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18 April 1938

For approximately a week, commencing about 30 April 1938, the
President expects to be cruising in the vicinity of the Virgin Islands*
Any conmunications which the Heads of the Executive Departments
or agencies of the Government feel must be sent to the President while
he is at sea, will go via Naval Communications* Such messages, in every
case, moat be sent to the White House, either to the Secretary-in~-Gharge,
or to the Executive Clerk-in-Charge.
All messages should be in triplicate, double-spaced typing, and
be plainly marked with one of the following classifications as to security:
(a) "CLEAR" -

Text of message to be sent in plain language*

(b) "RESTRICTED" - Text of message to be sent in cipher of relatively low security which will give administrative privacy but which will not withstand
attack by expert cryptanalysis*
(o) "CONFIDEHTIAL" or "SECRET" - Text of dispatch to be sent in
cipher of very high security which may he
expected to withstand attack by expert cryptanalysis*
Ho message should
subject matter is ever at
otherwise, or if it is to
wire or other rapid means
sary In order to maintain

be designated "CONFIDENTIAL" or "SECRET" if its
any time to be made public by the press, or
be passed in plain language by telephone, land
of communication* (These precautions are necesthe security of the cipher)*

Mail for the President should be delivered to the Executive Offices
of the White House, from which it will be forwarded by mail plane to the

By direction of the President*

Secretary to the President*