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TRIP TO PHILADELPHIA & PRINCETON, N.J. - June 198  4 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Collection: Paul A. Volcker Papers Call Number: MC279  Box 13  Preferred Citation: Trip to Philadelphia and Princeton, NJ, 1982 June; Paul A. Volcker Papers, Box 13; Public Policy Papers, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library Find it online: and The digitization ofthis collection was made possible by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. From the collections of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton, NJ These documents can only be used for educational and research purposes ("fair use") as per United States copyright law. By accessing this file, all users agree that their use falls within fair use as defined by the copyright law of the United States. They further agree to request permission of the Princeton University Library (and pay any fees, if applicable) if they plan to publish, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate this material. This includes all forms of electronic distribution. Copyright The copyright law of the United States (Tide 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or other reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or other reproduction for purposes not permitted as fair use under the copyright law of the United States, that user may be liable for copyright infringement. Policy on Digitized Collections Digitized collections are made accessible for research purposes. Princeton University has indicated what it knows about the copyrights and rights of privacy, publicity or trademark in its finding aids. However, due to the nature of archival collections, it is not always possible to identify this information. Princeton University is eager to hear from any rights owners, so that it may provide accurate information. When a rights issue needs to be addressed, upon request Princeton University will remove the material from public view while it reviews the claim. Inquiries about this material can be directed to: Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library 65 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08540 609-258-6345 609-258-3385 (fax) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  June 25, 1982  Dr. William G. Bowen President Piinceton University Princeton, New Jersey 08540 Dear Bill: Thanks for the photos, and much more for the hospitality and "award." You know nothing is quite the same as recognition from Alma Mater and Princeton and when you can combine them, that's nirvana! A couple of days later I went down to Washington Square to see my son graduate from New York University. They have quite a pageant -- and I was interested to see they also gave a degree to Professor Hawking. All the best to you and Mary Ellen. Sincerely,  PAV:ccm Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  NO  Princeton University Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY  08540  PRESIDENT S ROOM '  TA44-,0  /8*/  /aAll -ttos*•40  A.?  ›14  6,44 OA .`-  30,  (00  ,  Princeton University  PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY 08544 PRESIDENT S ROOM  0 --n  to!  Mr. Paul A. Volcker Chairman of the Board of Governors Federal Reserve System Washington, D.C. 20551 Dear Paul: Just a brief note, now that Commencement is over, to say first how much I enjoyed seeing you here and how delighted I was to be able to present your degree to you. Also, I thought I might add one comment about your citation. The reference in it to "the long view" was included deliberately because that is the title of a collection of essays by Jack Viner that has always been a favorite of mine. I hope you will be pleased to be associated with Jack, who was one of my favorite teachers when I was a graduate student here. With best wishes, Sincerely,  William G. Bowen WGB:lc Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Itinerary -- Chairman Volcker  Sunday, June 6, 1982 12:30 PM (approx.) 4:00 PM  Drive to Philadelphia, Pa. Memorial Service for Tom McCabe at the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, Harvard Avenue, Swarthmore, Pa. Drive to New York in NY Fed car (they will meet you at the Church)  Monday, June 7  Drive to Princeton, N.J. (with Mrs. Volcker) Reservation at Nassau Inn (609) 921-7500 7:00 PM  Black tie dinner II.sident & Mrs. Bowen, 83 Stockton Street Walter Lowrie H Professor Stephenfeld, Chairman of the Department of Ecos, will pick you up at the Nassau Inno with you to the dinner (he is yout during Commencement) Reception followiner  Tuesday, June 8 10:00 AM  Jr will bring you to Nassau Hall Professor Goldfeld (Jadwin Gymnasium, Balcony Conference Room) for robing, photographs, etc.  10:30 AM 10:40 AM 11:00 AM  Academic procession forms Academic procession moves Commencement Exercises Luncheon immediately following at Prospect House (concludes at approximately 2:30 PM) Drive to New York  Wednesday, June 9 7:00 AM 8:00 AM  Depart New York on Eastern Shuttle Arrive Washington, D.C. (National Airport)  Depart National on Eastern Shuttle Arrive New York New York Fed car will meet you Thursday, June 10 10:00 AM ?? Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Graduation Exercises at New York University  •  Princeton University  OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL AND SECRETARY PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY 08544  May 10, 1982 CD  PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL  rT1, CZ/MD  Mr. Paul A. Volcker Chairman Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Washington, DC 20551  C') rn rri c7,r1-1  (A)  Zr 7:7  Dear Mr. Volcker: Thank you for your recent letter regarding your visit to Princeton in June. Enclosed is a brief outline of Commencement activities relating to recipients of honorary degrees. We have arranged accommodations at the Nassau Inn for you and Mrs. Volcker for the eve/Lag In this regard, it would be helpful to know your approximate time of arrival in Princeton, and you should be in touch with me or my Assistant, Virginia Nath (609-452-5560), as soon as these arrangements are final. As I mentioned in my earlier letter, it is traditional for honorary degree recipients to have a University host during the Commencement festivities. Professor Stephen Goldfeld, Chairman of the Department of Economics, will serve as your host during your visit, and particularly will take you and Mrs. Volcker to President Bowen's home for the dinner on Monday evening and to the Commencement ceremony on Tuesday morni777Can you please let me know the names of any guests, other than Mrs. Volcker who may wish to attend the Commencement ceremony and the luncheon immediately following, so that I can arrange to send them tickets for the various gatherings or have them available at the Nassau Inn. Please let me or Ms. Nath know if you have questions that we might answer of if we can be of assistance. We all look forward to the occasion. ncerely,  Wright/LIA"---THW:kmh Enclosure Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • • [1  H-t  ON  a.: ; Jo unapacciaan a uilUatlL1,f/rDatit032.C,3031C1g  9113i3JTi443t3ooiraingi1nalgg  UNIVERSITY  MEMORANDUM FOR RECIPIENTS OF HONORARY DEGREES COMMENCEMENT 1982  Monday, June 7th 7:00 p.m.  President and Mrs. Bowen's dinner at the Walter Lowrie House, 83 Stockton Street (black tie)  9:30 p.m. (approximate)  Reception following dinner (attended by hosts and other invited guests)  Tuesday, June 8th 10:00 a.m.  Host or escort brings recipient to Nassau Hall (Jadwin Gymnasium, Balcony Conference Room, entrance directly off Faculty Road, in case of rain) for robing, photographs, and final instructions  10:30 a.m.  Academic procession forms  10:40 a.m.  Academic procession moves  11:00 a.m.  Commencement Exercises Luncheon immediately following Exercises Prospect House (concludes at approximately 2:30 p.m.)  HONGRA:RY DEGREE rrFMONY Each honorary degree recipient will have a Trustee escort in the The conprocession and in the front row of the platform seating. ferring of honorary degrees comes toward the end of the Exercises. When the University Orator presents the recipient to the President, the recipient will accompany the Trustee escort to a position in front The University of the President's desk, half facing the audience. Orator will then read a citation. At the end of the citation, the recipient will turn and face the President. The President will then confer the degree, and the Chief Marshal will place the appropriate hood over the recipient's shoulders. After the hood has been placed, the President will shake hands with the recipient, who will turn and Lice the aud!ence for a mordent; then the recipient and the escort return to their respective places. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Princeton University  OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL AND SECRETARY PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY 08544  February 25, 1982  PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL fir".3 CLZ.D  Mr. Paul A. Volcker Chairman, Board of Governors The Federal Reserve Board Washington, D.C. 20551  Dear Mr. Volcker: As Secretary of the Committee on Honorary Degrees, it is my pleasure to write to you in a preliminary way about arrangements for the Princeton Commencement on Tuesday, June 8. In a subsequent letter, I shall provide you with the names of your hosts while you are in Princeton. Also, I shall be sending you a schedule for Monday evening and Tuesday, and a description of the honorary degree ceremony. It may be helpful for you to know that recipients of honorary degrees at Princeton are not expected to make any formal remarks. It would be helpful at this time if you could let me know whether you wish the University to provide a cap and gown, and if so, your height and hat size. Academic attire will only be needed at the Commencement Exercises on Tuesday morning; the honorary degree hood that you will receive will be yours to keep. In addition, we would appreciate receiving from you, if available, a current resume' that we may use in the preparation of publicity, programs and announcements for the Commencement ceremonies--all of which will be kept confidential until June 8. We look forward to the occasion and to the pleasure of meeting you. Please do not hesitate to write or call me or my assistant, Virginia Nath (telephone no. 609-452-5560) if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance. •1 cerely,  Thomas H. Wright THW:v1n Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ii  Princeton University FiGZ FE  I r's  PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY 08544  ESIDENT'S '  ROOM  t  February 10, 1.982  Personal Mr. Paul A. Volcker Chairman Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Washington, D. C. 20551 Dear Paul: Thank you for your note of February 4. I am delighted that you can be with us to receive an honorary degree at Commencement. Our decision to offer you an honorary degree convinces me again that we come to at least some right conclusions ! With best personal regards, Sincerely,  William G. Bowen WGB:lc Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  February 4, 1962  Mr. William G. Bowen President Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey Dear Bill: I was naturally delighted to receive your letter about the Trustees' election of me for an honorary degree. Obviously, it means something very special from Princeton. And perhaps, given my present position, a special amount of bravery and appreciated confidence by you, the Committee, and the Trustees! Barbara and I will plan to be with you on June 8 and the night before. Meanwhile, we'll keep it quiet. With best