . 'f:'1.ero arc a few
apartaents ranging in pr i ce f'rom ;;12600 to $4500. Undesirable f eetures are undeveloped. fil l ed-in nui.p lands a.nd the raihn7 to the north, also Bxcebior Bculevsrd,
th e ncrthwestern bor der of' t h ~.e area, 1'i'hioh is a heavy- traf£'1c high.-,.y at a ll titn.:) o.,
day and n i ght. Age of bi.tildinga range £:rom. 10 t o 35 . Vp_lu~dropped 355' with
a 1 0,; recovery.


! h is large area is · oocupied by profe.e;sional, business and · salaried men. Duildin ·s
are ot .fra:me, bric!: and :stucco. Thero are many apartments and duplexes , also
many single five , six Cld 1even roam home s , one. l ½ e.nd two ,gtoriea high. Thu
•arliest development or t hi• area was "ll'est or Hennepin Avenue to lake Calhoun.
In th i a part of the area h omn s ran -:e 1n a ~e troa 10 to 40 yenr s . Conaider~tble
rehabilitation is needed . There hae been • gradual development of aparticents,
rooming houses and duplexes . Sevftral attempts have been to ha•. e the lot-b
.fronting the east . shore of Lak., Calhoun zoned :for aput?:lants hut at the pre: sent
tin;e it is a restricted district. This area , b ounded by Lake Str 8et on the north ,
36th on 1:;he 1outh·-:1.nd Hennepin on the east , is one of the older d1str1ote in·. the
city. wke Calhoun we.1 :the chief reason for it s early development. It has seen
it• be at d.a.ya, h owaver, a.a the trend is no-. to the extreme aouth-.rn and aouthwe otern
i-rts ot the city. The valuation shrinkage here has been qu1,te henvy , pou ibl,~0%, with -.ery little recovery. liuoh rehab ilitation is :iaeded in this e.rea. Lake
Ci.L...,OUI ~ ... ;.;..,:;: !.nflutnce wh ich makes thh e. desirable residential .zect ion and etabalisH it to acme erlent. Baat from Hennepin. · Aiteilue to Ly::idale Avenue and aouth
ot: 1'ke Street -ta !6th St:r•et the dnelopunt baa pract ic ally aeen its best
da.7a but. thi• aHt1on T~i.- • betla.\1.H ,et 1t a ..oHiHibili"t:7 to. the bu•illll••
•eat.ion o:f Lake Street and its close proximit--J to Lake Harriet and Leko Cslhoun.·
2'here o.rt11 .mny apartmenta: in this seotionJ a lso, many duplexeG . 'lhe t:Jpe of

construot1 on 11 brick, stucco and frame , oostly single dwelling•, one, l ·~ ~nd two

stories i n height. 1'!uoh rehabilitation · ie needed in t his areB.. In the balanoe
of t ne district. enst and south. is a newor develOpment of the past 25
n ny ho~e the r ein ranging trom. $4600 to $;10.000 . The area has a owner-occupa.noy
of approximately 86;;. A slow enoroachment of negroea on the extreme easterly
l L-dts of thi s area threatens 1t. but the eff'orta of the Nioollet Impro11ement
Aesooiation. a voluntary organintion or property o-wnera in the diatriot , is
affording protection a gainst much encroachment.
B.-14 .

7 hi 1 are& is a desirable residential section oocu1Jied largely by busfoess o.nd
professional men. Consti·uction is ot h-ru:ie·, briok and stucco houses with stucco
predominating. The h~s are one, 1-~ and two story structures avero.gin~ .five ,
six and aeve n roo:m.s. . ihe of the houae.s range from new to 16 year- a . A fa i r
at:tount of rahabilito.tion is needed in t :; ~ e district . '!be pr ice range le .from
$ 3500 to t 7500. A majority of the houses are owner occu:, bd. There are some
dupl exes and apartment buildingis 1n t hic dietriet. It 1a a desirable r oeidential
diet rict. The area- ill no:t !'ully developed. Deprocia.tion ill 35% with a r oeovery
or 15%.


Bueineu . professional and salaried men ocou:.)y t hi s di st:: iot. Dwellin~ s
mostl y frame and etucco conatr uction, the majority are si·:1gle homes if five, six
and seven rooms, one, l ½ and. two storie s high . There ere no ap3.rtments in ·the
area. Some rebabilitntion is needed. 1he average a r,e of dwdlinp:s is s.ppro:dmatelyten years . 'l'be homes r ange in -:-,dee from $ 2500 to (;6000 and the o,rner -occupanoy
is appr o::dl!!S.tely 9(J.'. This area ia only partially developed at thi.s tiF.e. but
t he trend of &rowth is in this direction and every evidence tend s to the eonelueion
that Yi.t hin a. period of a few it will be a muoh !!lOre popular residantial
dhtriot. Values herein droppod about 30~; and have recovered about 20%.


A mixed claae of' residents live here conaiatinr; of bueinesu. profossionnl. salaried
and laboring p•opla. Home s are of f', s ' uceo t.nd brick with stuooo :97edominnting
There a ~e duplexes and apartment houses, dw~lHngs raning in a i o f'rom. tbre ■
t o 45 . Considerable reha.bilite.tion ls needed. Scandi.Mvie.n pe ople predorsina.ta in t hi s ar ea eapeoially eaet of Chicago : -venue. V,., lue a held up compare.•
t ively -..11 here , i) y showing a shrinkage of 30J' with a 15t recovery. Prices
rang.a from $ 1500 to $6600. Single dwell ings predominate averaging four • fi•e,
six and eeven rooma of one and 1½ and t.-o stories. Kany apartment houses a r e
located 1D tht northwest corner of the area, just rJorth of Powderh0rn Park . The
balance of the district ie about 75% owner-occupied.


