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February 8, 1936.

To - The President
From • Chairman Eccles
I am sure you will be pleased to know that the
Board of Governors at its meeting a few days ago voted to
employ Ur* Hamlin ae special counsel at a salary of $12,000
a year, which will enable him to continue hie present mode
of living in Washington, He seems greatly relieved and
very well pleased with the arrangement which has been
worked out for him.
the Board also has voted to appoint Judge
Thomas a Class C director and has designated him ae Chairman and Federal Reserve Agent for the Federal Eeserve Bank
of Kansas City to serve for the balance of the present
year. He also seems to be well pleased with the arrangement. This position pays $20f000 a year and will carry
Judge Thomas along while he is preparing to resume his law
practice, and it will also take care of the unusual expense
he has been put to on account of the serious illness of his
wife and the cost of moving from Washington*
The Board has also officially requested Dr.
Miller to continuef in an advisory capacity, the supervision he has exercised over the new Board's building since
its inception.
You will be further interested to know that in
a conference night before last with Senator Glass on other
matters, X advised him as to what the Board was proposing
to do with reference to the former Board member8, and he
was extremely pleased that Mr. Hamlin was to be taken care
of, and felt that under the circumstances it was fair and
proper to ra&ke the arrangement for Judge Thomas.