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December 12, 19U6.
Chairman Eccles

I have discussed with Secretary Snyder the question
of presenting reorganization proposals as referred to in the
President's circular letter of September 13, 191+6, to the
heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.
the Secretary advised me that the Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency was not submitting any proposal,
through the Treasury or otherwise. He expressed the opinion
that no program would be likely to receive favorable consideration by Congress in the next two years, and I stated
that I agreed with him and that the Federal Reserve would
likewise propose no reorganization plan.
The Secretary also stated to me that he would get
in touch with Chairmanfiarlof the FDIC and suggest that
Mr. Harl likewise should submit no reorganization program.
It was agreed that if there were any change of
view so far as the Federal Reserve is concerned, I would
immediately get in touch with him, and he said that,
similarly, should there be any change on his part he would
do likewise*