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Harch 20, I9I4I
General Files
Hr« Dreibelbia, Assistant
General Counsel*


( o Saturday, March 15th, Messrs* Thurston and Clayton called
m to discuss a proposed reply to Congressman Beckirorthts inquiry
concerning the "Fatsan Plan" and to inquire if ny acquaintanceship with
him was such that X could talk frankly to him about giving the answer
publicity* 1 told them that personally I would have no misgivings with
respect to talking to him about the matter and after further discussion
with the Chairman it was decided that I should do so*
Accordingly, on Monday X made an appointment and called upon
Mr* Beokworth, taking the original of the letter with me* X explained
to him that a good deal of work had been put upon the letter and that
since the question was a recurring one that the Chairaan was considering
the idea of giving it publicity, but that he did not want to do so if
Mr* Beokworth** relations with Mr* Paiatan were such that it would be
embarrassing to him for his inquiry to be isade the occasion for such
publicity* Xt was evident that his inquiry had not been sade with any
such idea in aind and that he had not intended to Bake an issue with
Mr* Patman on this subject, although he expressed himself as believing
that there mast be some flaw in his plan* Be immediately mentioned his
friendship with Mr* Petiaan and his reluctance, on first thought, to risk
the probability of a controversy when they were from the sane State and
represented adjoining districts* We then went over the letter paragraph
by paragraph and he indicated agreement with substantially everything
that was said in the letter* At the conclusion he reverted to his re*
latlonship with Mr* Pataan and said that while it did not mean that he
was in agreement with him as to his views he would like to have over night
to think it over and that he night want to stent ion it to Mr* Patman. X
told him that X too personally was on friendly terms with Mr* Pataan and
had no desire to be secretive, but that on the other hand if he, Mr*
Beokworth, should decide to put the reply in the Secord we would not want
to be the butt of any unfair statements or charges by Mr* Patsaan made
possible by our desire to do the courteous thing with Mr* Beokworth by
discussing the matter before taking action* He then repeated what he had
said in the beginning, that is that he appreciated our discussing the
proposed reply and its handling before any action was taken, that he

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realised that the procedure could hare been simply to send the letter
that we had thought in advance of
and release it# that he was
his possible relation with Mr* Batman and given him the opportunity of
discussing the matter* and that we need have no fear about his full
cooperation* I then left the letter with him with the mutual understanding that it was not a formal delivery but merely in his custody
until the following day when he would call me*
Meanwhile, by the following day the Chairman had about concluded that he would prefer to address a letter directly to Mr* ?atmanf
who had made a radio speech upon the subject of his plan on the proceeding Saturday night« Accordingly, it was decided that in my talk with
Hr« Beokworth X should encourage the idea of his returning the letter*
I talked to him over the telephone about 1 P«M* on March 18th* We agreed
that from his standpoint it might be better for him not to be a party to
the matter• Later I met him in the Speaker's Office and we talked for
a half hour or so* He again expressed his appreciation for our courtesy
to him and went over hie reasons influencing him against having a letter
addressed to hiia released, basing them entirely on his friendly relationship with Mr* Fatman, the fact that they were colleagues from adjoining
districts* and the fact that Hr« Patman»s sister was one of his constituents* noticing that a phone number and Mr* Patman's name had been
written on the corner of the envelope containing the letter I asked him
if he had talked to Mr. Patman and he said that he had and that Mr* Patman
had expressed the same idea* basing his conclusion on their being oolleagues from adjoining districts. Z told him that 1 would be greatly
embarrassed if subsequently Mr* Fatman should make some point of the fact
that the proposed reply had been discussed by me with Mr* Beokworth. He
said that he understood that and that he could assure me that nothing like
that would happen* After some general conversation he again repeated this
assurance and I returned the original of the letter to Mr. Clayton*