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M&y 2 6 t X943

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alr&ble t i a a for t&a job to be fislshad*
St&'ist 0av*^t*B«at Job would dsvolop aattufeXiy out of tis©
m i l i t a r y gO'WMttioa-t job* f i t *-fijwtifta avt«ta§iMM^t w i l l to a
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ead the o«eaplad eottatrla* at the t i » * of ttia
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peraon&alfi Th^y a r t f^XXy a i f g a ^ «« I t
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four sftjor . j
laiLVQdO & d %•• ;;#O^X# %£*& bft'^aXy aaousb t o do a
job aB t&am* M ^ e r t i i s i a s s , tka work 9* pont-wau* fl&anG9v
by Ita f#ry;r«t womlA &aX$ out i a anay &i?;:>«»€ts of the


The State Department project is potentially so big that, if
we are to do it, we shall hare to cut it down considerably
in its first phase* We might agree to cover at first only
the most important topics or the most important countries.
Later we could finish, tiie whole job. Or ne could perhaps
diTide the isork in some way with tlie financial economists in
the State Department — a procedure that might help establish
closer working relationships. To do our part at all, however,
we shall have to find a number of draft-proof economists —
preferably Americans — capable of doing a quality job.
These are likely to be older Hen of considerable standing.
We may have to be prepared to pay high for some of them,
To start the job we should have to have at least one senior
economist and two others who might be associate and junior
economists respectively if good people free of the draft can
be found at these grades. A competent team of three economists
in association with the rest of our staff should be able to do
a significant preliminary job on the more important countries
by next October.
As opportunity offered, the group might be somewhat increased;
and it is possible that the whole job could be finished in the
course of a year. The group working on this job might develop
some good candidates for staffing our delegation to the peace
conference or series cf conferences when the time comes.