Thie ma.11 area aurrounded entir•ly be A-1 would carry an A ra.ting except tha t it
ia the 'budne•• oonoentration o f t ha.t po.rt of Yinneapolis. This dotro.cts from
thAt desirability or the area from a resid,ential standpoint. In other respects
the .aeeurity eomparea with thnt ot A-1. Deprec iation her e has been 30% with a
reo0Ter7 of 1~ .


BuaineH aen witll a sprinkling of · profes:si ona l, trades a nd laboring people r e side
ill thie area. J:loueee are chiefly ot e.n.d stucco with etuoco pi-edomina.ting.
Sou of the dwll1n s a re single bunp-_a lows with three e.nd four rooms, one e.nd l ¼
stor1•• high but the l1eW e onatr 'J.oticn in t his tends townrd l e.r har bun.galowe.
There are • f .ew ti.partaenta in the area.. About 95% of t.hia · are& haa boen develop9d
,r.ftbin the past 15 yaar6. Some reh!!bilits tion, particuler ly pairu.:;ine; would help
the s r ea . Prices of the hous ss ranr,e from $1500 to $8000. The ho!llo ownership i::i
a bout

Be,%. !'his a:eotion. would continue to impr ova i n ve.lue d1;e to its closo

proxi?ll.ity to LD.ko· Nokomis u.d Hiawatha, also the Boul e vard ay.-tem.
D- 18.

A c omparet i vely :r:.ew developme~t, most it it built duri~ t h e past 20 years .
Constructi on ia :f'ra?lO t .br1ok and etuooo with stuooo pr eda.i,.inating. Most o f t he
hou ses a r A s i ngle five c.nd six roOl!\ houses with one, 1! e.nd ~ o 'atorbs. There
iu-e a few apartriients in this l!lre. Considera.ble r&he.bilitation i s needed . Scandinavians predomi nate ~ong th~ trades anC laborinr, ; bu sineH and proff!!saione.l
people live i n the district. 'rhe '!)rice r11.nge is from 4'1600 to $65 00.- 'ihe owner
occupancy 1o e.bout 90%. The depreoie.t:!.on 16 35% with e. r ecovery of 15%. 'l'hi8
will always be a ~ood di strict f or p·e opie of moderate mee:n~ .

B- 20.

Th ia a r e& can be corepared favorably with B- l 9 . Its deairO.bility is t hat it 1a near
the lli saiHippi RiTer a nd the )llaai H i pp i Park Dri veway . It s ready accessibility
t o b oth st . Paul and t he bus ine s s d!etriat of Vi nnoap olia m.kes it a desirabl e p lace
t o live . 'Tho ~oprec i ation here is 35j! w!.th a recovery of 16~ .


This e.r e e. is an old deTeloped section of Minneapolis and f or !llBllY yee r s t here was
a grea t den:nnd f or h " rte S here by \m.iversity professors wh i ch · demand continues to
aone do,gre9 . The d ist i-iet i s a ?proxi ately ~O years ol d . There !'1re i:an:r old
ho•ise:J in t hi s section , but Ii'.&ny new ones have been bl.lilt during the 15 years.
'i'here is considorabla rehabilitt'\t ion needed . Thie a r ea is olo11e t o the Univer sity
of Minn -s ota . It borders on F\-e.nkliTJ p-and University .A.v enue a whi ch Mb. thorou~h f aros froM Uinn:rnp olis or St ~ Paul . It hns every 'Tl<'d ern convenience and en a.tmoe: !)here o f culture pr evail s ~ ? riee- ranios fr~ as low e.s !;, 2000 to : 7000 . Renta
r u fro 11. ; 40 to t·5 6~ Some rshe.bH:i.t 'l.tion is_ necess!lr y . 'rbere a ce msny one , l ½
and t wo .st ory bU!lgalO'Wa , and six and seven ro~rm bO;J!l? SJ s one apartments and duplexes .
The ~!str ict 1s oeeu:?ied m!> s t ly by pr,,fessor s and r ro.due.tes of the Unherdty of
Kiru:.c i;ota , B!ld others -.hose income is deriTed tro:m t h e University. It is a very
dedr abl e pl ~ee f or t h is ch.a s of people. i'he O.e pr ec ia.t ic>n here is 25% .-1th a
recover y of 10%.


This d i s t r i ct is 1mn~di ~tely e.rljacent to the University of Minne sota grounds .
Construction ie Cot'.poeed mostly of fi' rune , brick,. stucco horaas , wi th frame · pr edominating ., Tho c of occurmnh; are professional _, bus i r..e ss and salnried peopl e. There
c,re some s.partm~ntt" and mans roomin p; ho!Jee s , aho s orne duplexes . The age of t hese
ho?f'. es rnnJ!e from ten to 40 years. Conside i-able rehab:ilitE".tion h neeessary.. fhe
price r nn;;c s !'rol!l i'- 3000 up t o $ 7000. !tents are hi gh h~re, running fronl ,about ~50
to $60 . Due to its proxi&ty t o the Univer s ity of An nnesote., t M.e pronerty is quite e for fa::1t lie s: wh ose ch ildr en attend tho Unive r sity. I t is quite pr obab l e
that t he Univorsi ty will ab sorb t.'• i s land fnr i t s o\"1%l e xpansion prop;r :u!l in the
future. The de pracfation here 1s· 26% with IR. _ reeovor y of l ~ . ·

C- 1 .

