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March 13, 1942
Subject: Evacuee Property Program

I spent considerable time yesterday at the new offices
in the Financial Center Building set up to handle this work. They
had quite a number of callers while I was there, and it seemed to
be about equally divided between Japanese and Americans. I inquired
of Mr. Armstrong as to the business of the American people, and he
said that to a considerable extent the callers were people who were
looking for bargains.
At the end of the dayfs business I attended a meeting of
all the personnel of the new office. The purpose of the meeting
was to relate their experiences of the day and go over the memoranda
prepared on the interviews. It seems obvious that at this stage of
the game there is not a great deal of help which can be rendered.
There is naturally a general state of confusion and probably will
be until a date has been set for the moving.
I discussed the situation for a few minutes this morning
with Mr. Hale. He seems rather of the opinion that when moving
time comes the offices set up by the Reserve Bank will probably
be in the forbidden district and that it will be necessary to
scatter the men in this area outside the forbidden sections.
With this in view, he thinks the men should familiarize themselves with all sorts of problems rather than specializing in
any particular field.