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July £2, 1957

Kr» William T. &ardin
The Pet Milk Company
St» Louis, Missouri
Dear Bill:
I hav© delayed replying further to jmxr letter of
June 18th liatil I was able to see $r* Gibbs Lyoas personally.
This I did yesterday and had a long discussion with hia which
coafir&ed sy previous iaprejselon. After reading this letter
I would be glad to have you call a© on the telephone so tfe&t
I can give you a full re|?ort of ay visit with M a and ay eoaclusiaas respecting his qualificatioss•
Prior to my interview I 3iad secured considerable
iaforaatioa respectiag ilr* Lyons whieh is given below* I bave
also discussed the matter with two frisads here in Washington
In whose jialgaeat % have the highest confidence and who have
had personal contact with Mr* Lyons, and they both coafira «y
own opinion.
(Information furnished by a &as of highest integrity
ander whoa &r« Lyons served for several years until about &
year ago):
*Sr« Lyons was born Btctnber 24, 1398, Present age,
58 years. Hative of Jackson, Georgia^ Educated Asbiary College,
filaore, Kentuclsy, and Baory University, Atlanta, Georgia*
^Entered eaployaeat Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
early 1917 and was connected with such bank until Jure 1, 1919,
During his eaployaeat with the Federal Reserve B&ak of Atlanta,
he served aa bookkeeper and later as titility clerk in various
of the Bank,
"On June 2, 1919, Mr, Lyons entered the employment of
the Hatlon&l Banking Department as reconcilement clerk in the Office of the Chief Motional Bank Examiner for the 6th Federal Beserve District with headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia. He was

Mr, William T, Mardin - 2

"appointed Assistant National Bank Examiner in 19EG for the
6th Federal Reserve District. In 1924, he was transferred
to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Washington,
D* G« and was commissioned as National Bank Examiner in 1927.
From 1924 to 1955 he worked in and out of the Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, B. C*, serving in
various capacities, including Receiver of itatioaal banks,
Special Examiner, Examiner in charge of reorganisation of failed
national banks,
"&*. Lyons was appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury as Deputy Comptroller of the Currency on January 25, 1935, in
which capacity he is still serving.
"At the time of Mr. Lyons * appointment as Deputy Comptroller, the banking <£risis was rapidly approaching and through
this crisis and the period of reorganisation and rehabilitation
which followed, he served with distinction in connection with
the various problems that arose in the Comptroller's office,
"At the present time, Mr. Lyonsf duties are principally
in connection with going bank problems•*
In addition to the above data I am advised that Mr,
Lyons has two children, ages about ten and two and a half years
respectively. I as advised also that Mr, Lyons did not finish
college but took some third year courses. In this connection,
you will note that he entered the employment of the Federal Beserve Bank of Atlanta when he was only eighteen and at the age
of twenty joined the examining fore© of the Comptroller, being
stationed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. In view of
these facts I can well understand that he was not able to finish
college and it looks very much as thoijgh hs started to work soon
after leaving high school and took some of his college work
either at night or in summer school.
During the banking holiday Mr. Lyons was exceptionally
capable and was the mainstay of the Acting Comptroller, so I am
informed. His present salary is |10,0G0 p@r &nn\m*
With kindest regards, I am
Tours sincerely,


21. S, Kecles