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November 14, 1914

At luncheon of Merchants Association

January 14, 1915

At Williams College - Book Lecture Course

May 19, 1915

At Atlantic City

Way 22, 1915


June 24, '915

At Saratoga Springs - Before the first general convention
of the banters of the State of New York

Garden City

3efore the members of the Bankers of
the State of New York.

July 6, 1915

October 2, 1915

October 7, 1915

December 9, 1915

At the Hotel

artinirue - Before New York State Bankers
Group VI

July 16, 1917

"Government Loans"

August 3, 1917

"Financing Government Loans"

August 3, 1917

"Waste and Economy"

September 14, 1917

At the Bankers Club - At luncheon of the

Bond Club

of New York

September 28, 1917 At Atlantic City - At American Bankers Association Convention
=)eptember 27,

1918 At Metropolitan Opera 1-buse - Liberty Loan ieeting

September 29, 1918

"More Liberty Bonds,

or More


April 3, 1919

Informal meeting at which Secretary Glass was present

April 11, 1921

At Washington, D. C. - "War Finance" - Before students of Army
War College

June 19, 1922

Address on Aar Finance prepared for Army War College to
be read to students


Address male at luncheon held at Hotel McAlpin by United
Waist League of America


July 27, - 29, 1922 Address October 3, 1922

Address made

Oneonta, N. Y.

(Mr. Smith's Bank)

at luncheon at

of American

University Club, given by ?resident
Bankers Assoc. to Hon. Reginald McKenna

War College, Washington, D. C.

October 26, 1922

Address -

November 17, 1922

Address made at dinner of Rensselaer County Bankers at
Troy Club, Troy, N. Y.

November 28, 1922


Decem--)er 13, 1922

Address - Convention of American Farm Bureau rederatioa,

Students Army

before Graduate College, harvard University,Caebrldps,

Sherman Hotel, Chicago,


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102