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R O C i i E R JT. L K W L S publisher and editor





M I N N E S O T A • telephone BRidgeport 4478

June 13, 1951

Miss 7a Lois Egbert
Secretary to Mr. M. S. Socles
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.
Dear Miss Egbert:
Because of the pressure of such time-element subjects as the
national convention of the Independent Bankers Association at
Mobile, and similar events, i t wasn't possible for us to make
use of Mr* Eccles1 material sent us with his letter of February
7, until our current (June) issue, going into the mails this
Consequently, we delayed returning the photograph you forwarded
with your letter of February 23, on the chance that w might
have further need for i t before the run was completed® And now
that w have indeed reached the point referred to in your l e t e
ter ("after i t has served your purpose"), I f m wondering i f you
might perhaps be willing to let us retain i t permanently in our
Please be sure to let us know i f you s t i l l want i t returned,
and w will do so promptly*
Shanks for your cooperation*


June 18, 1951.

Mr. Roger J. Lewis,
Publisher and Editor,
The Independent Banker,
306 W C Building,
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Dear Mr. Lewis:
Relative to the glossy print photograph
of Mr. M. S. Eccles which I sent to you some time
ago, i t is agreeable for you to retain the photograph.
I f possible i t would be appreciated i f
you would send us a copy of the June issue of The
Independent Banker — I would like to have a copy
of your article relative to Mr. Eccles for the
clipping books.

Very truly yours,

Va Lois Egbert,
Secretary to Mr. M. S. Eccles.

K O < » K K J . L E W I S , publisher and editor
•I. F.


^ I n d e p e

B a n k e r






• telephone BRidgeporl 4478

June 21, 1951

Miss Va Lois Sgbert
Secretary to Mr. M. S. Eccles
Board of Governors of the federal Heserve System
Washington, D.
Dear Miss Egbert?
Thanks for your note of the 18tiu
A copy of our June issue is "being forwarded to you today
under separate cover»