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June 2, 191*8

Miss VaLois Egbert, Secretary to
Mr, M. 5* Eccles
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C #
Dear VaLois:
In accordance with your request I am enclosing
clippings from the Ogden Standard Examiner, Salt Lake
Tribune, and Deseret News, regarding Marriner!s withdrawal from any further consideration for designation
as Vice Chairmanj also, a clipping from the Deseret News
published last January* I though you might be interested
in this one, too.
I have watched the paper closely for any editorials regarding this, but have seen none* I am sure
Darrell Greenwell would probably have written one but he
is out of town at the present time on vacation. Should
something appear in the next week or so, I will forward
it to you.
I understand the Boss will be out here the latter
part of this month for the Utah State Bankers Convention.
We will be looking forward to seeing him. I have not been
advised if you are planning a trip to the West this yearj
however, you will probably stay in the East unless some
urgent business out here arises, as I know you just as soon
vacation there. Should you come West this summer, don't
forget to drop in and see us as I still have a little Scotch
up home. Kindest personal regards.
Sincere^r yoiura,

Senior Vice President


May 28, 1948.

Mr. Willard Eccles,
First Security Bank of Utah, N.A.,
Ogden, Utah.
Dear Bill:
Mr. Eccles wmld gr atiy appreciate i t if you
»«ouid ootain ana send oAi to him the newspaper clippings
covering the matter aoaut "fe'aich he t d k e d to you oii the
telephone yesterday w.ftemoon—his l e t t e r to- the President
advising that he wished his ru^ie ?*lthdrawn from any
further consideration for designation as Vice Chairman.
He would like asry ne*s itefiis and editorials wwich cai,vht
appe&r in the Ogden and «^ait Lake papers.
Rith kind re 6 aras.

Secretary to Mr. U« S. Eccies.