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June El, 1957.
ir. William T. Sardin,
Pet Milk Company,
St. Louis, Missouri.
Dear Bills
I was glad to receive your two letters of June
16th and to note that your program is working oat so
satisfactorily insofar as the Board of Directors and
Mr. Eartin are concerned* X hope it will now be possible to carry the program through to conclusion in a
manner which will be entirely satisfactory to you and
your Board* I assure j'ou that I will cooperate in everyway I can.
I am getting as complete information as possible
with reference to "sir. Lyons. Just, as soon M I get this
information and have a chance to review it, I will sea
Mr. Lyons for the purpose of determining whether or not
X could personally recoauaend him for the position under
consideration. If X feel that X can, X will, as you
suggest, try to find out whether or not he would be interested in case your Board should favorably consider him.
The Board and X, in particular, greatly appreciate
the excellent work you are doing for the Federal Reserve
System at St. Louis* We recognize that it requires
courage and ability as well as e good deal of time and
thought given to public service.
Hith kindest regards,
8incerely yours,

S. Eccles,