TM.a sect ion h located in the northwe s t co.rner of !-l:1nneapoli1r. '.L'he ma. jority of
the popu b .t iou ot· t oection i s of the l a.hor ihg olase . 'J'he hoinfl e are ..,11 ,
<:iheap , ·three . f our a.nd rive ToO'll. buni~a l owa . mostl y tr11JUt , f'rom. tive to 25 year• old .
Considerable r~habilits.tjon i.s nece ssary. lhe se h nz,;e.s ranr:e in v a.lue from t l 600
to ,12500, tho ma j or ity boint_; fJMler - oocun! ed. The depr eoJat1on !•e re is 20% with n o
r oewery.


Thia uci1on ia aoutheaet of Crystal Late Cemetery. 1'he houses are chiefly one
and l½ st ory bu~low• of> trnme and. atuooo. Most of them. are 01mer-oocupled.
Bc cauN ot the prorl.mity of' thi• ar ea to the cem.t•ry. two blooka of which are
f'aolng it , it 1a not a particularly desirable location t or re s idential purppse~.
These home a range in age from. five ·to 20 years a.nd. ooneidernble rebabili·l e.tlon
is neeesat\ry. Valuee r a nge from $1600 to t, 6~0. The depreciation here is 26%
with a reoover7 of 5~.

c.. a.

T!~ ie ls a · subatant1al a.ree. of hom.1: s II occupied by profeeeional men, buaineeo men.
sal aried men. and laborer ■• It i ■ an attractive place 1n whioh to live because
0£ 1ts 1D8.Ilf wide streets , old stately treee on mo.ny of ito boulevards , its me.ny
parka , cburohee and aohoob and paved street,. It has quick o.nd easy a.ooesdbil:1ty
to the budn.e ■ e ,eoti na of' Worth Minn~•a.polia and th& loop district downtown, The
f'a.ct that a.pproxhlately 76::i; of the hous,; s are from 30 to 40 year i:; old and showing
much obaoleeoenoe me.kes this a declining area a.lthough still a desirable residenti11'1 seotion with any prozrl.nen.t people and fanilb& livin& therein . Valuation
shrinkage•• approxi~ately :50;% with little or no r eoovory . Bo,•s•s are valued a.t
from •soo t o f6600 and rents run f r om. t 20 to 1:46. Owner ooeupa noy is approx b ntel y
1o,;~ Th ie, district hae eeen its beat daya. The area eaat a.nd aouth or Horth
Cme::lons ia an old establi shed section and the house s range in a.~e from 16 yeara up
t o 46 y eare: . Thh portion or C• S is ~oatl y owner-occup ied and has been stablo
a t all . Uith in that a r ea. i s the }forth High School, the only High School
in the north aide and matry parochi al 10hoola and churches of all deno::,,i nations.
The entire area has every modern convenience . The l!lajority of tM people in t h is
district rlaTe m.intained their homes in. g,ood condition up to and within the psst
f our or fi•• ycara . Scandinavians, Geni:ana ., r)-ench and Ir1ab predominate .


Th ia 1ection. lies aouth of' Plymouth ATenue . ~ny Jowa live in t h ie a r ea1 fl-om.
Glenwood ATenue south t here is a la.rge colony of thrifty Finiah people. 1'he
ho~• are of etuooo e.nd ti-ame and are ot one and 1-} atori•• • There a r e eom
duplexe :s and apartments. The depreciation here ia 40~ with a r e covery of 12~ .
'l'he apartiaente are mostly of brick construction. Uuch rehabilitation is needed
in this area . The houea range in a ;,e from ten years to 4 0 years . In ~ood times
there is usually a. shift in population 8..Illong the Jewish pe opl e , the amb itious a.nd
suoceea tu.l among t hem. gravitating toward th€! exclusive Jewish Distr i ct in A-11 t o
t he n orthwe1t. Colored people often mo·•e in to tske their places. At th8
-oresent timt t h is shiftinz of nei;roes nsterly results !'rom. t he l o!' houdng
f'ao ilitiea oa.uaed by the tear ing down of the area where the slum clearance pro•
ject know as t he Sumner i·1eld Dev elopaent in D- 3 h tlll::ing place. ? rices range
from ~1000 to t 6000 in \; -4. 'l:he ho::i.e e are about DO-;! owner occupied , Duplexes
rent here f'or a bout $:26 to ; 35 per unit; ho::n ·s and bunr;a.lowe rent !?om t lO to
$4:6 a I:.Onth .

c-s .

!hh s??&ll area lie e near the Bryn llawr low lande and is not particularly de ■ ire.ble

tor purpoeee , although CCC workers a!'e draining t hia mn.rehi.nnd and there
MJ be an upward trend in. value when this work ha.a been COl!lpleted. l<'raw.e and stucco
houaea predom1nate . They are moetly of the four, fiTe and six room bunga l ow type.
'fhey range 1u a g• f'roa t e11. t.o 30 Coudde rehtlbilite.tion is needed. · One
bad f eature of "'eh• l.e.nd 1n t 'l"- 1.a u.atr1.ot i.• tba~ tt••t and q_uiolc lliand underli e t he
top soil wh ich o.f.'ten cause fJ the sidelffl.lks &nd f.oun:1 a.t kne to sa fe; . Thi s n:rea is
oceu , i ed by salaried and laboring olau ot people. The depreciation ir, 3G5-{ wlth
a r ecovery ot 12~ .