regards,  PAV:ccm  Princeton University  PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY 08544  1963,1,11 70  PRESIDENT'S ROOM  .,,• 142 9  January 23, 1982  PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL Mr. Paul A. Volcker Chairman Federal Reserve Board 20th and Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20551 Dear Paul: I am very pleased to inform you that you have been elected by the Board of Trustees of Princeton University to receive the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, at our Commencement in June. The action of the Board followed the strong recommendation of the Committee on Honorary Degrees, which I chair, and which includes members of the faculty and student body as well as Trustees. Commencement this year is on Tuesday, June 8, and it is the longstanding practice of the University that honorary degrees are conferred only on persons who can be present on Commencement Day to receive them. I hope that your schedule will permit you to be present, and that Barbara will be able to accompany you to Princeton. Also, on the preceding Monday evening, Mary Ellen and I will give a dinner for the recipients of honorary degrees and we hope that you and Barbara will be with us on that occasion too. Please let us know as soon as you can if it will be possible for you to accept this degree. If that is possible, as I certainly hope it will be, the Office of the Secretary will provide you with further information. As no public announcement concerning honorary degrees is made until they are conferred, I would appreciate your holding this matter in strictest confidence until that time. Sincerely,  William G. Bowen WGB:caf Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE  FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM  Office Correspondence To  Chairman Volcker  From  Office of the Secretaryq,,,e (Jim McAfee) Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Date June 3, 1982 Subject:  In connection with the memorial service for Thomas McCabe on Sunday, here is the obituary from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and your telegram of condolence to Mrs. McCabe. The McCabe family requested that no flowers be sent, so we have arranged (with Governor Gramley's approval) for the Board to contribute $25 each to three funds designated by the family: Memorial Fund of Swarthmore Presbyterian Church; McCabe Fund - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; and McCabe Scholarship Fund - Swarthmore College.  Attachments Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  (ioi‘,11MERCIAL TE EGRAM OR CAM. BOARD C  GDC 1029471 Rate:  GOVERAMS OF :!E FEDE1AL RESERVE SY  KCB  charge to FEDERAL RESERVE B( vi::  Mrs. Thomas B. McCabe  It is with profound regret that the Governors of the redenal Reserve have learned of the death of your husband, aL -J on behalf of the Board, I wish to extend our heartfelt s:-.1pai_hy. The Federal Reserve System is fortunate to have had such dedicated man as Mr. McCabe, who made major contributions to to the Nation as Chairman of the Board of Governors aHd page 1 of...a_  PLEASE TYPE OR WR.ITE PLAINLY WITHIN INNER BORDER—DO —CT 7CLD If additional space is required continue in space below.  UDC 1029471  KBC  charge to FEDERAL RESERVE BC,\RD  Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, as well as head of a world-wide corpora ion Our deepest sympathy goes out to you in your time of orrw.  Paul A. Volcker Chairman, Federal P2serve Board  page 2 of 2  PLEASE TYPE OR V,RITE PLAINLY WITHIN INNER BORDER—DO  'OLD  FOR OFFICIAL BUSINESS ONLY—S03 Secr , -_ tarial Handbook for In3tructio;' an ' Ra:es  BOARD DF C OVERNORS  FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM  •  Office Correspondence To  Board of Governors  From  William W. Wiles  Date  Ma- 28 5 1989 ".  Subject:  Thomas B. McCabe, former Chairman of the Board of Governors (1948-1951), died yesterday at his home in Swarthmore, Pa. at the age of 88.  Prior to his chairmanship, Mr. McCabe was associated with the  Philadelphia Reserve Bank for eleven years as a Class C Director, serving nine years as Chairman. I have attached some information from the Reserve Bahk regarding funkral arrangements.  Attachment Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  DATE:  May 28, 1982  TO:  MR. WILLIAM WILES OFFICE OT THE SECRETARY BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE tEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM WASBItiCTON, D.C.  Thomas B. McCabe. 88, the man who built Scott Paper Co. into a giobe-spannIng corporation and, along the waY, became a major force in the nation, died Thurbday At hig home in Swarthmore— In addition to his wlfe, he is survived by two sons, Richard W. grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  and James;  Re will le buried ip the cemetery in WhaleyavIlle, the towm where he was born.  A memorial service is to be held June 6 at A:00 p.m. at the  Swarthmore Prebbyterian Churcb, Harvard Avenue, Swarthmore, Pa. Mr. McCabe's home address is: .  111,e family has requested no flowers.  Donations may be made to:  Memorial Fund of Svarthmore Presbyterian Church; McCabe rund-University Pennsylvania Hospital; McCabe Scholarship Fund-Swarthmore College. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Complete newspaper article to be mailed to you today by pouch.  Edward G. Boehne Philadelphia  4  Removal Notice The item(s) identified below have been removed in accordance with FRASER's policy on handling sensitive information in digitization projects due to copyright protections.  Citation Information Document Type: Newspaper article Citations:  Number of Pages Removed: 2  Van Atta, Burr. "T. McCabe; Headed Scott, Served U.S. Presidents." Philadelphia Inquirer, May 28, 1982.  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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