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F o r i ^ N o . 1K1

Office Correspondence

Governor Eccles


Lauchlin Currie



July 50, 1955.

Ovmership of deposits at;


Attached is a letter to Mr. Anderson, Assistant Federal Reserve
Agent at Cleveland, for your signature. It looks as though
Springfield is our best bet as the town in which to make a general
survey. I hope within a week or so to have the bigger project ready
for submission to the Board.

July 80,
Mr. J . B,
A A f
ifcoaut twiamU Ikmmrvm Agent,,
Federal RMMOT
vi f
I •£, J h i o .
De&r Sir, AattrMStf

Thaalc you v ry atich both for
r you
from the national b^nkn In
fits ttM In Wrest you c
I la thi ^hite-collfer project
der diacaaelc

ly to b€ sent to
Mr. Roy H. Clark, Vice ?r,, ident, the Wwrt ^-ti-,>;v 1
ana Truat CkM9MQff Bprla
s Ohio, aafl Mr, B« I# F
Prosiccaty the Lagonda l i t l o a 1
g f l e l d , Sp

. Ecdeg

Doer Mr.
Thank you very much for your prompt reply to ay
latter concerning a possible work' relief study on the
distribution of deposits,
I h»ve apprised Governor Eccles of its cont^ta
and he wish** »« to convey to you his ap r^citiion of
the cooperative spirit you ht>v
If tho project if initiated under the Works Relief
?rogr&3 the actual work would have to be done by people
rho have been on tht re3
lls» the compensation
for such work in Springfield is, I dnderetead, |60«00
per month. It is e:
tbfot bankers vfao are willing
to cooperet> in I
j ct will be aeketl to suggest
th< iMMN of peoplf on relief to whoa they wo ild be willing to grant d*6k space and accei-s to back ledgers* If
the banks have no-one in p:
r in mind tht; local
administrator will be asked to isubadt a list of a&ae*
froa which a choice say be aade* Although the
in a r&ry tentativ foro, I can assure you that no p«reoa
will be given employment until bank of'fi
i»ve first
had opportunity to M M N tbemselves as to his trustworthiness and reliability.
Z hope to know within a aonth whether or not the
project is initiated, and I shall keep you informed as
to developments*

v-.ry truly,