Thi& is an old :iieotion oi' the oity in llhioh ~ homes were built SO and 40 years
ago. They are the large type home 0£ two o.nd 22 stories.· At the present. time
thi s eeotion ia deTe lopin« into a rooming hou se aootion 1 there· a r e many apartment,
and. duplexe ■ herein. The district hae seen its beat day:,. . Tbe p o ■ aibility of its
future use in the growth of ¥1.nneapoli• would be for apartmente. Conl1der11.ble
rehabilitation le need9d. Value a run f'rom $ 3000 t o •4500 ·and rents · from $46 to $60
a month. 'fhe approxinate owner oooupanc;y here would be f'rom 60 t o 65,C. Salar ied
people• small buei.IJeH aen. l aboring l':len ·constitute the majority of the popul ation.
Frame and etuoco oonatruetion predominate in the distriot . There au oor?r.ercial, in many parts 0£ thi e area . The depre c htion ie ~OJ' with a. recover y
of 10%.

c- ·1• 1'hie sr.w..ll a n crthwest

of Lake Cal houn and s outh of' Cedar Lake 1s undesirable
because of the railroad traversing itis entire length and a l so beoa.use of its
blind at r eeta. Development f or hi r,hor use of t hiis se ction ie v ery deubttul. Reaidente n oetly low sa.laried peopl e . Homes are three, four ruid f i ve rooms. JJuoh
reh.!lbilit a.tion is needed. The maj ority of t he hom·: s are owner-occupied. 'l'he
de pr e cia tion is 40% with e. r ecovery of 5~.

C- 8 .

Althoui;h the dwellings i n thia area mif;ht pronerly be rega rded on the aame bnde
ae those in B-lS and B- l G, yet t he influence of D-G is reflected t o a gre&t extent
on the area .,nd there 1s a poesible threat of the expanaion o f the deroj".;atory f'eature8
or- .D-6 int o the area . lhe deprec iation h 40'% with n r ecovery of 10'", '.

c ...9 .

'i hie s ■ cti cn is partly on Central Avenue Northeast, e.n a r t erial f rom t he l oop in
Hinneapolh t o the suburban city of Col umbi a Hei ght s, Ano~ County . just outside
the northea stern city limit s or Minneapolis. I t i s n ot a 'fiery intensive develop iru,nt . There are scattered hous e s, many of t hem 40 t o 50 years old. Pri ces r e.nge
tror:i ~1000 to ~2500. The balance of the area beca.uee of the contour of tho ground
doee not readily lend itse l f' to res ide ntia.1 develo!:)msnt. ~Y' of the h :;uses are
high ab ove the street s and what 'fl.cant lote remain are so he:ivily taxes f or mi spl a ce d
improvements, that pr esent .further development6 are remote . The de preoi::l.tion her 8
i a 40% wit h n r ecovery of 10%.

c--10. This 1a an old eeotion. ot Central Avenue , t he popul9.t ion is mostly o f
Scandinavian ori~in. The majority of home e are owner occup ied. West of Central
ATenue, there are Tery many pe ople of' Polish ori(': in. T11e ormer occupanpy here is
around 5S,S:. The type of construction 1n both seot i one coneist o f frame . atucoo
and brick. There a re some ape.rtrl8lJ.ts in both secti ons . T:.ere are some duplexes
111 the we1terly eaotion and a lso s ome rows . The a.oe of dwellin::s ·o n t ha easterly
side woul d range f rom. f'iTe to 40 years • and on the westerly side. 15 to 50 ye :·.r s.
Coneiderable r ehnbllit ation i,s neoees r·ry. Prices range f'rom ~1000 to 1' 6000. On the
east aide hom,-s rent from $15 to {: 30 and on the west fi om C20 to ~-40. The deprecia tion here ie 55~ with a r ecovery of 17%.

C-11 . Thie is an old 1eotion of nor t heast lfi nn.; apolis • the occu!'ants ~O ye.a rs a.go were
aostly Germani• French and IrishJ toda.y t h ere is a shifting popul a t ion of Rusaian.e •
Poli eh . Sytians and Sl~ve replr c ing the_ old ae~tlera, althouth aome . of the original
1 ■ttler• e.nd. their'9!e are atil.l re•iding h•re , p&rt1oularly between 8th 1.venue
Hol'tb. ana. 1leR Brcn,.a..._,. b ord•T•4. "by v..u.. &b-~ and. 81.xth Str eet 11 . E . Dwell i n ge
sr# i 'ra!!:e . stu cco and br.t ek. !any ho:i:n s have been stuccoed over t he frer.,e .
Home s vary from the bungalo;,r , one . 1½ st ~r ies and t h e two story t ype built i.."l the

early day ■ of thf) devoloyment. There are a.lso some fo ur f lats end duplexes.
Yueh reh.1:1.biliUtion is neoessr:ry. Shrinkage b-om 1929 to 1933 bas been about
25% with very little or no recovery probable. Prices !'~ge f'rom ~600 up to $4600.
'.l'he o,mer oooupanoy ie about Bo.%.


