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&fla«u&£** iirec&ore haw fcee& carrying <m vmry frame
i f broad tva&G&c cirotao»iaa*#« arui p o l i t i c a l pn^nMw aa&* polici** of
loa» applicant* wtdaft sight ha*e eoaeiattsi® eo&atqttina&s af foe
*ttala»ent of thfc broad a b > o t i w * of the Batik, ana p o s s i b i l i t i e s of
of tin loans. A M aifaMKlon* ***** laslsttted a i l of tJ**
oaaeod In ih* K& I on tv&em/i tfivwiUr 26 f !?]*£, &a<i 1A a.idi'w
<l»bt 4»f*uli l^dUiionssp txtMtwot a? Inrasusra, and gfwrtall nr^a p o l i t i c a l
(*U Europe and not w o * ! / ^^yit«ta F«grope)» i t ** fei^peaa that
a n—ora.ot.tam ovtHnlaf; a l l of USM» con-


• Ja t l » Mking and ix^UmmtL^ of iara* ube Btek i«
by l t « i i r t i c U s of Agj*«9«at f^var^ l&torfe-rittj; te Urn p o l i t i c a l affairs
i t IM
•X Ute iaw«xir or tanAxi ra ooaoormxU - i a j / oooaiflKic cort^UlKmtlos^i simil
*» r*l«r«nt -fco ife» <£*<stai3&*f aud, thooo oat«id»rttti<m« shall be wel;;h»a
i» order t o ao}rd&v& Mm purpto««9 of the v«n«£ ^Xeh I haim
omrlic-r. X w& oeria-ln t.hat a l l of the awb*^ gawvrtttfsal*
to act as loan -.projects cm Qm baei? of
tbe ,.Tir*cipaX i^Pi*oa*» OX tba ftaafe 1» tht proBSbotaUwi of the
alass^d gro«tl> «f Infcafwttiorial t^emde Aa«i the MditUaaaea
o^uilibrlxm i n buianoaa of p*?ae&t*&, avaAl&iMi JLB^portant If tlit
i s to be l a a pooitiaii If ^••«tt i t a obUgationa to t t e I M ^
X beli«v» that th« SawcRitiv© i m o t o r s of the lank attst, thfttttfor** in
paaais^ on an indiviuiu«L.l Ima a^lio&tijon t 5jiv6 careful ati«nti<m
not attl^.' to t^* datails of HM particular project but their relation
to th« broad &rada, ftaanoial, amd ittvaatfliaat palifttea o.t* the
aa tim l a t t e r ai^ht affiwt th« usofUl carryUi,:, oat of 'aw
and #w aroapoats of rttjsapatsit of tiie loan* « intand that th& loans
of Us* Baedc ahall ha ocnmd aad ^ball l « repaid. S M i^a»k m a t avoid
ao/ p o l i t i c a l a^^ivit/. But wtera pollei&o of a borrower h&m U*»
of the sairpoata of %to* 8m& and the ropajaent of i t s loena,
p o l i c i e s and «aoh eooMnlc conaa^«ac«Ni t ^ i ^ o f t I f e ^ l , nuat
ivwn oamful cmiaidaratiaR 3JI paaaing «R Uaa a^plioa-tio •
tim oox^«id»rat4Q«« are xioat. r e l e v a n t a t mm- ptmamA tim
, and porhapa i n 41£fer«mt dagreo i n oart&in
throe : aaWrsi I%urop3in oountrica ar» a l l r a f t e r s i n

t o t h » K-»cutiv« : d r « e t o w t « s and s t a f f s o f the Bank and of the

Loan *ppU«nU<Ki» havt tooa ?eo«l**4 f raa ft&aad Had a—ohoalft¥»trU«
f«w»r Is i s gone <a»iaii. The lattar i* a MIS* letter &f Intent and
at the pteacsvt. a»tinal/ Inactive*

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ruXc out the granting
or tlw
of the

i gottfidCAi i'^MM of ;wu»n>».l<i'wai> «« w«ll «• ©tiier Pollafc Ite^us
'ffliiniifmwiw «f ggOMrml policl«a a t %h*m •mmtriea ant ndt so oi#arl/
ftned «B w sadw for ««»/ tffttandjwtlon «f t t » appvifKlaw fteti«» of th

tba m i l ^ aitaAO«a ca» a«alV %* fetid If
mmtemm* mhcum, and t4» -»#*fc wi^wat ia asw ia*aUiw f 1
final ewialewrutiot> bt poai|>n—d as laeg as i s f©aaill* in t
aUrtfie&tdan of tl« poal^ion df t.'j««e

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