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M&rch 9, 1939 - H i 2 0 A* K,


Kathxyn Henna

Miss Maude Barrett
at Washington, D« C*

Call made from 'Washington

V$M$ Barrett telephoned to Miss Henna*, at the request of
Mr. Brinhell, to ask hor to obtain some infornation regarding Mrs*
Hodelle Sawyers, of Marion, Virginia, Mrs. Sawyers wrote & long
letter to Senator Byrcl, commenting on a copgr of Senator Byrd'o letter
to constituents, dated Joim&ry 25th, a m upon the Congressional
Record reprint of Sanator Byi'd's letter to Mr. Socles, dated
January 14th* Miss Henna stated that she would try to obtain the
informtion and i-eport
loiter (4
Miss Henna telephoned Mies Barrett to rsport as follows in
regard to Mrs, Rodelle S&wysrs, of i'arion, Virginia* The information
was obtained from the principal of one of tfe* schools in Marion and
the President of the Woman*s Club,
Mr* and Mrs* Sairyers era
aggressive and independent* Mrs*
Voice of the People in the Roanoke
Host people think the articles are

independent thinkers - very
Sawyers writes articles for the
Times, and also for local newspapers*
n w y good,

Mr* Sa^iyers is employed, probably in an administrative
capacity, with the U* S* forestry Service in the vicinity of Karioil*
At one tine he worked in a GGG Caiap - probably in an administrative
capacity. He is an active number of the Xaung Democrats1 Club, Mr.
Sawyers probably finished grasnmr school, but did not attend high
school* At one time he was in the Marine Corps*
The Sawyers family lives in one of the least desirable sections in Marion, out are highly respected. ?lrs. Sawyers runs a
boardinghouse* BAie is not & native of Marion,, but cam$ from another
part of Virginia, She apparently belongs to no clubs or associations.

m> 2 —

Mids Barrett asked Kiss Henna as to the progress of the
case review,
Kiss Henna Stated that she was very pJLeasedk^dth the
results, and that she fc?els that the information whiek^is b&^ng r e ceived will prove very helpful*
Cancellations wjJLX probably, run about
one-half of one percent.