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Peck. Francis Win.fred
Would Replace



A^e 5Q

University of Minnesota, Federal Reserve District No. 9.


Born, St. Paul, Minnesota, May £0, 1886$ B.S. College
of Agriculture, University of Minnesota, 191^$ M.S,,
1917$ Prof,, D« of Minn., cost accounting investigations, 1312-18, director of a g r l . extension,
with Bur. Agrl« Economica, U.S. Dept. Agr«y
cooperative bank, coaaiseioner of U.S. Fara Credit
Administration since 1955$ aembsr M$ki& Seta, Gamaa
Sigaa Delta, Sigiaa. Xi} Methodist*


Reoosmended by Governor Mv©rs| recognised ae
practical, able leader in agricultural thought in the
Korthwestj resigned December SI, 1335, ss Cooperative
Bank CosBaissioner because his leave of absence fros
the University had expired.