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The Senate Steering Committee, frequently referred to as the
Republican Policy Committee, consists of:
Taft, of Ohio, Chairman
Milliken, of Colorado
White, of Maine
Wherry, of Nebraska
Brooks, of I l l i n o i s
Hawkes, of N w Jersey
Ferguson, of Michigan
Cordon, of Oregon
Saltonstall, of Massachusetts
Members of the Banking and Currency Committee of the Houses

Wolcott, of Michigan, Chairman
Gamble, of N w York
Smith, of Ohio
Kunkel, of Pennsylvania
Talle, of Iowa
Sundstrom, of N w Jersey
McMillen, of I l l i n o i s
Kilburn, of N w York
Buffett, of Nebraska
Cole, of Kansas
Hull, of Wisconsin
Stratton, of I l l i n o i s
Scott, of Pennsylvania
Banta, of Missouri
Fletcher, of California
Foote, of Connecticut

Spence, of Kentucky
Brown, of Georgia
Patman, of Texas
Monroney, of Oklahoma
Folger, of North Carolina
Hays, of Arkansas
Riley, of South Carolina
Rains, of Alabama
01Toole, of N w York
Buchanan, of Pennsylvania
Boggs, of Louisiana