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An advance of 60 per cent on conservative valuation could be made

in this district. The construction is predominately brick and
frame of an age of 25 ·to 30 years. Rents run from twenty to sixty dollars, and the average price for property here would be $10,000,
although some homes might sell for t:wenty to trenty-fi v;e thousand d0llars. The inhabitants are mostly professional. men and merchants.
There is some rehabilttation required. Very tew sales have taken place
for seveiral years. The growth of this district is seutheast and ~est.
The depreciation from 1929 is from 20 to 25 per cent. There has been
little recovery from this depreciatien.
(B ')

Percentage of loam that might be made in this distriict ·o n a conservative valuation, would be between 30 andl 50 per cent. Frame predominaites with some brick, and the av-erage age ot residences here would
be be~ter than 40 years. Rentals are tram fifteen to thirty-tiv:e
dollars, and the a'Verage price of hemes $,2500 to $ 0000. These are
mostll.y inhabited by laborers and clerks. Considerable rehab:ilitat1o.n
work necessary. Practically no sales ef property. Values hav.e depreciated here i'rom 30 to 40 per cent since 1929, and rec0-v;ery has been
On the .:east, en a conservative valua,t ion~ loans might be made up to

40 to 5© per cent, and on the west of ( B ) from 30 t-o 00 per cent•
The constructi0n of residences in this district is mostly f:r:ame -some brick. The average age of those on the east side is 40 years,
and on the west 20 years. Rentals on the east run from 2@ to 40
dollars per month, and on the west the average re,n tal V10ulid be $25.00.
The :values of property on the east are fr0m $2500 to $ 5000, and on the
west from $2000 to $ 5000. The class of inhabitants is mostly high class
with mixed prefessional,business men,and wage earners. There is considerable rehabilitati0n necessary. No sales u-e taking place. Depreciation of property in the east and west is f;r~ 30 to 35 per cent from
1.929, with about lO per cent rec0:very. Acreage,\ in..the south et (B2) is
werth £ram #200 to $500 per acre.

( 0 ')

On a conservat:i:ve valuation, loans might be made in this distirict up
to 50 per cent. Frame pred@minates. Average age ie 40 to 50 yeal's,
and rentals are from $10.00 t0 $30.00 per month • The average vaiue
of h<:>mes is about $ 3500. M0stly labor people live here. Rehabilitation
is required to a eensiderable extent• Few if any sales are taking place.
The depreciation from 1929 in this district is ! 40 to 50 per cent.


Mostly vacant rough property with a few scattered homes and acreages
at about $150 per acre.



On a conservative valuation, loans of from~ tot



:per eent
could be made in some sections. Frame pred@miJllld
W1. th oome
brick. Hou~es run from 15 to 30 years o! age ell rent for
from 15 to 25 dollars per DWnth, with an aver8!8 Val.u.e e:f
$2500. Mostly laborers live here. There is SOJl18 rehabilitation required. No sales are taking place. T}le shrinkage
here has been 30 per cent from 1929, with very l!l. ttle recovery,
if any.

Old construction, mostly brick, average age o! fully 60,
and on a conservative valuation,, loans might be made up to 5Q per
cent. Rents are from 30. to 50 dellsrs, and values av,erage $50©0.
Oons:tderable rehabilitation is required. No sales are taking place.
Values ba:ve depreciated here from 1929 abourt 45 per cent, w1 th :very
little comeback.
East of the ra-i lroad tracks and north to the end ot rail, this
residential property can be c~nsidered as bad. Would consider
making no loans at all on any, valuatll.en east ot tracks. Frame
predominates, with an average age of 50 years. Rentals are
from 10 to 20 dollars per month. The average value of property
is $1000. Laborers of the poor class live here. No sales are
rtaking pl.ace. Property has declined fully 60 per cent from 1929.

West of the railroad tracks it would be necessary to be extremely
careful ot any loans Some might be considered on a conservative
valuation of from ~ to 50 per cent. A mixture of old frame and bric'k
buildings with an average age of better than 00 years. This is the
business section et t .he 01 ty, and in the south part of (D2 ) is the industrial section. Apartments in rthese districts rent from $25.00 upward, and in some cases as high as ~75.00 per 1110nth. Na of
residential. property are taking place. Values are :t'rom $,2000 to $7500.
Type of inhabitant here is m:b!ed. A great deal ot rehabilitation is
ra~ired. Val.ues are down fully 4-0 per cent f~m 1929, with little or no

A few loans might be made here on a eenservati ve valuation of from 30
to 40 per ·c ent,. That is, if a value could be fixe(j.. Mii!'.ed frame and
brick construction. Average age 25 yeaa-s. Rentals are from l© to 20
doll.lars per month, and average value of homes about $25.00. ?oostly,
laborers li~e here. Rehabifilitatien is required• No saJ!es are taking
place, and the depreciation from 1929 is between 30 and 40 per oent,
with veey little if any recovery.

( 2}