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April 50, 1941
Chairman Scoles

Hearings before t h e House

Martin Krost

Ways and Means Comdttee

At the conclusion of today* s hearings before t h e House Hays and
Means Com&ttee, Mr* Sullivan announced t h a t he would probably t e s t i f y
on Friday morning on tee t r e a s u r y ' s s p e c i f i c excess- p r o f i t s tax proposals.

He a l s o said t h a t by t h a t time he and Mr® Stasa, t h e Committee's

expert* hoped t o be in
have no inforssation
be reached*


agreement a s t o t h e nature of the revisions* We

a s t o t h e precise n a t u r e of the agreement l i k e l y to