On the northeast corner of t hi s area there i ■ nry little davelopment. •The
house s are am.11 bung;alows , 11\0stly fr8J!l.e c onstruction, occupied by laborer ■ J
aOlle of the streets are mere paths; hou aes range in !Jrice fl-om $1500 to $2000.
Thia d istrict lack s sidewalk•, pavements and sswerage :t'aeilities. Thie llfllS
intended to be a develOpinent of' cheaper prioed ho.c ee and then g:r o.vel de po sits
•ere .tound in the lllaediete v ici:tity and boon.use of t he l ar &e open gravel pits
t o the west of this area, future r esidential developoent seems improbable. 'fhe
aree. south of ~ st Hennepin c onsists of frn!!e and stucco dwellings. These h ouses
range in a ge trottl seven to 40; t hey are one, l ½ and two stories hlghJ there
aJ::e s on1e apartments e.nd duplexes; considerable r eh~bilFa.tion i s necess~ry; railroad trnoke praot icn lly b isect the a.r ea.J the .popukti on· conc itst e of tradesmen.
salaried people and laboring claaa. 'l'he southwe stern corner of the Area. C-12 ~
1a known a.11 the "Old University Dbtrict". Most of this .district oonta.ina large
dwelling• wh i ch in f ormer days were t l!a hC!llee of wealthy i o s · of University
prof'essore, profusional aen and f>r at ernity and sorority houses . 'loday many
of these larger buildillf,s boar.:J ing h our;ea , mostl y for University student s
or are houa1ng largo families of sma ll means. 'rilere are st ill t!l9.I1Y fraternity
e.nd. sorority hou• ~a here, rc1o st ~f them . howevor , are locg_ted in that portion betwen
Fifth Stre11t and University Avenue . Very little new housL'lg hae been constr ucted
in this area dur ·n~ t he y-.s t ten or 15 years. It has seen its best days althcugh
it is well located for ro sidential pur :,oses, t_, e ine; clnse to the llnh•ersity of
Minnesota, haa fine wide streets and ta ll wide s::,reading trees adorn the bouleTG.rds.
Near the r a ilroad tracks a eettle unt of Italian poorer clas s is developing.
Many· laboring paople and anla.ried pe op le have moved into th i s area . '!'he
deprooiation here is 4~ wi th a r ecovery of 10}{. Prices range i"rom 01000 to ~7500,
aputmente rent for $20 t o ; Go. Dup l exes rent from $20 to ~50 per unit.

C-13 .

That pa.rt of t hi s area w':1ioh faou on University Avenue and also on 4th street
l s n et desir able f or residenti al purpo -:os . F"oing on Un iver sity Avenue are
sever a l frat enity houe:es. Conetr uction is o f stone and stucco; ae;e is five to
f ~een y ears; t he buildi.'1 s rsnge in 711.lue frOl!l $15,000 t o ~30 1 000. Litt le rehabilitation is neces sary but because of their use are classified as not desirable
:fro:i:1 a mortgage standpoint . Houses f acing on 4th Str eet · southeast ar a ol d and
need reho.bilit&tion. The a rea imriedie.t ely south of' the University gr ounds is an
old estr,bliahed r e sidential district which is gr o.dually beoomin& an undesirable
fie l d for mortg~ e loaning because of the development of iudustriea on the east,
bua ineas on the north and the encro e-ohllent of' the University eoutbwest between
this area a.nd the rher. :ao:mss in price from. $2000 t o ,;4000 and in a .F:"
from. 20 years to 50 yearaJ conaide 1able ?"ehabiUtnt ion ,is ne cessary; the majority
of dWttllings • r e of two and 2½ story. Thi s are' i s deve loping slOwly into a.
room ine; ho1:" ' dhtr iot , its Ohiet delirability i ts proxinity to the University .
The depreciu"tion her e ia. 46/! with a r ecovery of si .

C-14 .

Thia aa:n . a.res. c. th. ea.etkl.y border 1• ooapoeed. oi' aingl• dwellings, trau and
s tucco conatruotion; -1.1.•il a.n4 'l.a.boriug paopl.e 1.1..-e h•r• • it• de ■ irabUity­
js that it ie near an industr ial sect ion of St. Paul ifflich is i.::miediatel y a djacent
to toe ea st. Its undesirability h that the dwell in~s faoe th ~o industrial area.

'~tt:e~l'~:,J:0 rrm:1,n3o"f~7:si~1~dg~!ir t!!!s ~=:se
rehabilitation is neoueary.



from 12 to 25
The depreciation is 35% wi~ a reoonry of 12·~•

'l'hi• area., particular ly that pa rt ·l ying north of Franklin Avenue e.nd lltilediate ly
aouth of it, i ■ & very old den lopment . Thia part has a heavy population ot
Soandinn.vian pe opl•• They are mostl y of the mall salaried or laboring c l ass. Rousu
ar• one,
and t wo stories high ., ranging in value from. $1000 to {:4500. Thi9
district never was pretentious, but o.s it wa.1,. i t has seen its bHt days. The lower
portions of thia C-16 area a r e somewhat newer in d evelopment but fo.dustr ial s.n.d
commercial oxpa.nsion, especiall y sporadic co:runr:iroial i ntru3ion on )'.innehaha Avenue
s outh ot Lale& Street haa greatl y leas~ned the area tis rosidS!ltia.l C.asir5.bility. ·
There are aonie duplexes and a.partm·ent; s , but a he s;y percenta$e of hOlf,. s are owner ocoupied . Depreciation probably r<:1ached 30fe with vary little ·c hance for recovery.
Minnehaha ATEmu• ia an arterial i'rom: ?.Ilnn1;t&.polis to .$t . Paul through Fort sne
Milih.ry Reaervation and 1n consequence, -the a.vonuo is suUject to extremely heavy
traffic wi1i ch lesaana the area's residentia.l desirability. On Snell inf, .' venuG ,
which is one blook west ot Kinnehaha Avenue, between Lake Street and . 38th Str eet,
there are eeveral colored fami l i~· s .


