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February 26, 1940

Earl B. Schwulst, First Vice President
Bowery Savings Bank
New York, N. Y.

Raymond N. Ball, President, Lincoln-Alliance Bank & Trust Company, Rochester, N. Y.
Bronson Batchelor, Consultant, New York
Dwight S* Beebe, Vice President and Financial Manager, Mutual Life Insurance Co. ,N.Y
Philip A. Benson, President, Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn, New York.
Hon. Harry F. Byrd, U. S. Senator, Washington, D. C.
Hon. Lauchlin Currie, Administrative Assistant to President of U. S.
Hon. Arthur G. Deane, Deputy Financial Advisor, H.O.L.C.
Christopher J. Devine, Jr., President, C. J. Devine & Company, New York.
Hon. Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D. C.
George N. Emery, Financial Secretary, Home Life Insurance Company, New York.
Robert L. Garner, Vice President, Guaranty Trust Company, New York.
M. A. Gilmartin, Jr., Chas* E. Quincey & Company, New York.
Hon« Chas. L. Gifford., Congressman (Massachusetts), Member,House Banking and
Currency Committee
E. A. Goldenweiser, Economist, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D. C.
Theodore &. Goldsmith, Government Securities Information Service, Washington, D. C.
Milton W. Harrison, Publisher, Savings Bank Journal, New York.
Richard A. Holton, Comptroller, East New York Savings Bank, Brooklyn, N. Y.;
President, Savings Bank Bond Men of the State of New York.
August Ihlefeld, Jr., President, Savings Banks Trust Company, New York.
Aubrey Lanston, Vice President, First Beston Corporation, New York.
J. Reed Morss, Executive Vice President, Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, Boston,Mass
John J. O’Connor, Manager - Finance Department, Chamber of Commerce of U. S.
Harold G. Parker, Vice President, Standard Statistics Co., Inc.
Dudley H. Mills, President, Discount Corporation of New York.
Dr. Karl Schlotterbeck, The Brookings Institution, Washington, D. C.
Dr. Harold Stonier, Executive Manager, American Bankers Association.
Hon. Elliott Thurston, Assistant to Chairman, Federal Reserve Board,
Hon. John G. Townsend, U. S. Senator, Washington, D. C.
Edward K. Wheeler, Washington Editor, Savings Bank Journal.