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(Dictated by Mr. Timmons' Office - 3/l3/li2 ~ 9:10 a.m.)

March 12, loli2
Please see that a copy of the following is promptly delivered to Fr.
San Francisco
March 11, 19l&
Federal Reserve Bank,
San Francisco, California*
Sirs: By virtue of orders issued by the w a r Department on December 11,
19l)-l, the entire Pacific Coast of the United States was established es
the Western Defense Command and designated as a theatre of operations
under my command.
By Executive Order Fo. 9066 doted February 19, I9l\2, the President of
the United States authorized and directed the Secretary of War and the
military commanders whom he may from time to time designate to prescribe
military areas in such places and of snch extent BS he or the appropriate
military compandor may determine, from which any or all persons may be
excluded, and with respect to which the right of any person to enter,
remain in, or leave?, shall be subject to whatever restrictions the
Secretary of War or the appropriate military commander may impose in his
The Secretary of War on February 20, 19l|2, designated the undersigned
as the military commander to carry out the duties and responsibilities
imposed by said Executive Order for that portion of the United States
embraced in the Western Defense Command.
On March 2, l i . pursuant to authority vested in me, I issued Public
Proclamation No« 1 under which I designated and established certain
military areas and zones. It is my intention by subsequent proclamation
to exclude certain persons and classes of pe-rsons from all of Military
Area No. 1 and also from such of those zones described in said Public
Proclamation No. . as Zones A-2 to A-°9 inclusive as are within Military
Area No. 2, The evacuees will include Japanese, German e.nrt Italian aliens
and persons of Japanese ancestry now resident in Military Area No. 1.
I am familiar with the contemplated program dealing with the problem of
evacuees end I find that the prompt execution of such a program is essential
to the successful prosecution of the war and the performance of my duty
under Executive Order $o« 9066. Accordingly, 1 hereby authorize and
direct you. to take all steps which in your judgment ^re necessary or
desirable in order to carry out the objective of the program.
You, are authorized and requested to employ such personnel vnd set up
such offices within the Western Defense Commend as vou mov consider


advisable, necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out the
program o^ dealing with the property interests of said evacuees. You
are further authorized to employ such personnel and appoint such subaprents as you may see fit in connection therewith.
You vrill be reimbursed for ell necessary ^*nd proper expenses incurred
in connection with the carrying out o^ this program* Furthermore, you
"r^ directed to perform any and all nets incident to the accomplishment
or furtherance of this progrem and rs such are, of course, entitled
to b~ reimbursed for ^11 necessary ^r\d proper expenses nnd obligations
^rising out op such ag**ncies for which under law such rn agent would be
entitled to reimbursement.
It is understood th-"t in executing the foregoing no warranty of my
authority is included nor is my personal liability imposed upon or
assumed by the undersigned.
Very truly yours,
Lieutenant General U. S. Army Commnnd,

^Received 8:23 p»m., 3/l2/1 4 2)