C-16 .

That pe.rt 0£ this area north of Lake Street is an old section of llinnca.p olis. The
type ot pop1,lation are mostly 11' earneu, small salaried men and tradesmen. At
one timf: , t his sect ion , particularly between ?iiawethe. on the e a ot and 16th A..,enuo
on the we st betwe:en Franklin Avenue end 24th Street the popuh tion wa.e moatly
Soandinavi an. front 16th I.Venue westerly to Elli ot Avonue and thence southerly
to Lake Street there wre many I rish and German fatiili c & yea rs ae;o . A.t tho pre:,ent
time, partiouilar}¥ area !l'om Fr .:. nklin south to 24th betwe.n HiaT1Utha and
11th Avenu e thcrt: are l!WUly J ewhh fara.ilies residing . !.!uch reha.biHt a.tion 1s required.•
Thia area is in a run-down c ondition, except betweun s bout 22nd street antl 28th
street wost i'rom Elliot to Portl and. Between ~8th street a.nd Lo.ks street corn!l!ercial
deTe lopment has grown , particul arly alor..z the Liilmukee railroad on !'.:ir;hth st reet ,
which aroa ia zoned for businees. Values range in price - between Hiar.a.tha e.nd 11th
Avenue and Franklin Avenue and Lake . Street from t 600 to $4000 . We~terly from that
t he price range would be about $1600 to 94500. There sowo rows, partiouh.rly
in what ie now known ae the Jewish seotionJ also some apartment a and · duple:xes.
West of E.lliot thero are ruoro duplexes .and aputment s. On Fr a nklin Avenue there ie
a bueineea district eo tMt residential use is bocoming loss. In the ,mtire area
the age would be from 10 t o 50 years. The Chicago 1.:.ilwa.ukeo Railroad and shops on
the aout he •st and Laymans CeL10tery are detract ing factorG in this area . Thore ia
a mixt.ire of Soandinaviana , Germana, lriah and Jewa re8idini; here. Immediately
south of Str eet aroa is les8 de6iro.bl8 beoause of oommer i cal development on
La.1ce Street. 'l'he lo'lfer ·part of G-16 ru·tta is close to the railro!l.d and industry. The depreciation tiere ia 40}~ with a· r ocove1·y of 10;.


Thie area in the extreme eo:.:th8astorn part of' tho oity uear the Minnoo.?o li s Air Port
11 oompoud of dmall bun,-~a lowe , many of them having emerged f'rOI:l enlar ged go.rabes .
Frame and atucco predominate and valuos ranp;e fr om t" l500 to $2500. Considerable
rehabilit •tlon ia neoeaaary . A lo.boring class live here . 'l'his area for.ner ly llllS
outside the oity l blits of tilinneapolia at 'Whi oh • de't'"elopment took place
1.n th\e . 'IM d.i¢ri.ot should. impro..,.•• lt ia near the Vet•r .:aa Ho spital 1'h1ch
makes rental value t> hi~ , olo ae to ~ort Srutl.l.i.n~ ll111tary Roeer,-e , cloee to iU.nnehaha
Falls, the i.iir.nel": ota SoldieJrS ' Home and Lake lfokor,1 i s w:::tch hal!!l an extremely favorable
prominent park developunt . Rents here are oom?ero.t ively well r,;ednt&ined f'or the

claaa or neighborhood . i'h.• i-anges i'rom 10 to 20 years . _Some a.t r eeta e.a: yet
do not h ourb• gutter or NWra. The d..-ptecie:tion here ill 351- with a. recovery
0~ 10_%.
c ..18.

Small area betwHn X.n:aa "•Venue and we:;t oity 11.llits. Street oar runa here , stores intersperaed. and al.thou~ it ia uot fully developad its ~ture otters little
deeirability for residential purposes. A ama.11 coomnuni:cy deTe lOpment lies just
weeterly- of the city limit s at this point . and much oommeroial development haa been
completed - the f\tture probability for i'urther development will be Commeroi1d on
.Weet 4:4th Street , which will renec"t itself oTer the ~die.te Wrround1ng a.rea . 'l'he
depr ecintion 1e 40%· with a recovery of 10}'.

c-1s ....1.

Th :i e area lead.a to Lakewood oe?te~ery, one of largest oe~eteries in fiinneapolie.
There &re very -.ny funerals pe.Hing daily , r.i:a.Jdng residential use of' propsrty quite
depreHive . lfonumnt 1rorks are located in bloek i,m!a.edia.tely north ot cemetery on
Dupon.t Avenue, also a very old fire barn and a green- house. Dwellings range in a ge
f'rom 10 to ,o years . Many duplexes, 0th.era moztly !'rru!!e, two stor y dwellhlgs in
n eed of mueh reha.~ilitation:. Val,;Je s range from $2000 to $9600.
This is a &mall area, poor £or residential purposes, oil stations !l.nd other busineee
ia encroaching. No further residential growth is probab le. r>wellin ·s are one.
and two stories in height ranging in v.g• from 16 to 30 years . l!.oGt l y fi"IIDe and


atuoco .


