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December 25, 1958.

Dear Steve:
I a a sending you herewith, confidentially, a letter
which Hr. Eceles plans to release for Monday morning
newspapers, replying to Senator Byrdfs attacks on him
and others in Washington whoa Byrd denounced as "crackpots" • This is a pretty powerful letter which I think
blows Byrd out of the water and may have some effect In
calling public attention to factors usually overlooked
in connection with the deficit, the budget, etc. %
plan is to give it to the press about four ofclock this
afternoon to hold for Monday release.
As you know, we had a rather impressive ceremony
here today for Glass and I am, therefore, hesitant
about giving it out for siaultaneous publication in tomorrow1 s papers so that it sight be said that Eccles
patted one Virginia Senator on the back and gave the
other a swift kick. Likewise, I do not like to have
it released for Christmas morning. Hence, the Monday
release. I wanted you to have an opportunity to glance
at it yourself before I gave it out.


Honorable Stephen Early,
Secretary to the President,
The White House.