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Form F.R. 148a



August 29, 1956

Marvin H» Sclntyre
Assistant Secretary to the President
Care of Presidential Party
Pierre# South Dakota
Betel addressed to Marriner Eccle® on August twenty-firpt I wired you at
Pougbkeepsie as follows quote Telegram received froi^ls^iriaan Xeelst
quota Advise Mclntyre do not see at thti tia© howyl^&ll be possible for
me accept invitation speak before Hew fork Hft^aXd^rlbune Forum as trill be
in West until latter part of September M&s^eli^? meeting would be interpreted
as strictly political and if so ^y aj^aaranqa iaay do more harm for Adainistra-*
lion than good

However if Prea^feart^sels It Important for me to appear and

meeting is after I return to ^shih^ton I will be willing to accept invitation
Advise airmail outcome giiKi^atter Unquote Will appreciate your reply so can
advise 8r. Socles at e^^Qgate ftnquota Mr. Iccles doesnft expect return
Washington untiX^aoramtotober first At present is on fishing trip aossewher©
near lellowstones^Jfe letter received from him yesterday he said unless
the President desired hi® to do so he would not return East in order to make
fifteen minute speech before tribune Forum. He expects attend Bmrn funeral
md you no doubt can get definite reply fro® him at that time. If d©»ir»
answer sooner advise me and will try to locate his.

VaLois Egbert
Secretary to Chairman Eecles