'!'his sect ion ia l ocated northwe st of tho railroad trRokt. w:".' ch out otf the northern
part of t he city. It h occupied by l ~boring and low sP.. l ar bd man and Soattdim.via..ns
pre i oldne.ts J the homes range in value from i 200 to $3600J much rehabil itation le
neceu ·l"yJ t he age range · .f'rOl!l five to 60 yenrsJm rents range :from ,t lO to $ 35. A
very undesirable fs•ture le the r ail"W!'l.y w:lioh separate i:; tho dhtrict from. the rest
ff the city. Parts of this a res. n o sidewalks. Development ot area is -Yery
epotted. There are aany shacks on the r ear of lot e , to the north nea.r 5:Srd e.nd
Humboldt are negroe a. It is a haza~dous district for loaning purpous.


Thia aro a 11as once an a ooeotable residential 1ection exospt on \1aahingt on s:.-enue •
-.-.:. oh haa been :t:tore or les8 a omraneroial end . industr i al avenue since t ho develo-pment
ot Worth iilinneapolh. At the pre sent ti.Ile the residential s9otio!!. is ver y unde&irable. The dwell ing• are aoetly very old• badly in nHd of reha bilitation e.nd
oooupa.n07 1• ao6tly l a boring people of' sma ll Plymouth Avenue 1a a umu:aj: arsa, buildin~e are old and aany &.re badl y in need of repair.
Thb we.a formerly an. old r e eidential pa.rt of llinneapolie. It is about . 40 y,, ars
oldJ there -any fine homee 1n this area oeoupi ed by Oaraana , lrieh• Fr-eneh
e.n4. Soan4.Uu,;v1an t..i'U.••• "to4&y -th• bu1.l.dinc•. b•dly in nee.d or reh.t..bilitat1on4
On the we st between Lyn.1 al• &?Ld Huabo1.dt Avenues from Plymouth to the 15outher!\
.') oundary of t his area , mo,t of the populat ion today is of' t he poorer class of Jer.
and oolored people. Varioue i nduatriH have sprunr; up in this nei ghborhood and

e.nd particularly on the eaaterly half ot t hi a area adja~ent to the bueineaa
dietriot there a cme duplexes and apartmnt house s .of the older claea 1n
poer physieal condit ion. Jloat of t he build inf;a r ange trom .15 to 50 year e; it
i• Tery difficult to place the valuationJ and it ls a most undesirable locatlnn
f o-r reeident1al purpoae e.




'1'hi8 section s:t one tme ·a.a a: very ohoioe residential secti on in JUnn"apolia,
oooup ied by T&llkee ■ and f ollO'IN!d by 8.II. Irish popuia.tion. It Us wall located ,
OTerlooklng the city of lilnneapcli.=, and m.nny t!lall8ion s ·were built in the ea rlier
days about 50 a e;o. At ttie present time, no new re ::d dential development
ia taking plac• J there ia ii.' &radual replacement be inc made of' t hese old decaying
man.dona b7 o011118roial de·Hlopmant. There are J?l8.DY rows of' apartment s in thia
area which range in a ··e from 40 to 60 yeare o f ogtt. Shrinka ge hi.e been v ery
heavy. '?h,ere a r e railroad a to: t htt west and business and industrial area ttncloee
t h i e nrea. ·

D- 6 .

'l'hb a rea we.a 11.t one t ime occ1.1pied by many Germane, ll'ish and Soandin9.v ian f'e.milies
of th& 10 called middle ·ousa ~ many of thea were le.borers and wage earner s and
,mall business men. For the pnat 20 thera has been no new development.
Ho apit&la, and park s and a partmonts have invaded i t and a lso the Yunioipo.l .Audito:riUDl is loos.ted here. At the prttsent time, many Jewe and Scandinavians e.nd negroes
re side 1D the easterly half ot this area. The we atorly he. lf has many of the
s h itting populat ion oeoupy-ing the cheap a partments and rows. D01m ill the southeast
corner of the area. near the Adame school t here ill a con aid8rf! bl, large negr o
aettle:seut . The whole area le close to the buoiness center of the city, it oonts.ini
JlaDY' rooming houses oocupied by salaried employees and laboring people because
or· th• nearnen to the bua ineea distriot . The age ie 20 to 50 yeara ,


Thi ■ area running north and south aiong 4th Avenue South • • once a very substl!lntial and deairable area tor homes e.bout 40 y a;;o. A gra dual infiltrat ion of
n•groe1 and !.datio.1 haa occurred on 4th Avenue South , b e g ~ e.t ely
Frallklln ATenue moving .1 ·.uth to approxi!:iate ly. 38th street. During t he parl 20
y.a?'a buaintti1 baa encroa ched in t he area between Franklin &nd 24th. Many ot t he
business placea a re •de over dwellings. Very muoh rehabilite.tion is necoss ry.
The street· car line artenda out to the 48th street and e.lthcugh tlie colored
people, be.n not moved :much beyond ·z et h atreet, dev :lopme!lt Qt' 4th Avenue, s outh
o f 58th street, haa been v e r7 slow bec&uae ·o f the oontinu.ed oolored trend eoutlierl:y
and the fact that the : street car runs into the loop 1n lilinneapolia through the
he'a Tily ·populated colored section. Fi rth Avenue on the east and Clinton on the
west of 4:tk Avenue are affected by a large colored ·population on the &Tenue.
Beca.uae Of the .influence of the class of people on 4th Avenue extending over and
into c:..e.,. ita dedrabi_l ity· ror r es~dential purposes ia le:tioualy effected.


