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If any of the following persons are present, you may wish
to make some reference to them.
SENATOR RADCLIFFE— President Roosevelt was for some years
after the war vice president (in New ïork) of the Fidelity & Deposit
Contoany of Maryland. Mr. Radcliffe was at the same time president
of the American Bonding Company, one of the F. & D. subsidiaries.
Hence Mr. Radcliffe is sometimes referred to (not quite accurately
or quite seriously) as the President’ former "boss.”
Mr• Radcliffe and MR. JOHN E. SEMMES. you may remember
took part in some of the early meetings of the President's Housing
Committee. Mr. Semmes is a prominent lawyer who is identified with
the ownership and management of the BALTIMORE SUN, of which he is
one of the trustees.
HUGH POTTER, president of the National Association of Real
Estate Boards until last month, when his term expired. He is a
champion debater out of Harvard, a hard-hitting Texas Democrat, and
a warm supporter of the President. He was a vigorous advocate of
Title I and Title II of the Housing Act, though somewhat lukewarm
on Title III because of his Association’ position on a mortgages
discount bank.
WALTER SCHMIDT, now president of the National Association
of Real Estate Boards and the author of the plan for a mortgagediscount bank, for which he has been fighting hard in Washington for
the past four or five years.
"HERB”NELSON, secretary of the National Association of
Real Estate Boards, who worked side by side with Potter in Washington
last year. He is veiy popular among the local boards.

My recollection is that you met all of these men last year.