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April 22, 194S
Governor Eccles:
I call your attention to the
attitude of the American Bankers1 Association on the Bank Holding Company bill,
as expressed in the attached excerpt from
the American Banker of yesterday*
Briefly stated, the American
Bankers1 Association agrees in principle
with some of the Important provisions of
the pending Bank Holding Company bill,
but states that questions as to the "dual
banking system11 and "branch banking across
State lines11 require ttfurther extensive
study*. It also is critical of the
authority which would be given the Reserve
Board by the bill. A committee is directed
to study the matter and make a recommendation to the Association.
You can see that the position of
the American Bankers1 Association is far
from helpful in connection with our bill.


This file contained a transcript of a copyright-protected article that has been removed.
The citation for the original is:
American Banker, “ABA Says It Seeks Holding Company Control Statute,” April 21, 1948.