'the type cf construetion. in t.hia area is mostl y frame and: brick dwell ing& , whi ch
,were built about 4-0 7eara a goJ muoh rehabilitation 1e necessaryJ the re.nie in
price is from t 600 to $S!i00. The decline in thia neighborhood ha.e been heavy
during :th• past 16 yeara. '?hie area is developing into 11.· C?ommercial district be. oe.uae o( i t a proxWfy to the Mllwauke• ra i lroad t rackage. I~ 1a 1:nhabited c hiefiy
by ....
•~ura. R9sidtiutial trend it extremel7 d.owmrd.·.


D...a. this


9no0lml!erc!al sreli lying

Milwaulcee Bailny trs okag"e.

b.rtireen L&ke Street and Ea st 41st Street having
Nany grain elentora a re located in t h is area . So~

:.ff:i: ::d 1:;a::han::::t::: ::r.;ht-of••Y•

They a r e 8lll8.ll oheap structure• - .



'.fhi• ia e.n old aeation changing from res,i dential into induetrial. Hout!iee range
1u a ge n-oa 20 to 80 years; much rehabilitation 1a neceu nry. Fr8.Dl.9 const ruction
predomine.tee1 one , l ½ t1.nd two etory hOJDes oooupied by lo.boring olaH are located
h e re. Due to ite proxir,lity to railroad and ra.ilros.d yard• and heavy industrial
area it ie rapidly deolining.
Thia ia an old e:eotion deTeloped 40 years a.p:o near the Univereity of Ui nn.eeota.
'l'her e are atoru, industrial plants, railroads, & fire barn , s i ngle dwellings ,
duplexes , rows and apartments here. The buildin~s ro.nge in a e;e from 25 to 60 years ,
much rehabilltation ia required; lr:!me predominate ~ and the l e.boring c laas reside
h ere. l!e.ny d-.ellinge are uaed aa rooming houses. The r a.ilros.d t o the north end
east is a d9trimettt&l fact Or.

D-11. t h is area ie heavily ed. Th" dwellin s are mo at l ~ and two st ories
high , although in the north end t here ia a fair sprillkling 0£ b~ alows . The age
of' b u ildings 1• f'roa lti years to 50 years . JiaDy building• heve been kept in fairly
!'; OOd repair; IIDlly
b••n modernized since they were orig inally oonatructed
ago, but residential uee in this area is very· decidedly on the down •r;rade. Original
po:;,ulation of French. Germana and Irish are gradually be i ng supplo.nted by Polee.
Russians, Syrians and Sha.a . Bieollet Is1aru1. on the lo1mr end ot this section 1s
heavily induatrlalhed, eepeoially s outh of Raunep in Avenue , pra ctically only
remaining residence of' any va lue s is the hOlil.e of t he past.or o~ the Frenoh l"a.tholic
Church , which oburoh waa built here mD1' yeare a go and is still being used by a
Frenoh C0.'1!11!UDity £or worship . The north end of the Island on Hennepin Ave nue
cont ains .-tore ~ and hotel s . Nor-bh of thi s, oovering t wo square blocks is t he
s chool and home or the Chri stian Brothers, a relie ioua group . There a.ra rows of'
tenements and •ome large old houses on t his part of t he leland - a railroad tranaeot1
it and industrial plants adjoin the railroad. Occupants of dwellings are bborera.


D-12. Thia is one of the older areas of the northeast seotion o.f Uinneapolia which 1m.e
developed about i'itty years a :>;o by th& Irish, Germane and Scandinavian people.
At the pre sent time t his area i ■ oooupied mostly by Syrians, Italians and southern
Europeans , a nonstant ly shi ~ing population. The price range is fro!!'.! ! 500 to ¥ 5500
much r ehnbllit•tion b required. .. Peo:r,le are mostly small ealaried and. h <boring
elass. There has bean very little MW construction f'?l' y enrs .


Th ie ie a partially undtTeloped, U'€& lying near gravel. pits. It is chiefly oocupied
by the l e.boring olui. F'uture development . f or residential, purpose · ie very unoertai:J
beoauH of pr ·: stnt uee of nurrounding land s for cemetery purposes. , The values
range from. t lO~ to $2500 and are from 15 to 26 years of age.
Thie i1!l an araa in Nor theast Kinneapolis that -w as developed a.bout 4:0 to 50
a~o. Houses are very much in need of reho.bilitation, no new oonetruotion f or
1'he st. Anthony oem.etery and the .Soo Line shops detract from residence
desira bility. Oooupant s are of the lo.boring Values a re difficult to
deter!Une because of ag• and disrepair.

many y.:: are.


That e.roa 1nne41a.tely north of A-11 1a of cheaper type conetruotlon, stucco
predoe.ine.t•e, i,:3000 to f -4000, l t; l _} stor!e s . i.l'usiness er.cror.chment s.1'1n_'"; Plym.o!tth
Avenue and more continuously to the west. Jewish inhab itants. Depreo il'!.t ion 40}~
with a recovery of I O;-!.